Birchbox Grooming Review: Men’s Grooming Supplies Delivered Monthly

birchbox grooming

Birchbox Grooming is a men’s grooming product kit to help guys rejuvenate and pamper their skin and hair. Each monthly delivery includes five samples of grooming and personal care products. Subscribers can expect to save up to 60 percent off retail costs with each box. Monthly deliveries ship by the 25th, while initial orders go out within ten days.


How It Works

Birchbox Grooming (formerly BirchboxMan) delivers a personalized box of samples to subscribers each month. Products range from shampoo and body wash to beard care supplies, lotions, sunscreens, and more.

Each box comes with tips on how to use each product, and the items are specific to your Grooming Profile, too. The company curates each shipment, and you can also select from available samples when new products become available. Subscribers have the option to add on full-size products with sample deliveries, too.

You can subscribe to the Grooming box on a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly basis. To sign up, click on “LET’S DO THIS” or “LET’S GET STARTED” from the main product page. Once you create an account, by entering your name, email address, and a password, you will receive prompts to fill out your Grooming Profile.

Make sure to enter your billing and shipping information before confirming your subscription. You can also change your Grooming Profile any time to reflect changes in your routine or preferences.

What Makes Birchbox Grooming Unique?

What most makes this beauty subscription box most unique is that it addresses the grooming needs of men. While there are plenty of options centered on women’s skincare, haircare, and other needs, there are substantially fewer options for guys subscription boxes.

However, the monthly subscription company also acknowledges that not every customer who purchases a grooming box is a man. Therefore, the box is decidedly gender-neutral, which means the products are not touted as “manly,” but instead as pampering and good-for-you without gender labels.

Past Birchbox Grooming reviews highlighted how non-inclusive the company was with its “Women” and “Men” lines, so “Men” became “Grooming” and “Women” became “Beauty.”

The monthly service is also unique in that it considers individual subscribers’ skin and hair needs. By filling out the survey the company offers, you can custom tailor your box. Plus, after you receive a shipment, the company asks you to rate the products you received.

With that information, they can further customize future boxes and enhance the subscription experience for all subscribers. If there’s a sample you love from the monthly box, you can also order full sizes from the company’s website—often at a discount.

And finally, with the Plus subscription option, you can either let the company curate a box for you or select your own samples.

What We Like

  • Inclusive box options/company approach
  • Customized per subscriber preferences
  • Full-size items available for purchase
  • check
    Rewards point system for spending in the online store
  • check
    Choose your samples or select a curated box (with Plus)

What Could Be Better

  • Regular subscribers don’t have sample choices
  • More subscription tier options
  • No phone number to contact

Pricing & What’s Included

The grooming subscription box features two levels, Grooming and Grooming Plus. Both options include five samples, but the Plus box includes an additional lifestyle item.

Monthly Grooming

  • $10 per month
  • Ships free
  • Cancel any time
  • check
    Includes five samples

6 Month Plan 

  • $60 for six months
  • Ships free
  • Full-size items available for purchase
  • check
    Rebilled every six months
  • check
    Includes five samples

12 Month Plan 

  • $110 per year
  • Ships free
  • Rebilled every 12 months
  • check
    Includes five samples

Monthly Grooming Plus

  • $20 per month
  • Ships free
  • Cancel any time
  • check
    Includes five samples
  • check
    Includes a lifestyle product
  • Customize samples

6 Month Grooming Plus

  • $110 for six months
  • Ships free
  • Rebilled every six months
  • Includes five samples
  • Includes a lifestyle product
  • Customize samples

Other Items

You can also select products from the subscription company’s online store (and use your Birchbox Loyalty Points to pay for them). With full-size orders, you can also receive free shipping if the item you’re buying is one you already sampled in a subscription box.

Birchbox Grooming Reviews

Birchbox Grooming reviews on Trustpilot average two stars out of five, resulting in an overall rating of Poor. Reviewers highlight the inability to contact customer service as a big issue, plus shipping delays and tracking concerns left many customers unsatisfied.

Positive reviews on Trustpilot centered on the high quality of the samples in each box and the inexpensive price. It is worth noting that reviews for the company don’t differentiate between the product type (Grooming versus Beauty boxes), and there are reviews from consumers who shopped the online store without subscribing, as well.

Birchbox Grooming reviews on the Better Business Bureau website total an average of under two stars, and most of the reviews reflect billing and shipping issues, including receiving charges for products the consumer did not want or being unable to cancel a subscription.

Here's a fun unboxing video from Nick DiRamio: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Grooming box.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

With monthly subscriptions, you can cancel any time. With longer term subscriptions, you can opt out of the automatic renewal at the end of your current subscription period or any time during it.

You won’t be able to cancel in the middle of the cycle, however, as the remainder of the subscription will still bill and process normally until the term ends.

To cancel your subscription:

  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to Account Settings (under “Subscriptions”)
  • Select “Cancel”

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via text message at (646) 461-4617 or email request (via a form on their website).

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Initial orders ship within ten business days of your signup date. After that, boxes ship by the 25th of each month. Each order includes a tracking code so you can check on your items.

How Is the Plus Box Different?

While the basic subscription option features five samples, the Plus box contains five samples plus a full-size lifestyle item. Each item is hand-chosen for your grooming box and can be an accessory, tool, or other product.

Plus boxes also allow you to choose from a pre-curated set of samples or decide on your own with each delivery.

How Does the Loyalty Program Work?

You can earn points with the Birchbox Loyalty Program, which gives you one point per every dollar spent (which is ten percent back). You can use Loyalty points for future orders, but they are not redeemable for subscription boxes.

To use your Loyalty Points to pay for an order, select Payment Details on the checkout page and indicate you want to use your Points balance. Note that points do expire six months after you earn them. You can also earn more points for referrals—each subscriber can earn 50 Loyalty Points when a friend they’ve invited subscribes.

A higher-level loyalty program is also available, but members must spend $300 in a calendar year to earn Birchbox Aces status, which entitles them to extra Loyalty Points, free standard shipping, and early access to special promotions and launches.

Company History

The company began with co-founders Katia and Hayley, who decided to use their love of the internet to their advantage and create a beauty box company that was accessible and fun. With the initial shipments beginning in 2010, the co-founders soon realized that grooming and lifestyle boxes for guys should be a priority too.

Birchbox Grooming started as Birchbox Men in 2012, but in early 2019, the company moved toward a more inclusive re-branding of both its subscription box offerings. These days, the company is headquartered in New York, while they maintain offices in the UK, France, Spain, and Belgium.

See the below video from the company for a glimpse of the product samples you might find in your subscription box.

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