15 Best Underwear Subscription Boxes [Boxers, Briefs, Bras, Panties]

Can underwear be both comfortable and sexy?

If it feels like shopping for undies means compromising comfort for confidence, you’re not alone.

Finding underwear that fits, functions, and feels both fabulous and empowering can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. 

The solution to this problem? An underwear subscription box that brings you the best quality undies on a regular basis for affordable prices.

Best Underwear Subscription Boxes

Below you’ll find our absolute favorite mail order underwear services for both men and women.  No matter your shape, size, or style preferences, these underwear subscription boxes will keep your closet fresh and vibrant.

Best Underwear Subscription Boxes

Ditch your old undies for new pairs that make you feel fabulous and free.  

Here is our list of the 15 best underwear subscription box services:

Bootay Bag

bootay bag

Price: $13.00 per month

About the box: No matter what styles you love or what styles you hate, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect panties from their large selection.  But we get it, preferences change -- that’s why Bootay Bag allows you to switch styles each month.

Additionally, becoming a member of Bootay Bag means you get extras such as bralettes and hats that no one else has access to -- and for exclusive pricing, too.  Purchasing membership means adding a few extras to your monthly panty delivery becomes easy and more affordable.



Price: $14.00 per month

About the box: If you seem to be running low on underwear by the end of the month, are in need of some new pairs, or simply get tired of wearing the same old sets, subscribing to MeUndies will get you a brand new one each month.  When choosing your pair, you get to select the cut, size, and colors of your underwear.

The underwear subscription service brings you one pair of underwear each month.  The fun part about MeUndies is that the company is known for their exclusive designs.

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box

empress mimi lingerie

Price: £14.95 per month

About the box: Plain panties are boring to wear, but when you subscribe to Empress Mimi, you’ll receive fresh new designs of gorgeous lingerie every month.  Your panty drawer will be filled with diverse colors and styles in no time. 

Whether you’re looking for basics or boudoir, this panty of the month club introduces you to new styles of lingerie you’ll love each month.

Regardless of your shape and size, Empress Mimi is bound to make you feel like a queen from the inside and out. 



Price: $13.00 per month

About the box: No matter what size you wear, Splendies has an enormous selection for everyone.  Receiving your subscription box is like unwrapping 3 Christmas gifts every month -- each pair is a new surprise.  To make it even more like the holidays, Splendies allows you to gift packages to unsuspecting friends.

Starting your monthly subscription has never been easier.  Start by selecting your size, choose your style, and then receive 3 pretty new pairs of undies each month.


lootcrate lootwear underwear

Price: $10.99 per month

About the box: Not only does wearing underwear inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and comics make wearing clothes more fun, it also proves just how loyal you are to your favorite fandoms.  After choosing how long you’d like to receive your subscription undies box, you’ll start getting Lootwear’s featured underwear on a monthly basis.

You can expect your subscription underwear box to arrive any time between the 20th and 30th of each month.

Adore Me

adore me

Price: $24.95 per month

About the box: Not only is Adore Me one of the cutest mail order panties service, but it’s also one of the renowned monthly bra subscription programs.  Subscribing to Adore Me means getting full sets of lovely lingerie every month for affordable prices.  Plus, you’ll receive a special reward as a member: every 6th set is free.

Finally, if you’re still trying to determine your favorite styles, Adore Me makes discovering sets you’ll love easy with their style quiz.

Panty Drop

panty drop

Price: $35.00 per box

About the box: Finding the perfect pair of panties can be difficult, especially if you’re extremely particular about your size and style.  With Panty Drop, you’ll receive 3 gorgeous sets of underwear that you’ve customized in your panty subscription box every 3 months.  Select your size, the preferred amount of coverage and favorite materials to ensure every delivery you receive is the best it can be.

Every subscription box is delivered every 3 months, but if for some reason that timing doesn’t work right for you, no worries.  Panty Drop is flexible with their delivery schedule and allows you to customize it any time.

Beau Undies

beau undies

Price: $13.99 per month

About the box: Personalizing your monthly panty box allows you to choose between 2 styles: cheekies and thongs.  Choose between receiving 2 pairs or 4 pairs with every shipment, which is generated and billed on the 15th of each month.

You’ll never run out of options with Beau Undies, as new designs are featured every month.  Plus, when you use the hashtag #subscriptiononamission, Beau Undies donates a pair to women at local shelters.

Daily Jocks Underwear Club

daily jocks underwear subscription

Price: $21.95 per month 

About the box: Get fresh new underwear delivered to your door every month based, all of which have been selected from international designer brands.  New brands and styles are being added to the underwear club on a regular basis, making each month a new surprise.

If you’re picky about your underwear, no worries.  The pairs you receive in your monthly underwear subscription boxes are selected according to your size and preferred style.

Skivvie NIX

skivvie nix

Price: $20.00 per month 

About the box: If you’re ready to start filling your panty drawer with diversity, this women’s underwear club will send you vibrant colors and sexy designs that come in equally beautiful packaging.  All you have to do is select your cut, delivery plan, and preferred styles to start receiving beautiful undies monthly.

Skivvie NIX allows you to choose between 2 thongs, 2 cheekies, and even 1 of each with every monthly order.  Plus, choosing your own plan keeps the shipments flexible -- you can skip a month or cancel at any time.


stance underwear

Price: $19.00 per month

About the box: End your struggles of finding the perfect fitting pair of undies.  Stance makes getting to know your style and preferences a priority so finding the perfect match is effortless.  For both men and women, this underwear subscription box makes sure you feel fabulous and comfortable in every pair you wear.

Plus, enjoy free shipping and the ability to skip or cancel a delivery.

Underwear Expert

underwear expert

Price: $26.00 per month

About the box: Underwear Expert doesn’t give you just any underwear -- they give you the underwear they know you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. 

Perfect for men in need of a change, Underwear Expert allows you to personalize your profile by telling them what styles, colors, and types of underwear you like and dislike -- such as briefs, boxes, trunks, jockstraps, and thongs. 

You won’t replace your wardrobe with just one pair a month, though.  Underwear Expert sends you not one, not two, but three new pairs of undies a month.

Get Basic

get basic man

Price:  $19.99 per month

About the box: Empower yourself with a subscription box that can do it all.  Every box you receive from Get Basic includes a T-shirt, boxer briefs, and socks.  If you’re worried about getting the same stuff in the mail, you won’t.  Even though Get Basic is for guys wanting to keep their wardrobe -- well, basic -- every set you receive will be different colors and styles, so you won’t get bored.

Burgundy Fox

burgundy fox

Price: $79.00 per month

About the box: Whether you’re in need of a major wardrobe makeover or know a woman who could use one, subscribing to the Burgundy Fox will fill your drawers with beautiful lingerie in no time.  Each box you receive is curated according to your personal profile, style, and preferences to ensure you’ll love every set. 

Something Sweet Undies

something sweet undies

Price: $11.00 per month

About the box: Ditch the old panties in your drawer and replace them with beautiful sets chosen for you based on your personal style and needs.  Delivered each month, every set will be sent to your door and contain 2 sets of panties that will soon become your favorites.

Plus, there’s no commitment required; you can easily cancel your subscription any time.

Subscribing to an underwear subscription box means you’ll never have to go back to the old pairs that don’t fit or feel right. Boost your confidence without sacrificing comfort, and treat yourself to a fresh new surprise on a regular basis -- you deserve it.

Thanks for reading this article, and we hope you’ve found everything you need.

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