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Bombfell is a monthly subscription service for men that curates clothing based on your personal preference. A stylist will review your unique preferences and will put together a few fashionable items to send you each month. You are only charged for what you keep from the delivery and can return whatever you don't like for free. Most users report up to 20% savings compared to retail. The box ships once per month based on your signup date.


How The Signup Process Works

The signup process is simple! It will take about 15 minutes to get started.

You begin by completing a brief survey to let the company know all about what you like.

Here's a quick look at the types of questions you can expect to answer:

  • check
    Are you looking for advice or do you know what you like already?
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    What is your height, weight, and body shape?
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    What size clothing do you currently wear?
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    What is your preferred clothing fit?
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    Which colors best match your skin tone?
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    Do you like modern, classic, preppy, or casual styles?
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    What styles would you NEVER wear?
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    What brands are you currently wearing?

A personal stylist will then take the time to fully understand your style, body type, and personal preferences based on your answers. They will then put together the clothing items that will be included in your first box! 

You will have the ability to review the items chosen for you before the box actually ships. This allows you to let the company know if any particular item isn't for you. 

At that point, the box will be shipped to your address so that you can try on the clothing. You only pay for what you end up keeping and return anything you don't like free of charge! 

What's Included Each Month?

The company carries clothing that you would wear on a date, out to dinner, and lounging around home. They define their current collections as men’s casual-wear.


The company provides clothing from many different brands to help you build a diverse wardrobe. 

Some of the brands included in past boxes were: 

  • Original Penguin
  • Ben Shermant
  • Grayers
  • Descendant of Thieves
  • 7 Diamonds
  • Maker & Company
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How Much Does It Cost?

There is no flat fee to use this subscription service. Instead, they only charge you for the pieces you decide to keep.

By using a different billing structure, Bombfell is changing the way men use subscription boxes. The average price of an item in this box is right around $89. However, they do everything they can to provide clothing options that are in your budget.

A stylist selects every item that goes in the box. If you only like the dress shirt they chose, for example, then that’s the only item in which you're charged. Shipping is always free, so your budget can be put towards cool new clothing.

The more you keep from your box, the bigger the discount:

  • Select 2 Items - Get 10% Off
  • Select 3 Items - Get 15% Off
  • check
    Select 4 Items - Get 20% Off

Gift Cards

Although you cannot give a subscription box as a gift, you can provide friends or family members with a gift card that can be applied to clothing kept when they sign up for the service. You can do that by heading over to the gift section of the website.

Bombfell Review

We took a look through the reviews that were provided on the company Facebook page. There is a healthy mix of both positive and negative reviews.

Customers stated that the company carefully reviews the sizes held by each brand, so you don’t get things that are off in size. Positive reviewers mention that the stylists stick to your personal preferences very closely and don’t deliver items that you’ve pointed out that you won’t wear. 

A few negative customer reviews pointed out that when you need assistance in finding a great style, you may not know which fit is right for you. Other negative reviewers were irritated with the length of the survey.  

What Clients Like

  • Personal Stylist
  • 7-Day "Try On" Period
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    Variety Of Options
  • check
    Professional & Casual Attire

Where They Can Improve

  • Prices Among Products Is Too Varied
  • Limited Big & Tall Selection
  • check
    Only Available To Men

When Does It Ship?

Bombfell ships once a month depending on the date you sign up for the service.

You can choose to change the frequency in which you receive a box from once per month to once every two or three months. This can be set in “settings” in the “about you” section of your account when you log-in. 

All boxes are sent via USPS and FedEx and shipping is always free.

How Can I Contact Their Customer Service Department?

You can reach their customer service department by email or phone: 

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel your subscription, log into your account and use the cancel feature in the dashboard.

You also have the option to pause your subscription there as well if you want to hold off receiving monthly shipments for a while.

Company History

The clothing subscription box for men is the brainchild of Jason Kim and Bernie Yoo. The two partners originally met as college roommates at Harvard, where they built their wardrobes from free t-shirts handed out by dot-com companies with no real sense of style.

Prior to creating the clothing subscription box, Jason co-founded an eCommerce site which was financially backed and funded, was a lead engineer at Lolapps, and worked at both Microsoft & Goldman Sachs.

Bernie was in charge of business development for the Nickelodeon Games Group, worked at MTV Networks, and worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley.

After some time, they both found they no longer had the time and the knowledge necessary to dress well. They would both often ask their female friends to pick out clothes for them every time they decided to go shopping. They realized how frustrating going shopping was and decided to create Bombfell to alleviate that stress.

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