16 Best Tactical and Survival Subscription Boxes (EDC Gear)

Monthly tactical subscription boxes make it easy to stock up on survival gear.

Every second counts during an emergency, and you don’t want to find yourself unprepared.

Natural disasters, burglaries, collapsing governments, and terrorist attacks are, unfortunately, very genuine concerns for many people. Having the right tactical gear in a scary situation can make the difference between life and death!

Tactical subscription boxes have become a convenient way to build a collection of survival items such as fire starters, paracord, knives, flashlights, water purification devices, and other every day carry (EDC) gear.

Best Tactical Subscription Boxes

The Best Tactical Subscription Boxes

Here’s the complete list of the 16 best tactical subscription boxes worth your consideration:


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Cost: $29.99 per month 

The founder of Battlbox, Daniel Dabbs, created the company after seeing his girlfriend receive monthly subscriptions from Birchbox each month. He sought to create a company that provided people with access to cool outdoor gear.

The company’s monthly tactical boxes provide users with access to high-quality products that best suit their needs. When ordering, you can choose from four options:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus

Battlbox varies in price. The Basic Box is best for those getting started, as it contains original manuals, survival tools, and emergency supplies. The Pro Plus, on the other hand, contains items from top brands like Kershaw and CRKT. The company makes it easy for you to skip a monthly order at any time.

Subscribe to Battlbox Here.

Crate Club

Cost: $29.99 per month 

Crate Club is an exclusive club for ex-military members. The company’s website says that they only offer gear that former special ops members have hand-picked, tested, and approved. Unlike some tactical gear subscription boxes that are available to everyone, Crate Club limits its memberships.

Members can order a monthly box, although they receive better value if they prepay ahead of time. For instance, paying for six months of boxes will yield 15 percent savings, while paying for 12 months of boxes will generate 20 percent savings.

You can also elect to receive shipments every quarter instead of every month. The subscription auto-renews, although you can cancel at any time.

Subscribe to Crate Club here.

SHTF Survival

shtf survival

Cost: $19.99 per month

SHTF Survival is the ideal survival gear box for Doomsday Preppers. The company guarantees that the products you receive inside of the box will retail for more than the cost of the subscription. The boxes ship on the 15th of every month. Members can cancel their subscription at any time, as there are no contracts or strings attached.

SHTF Survival offers three types of boxes – Survival, Pro, and Elite. The difference in the boxes is not only the cost but the number of products that customers receive. For instance, in the past, an Elite Box has included a tactical backpack.

Typically, all boxes contain a combination of fire starters, hard-use tools, emergency prep tools, survival gear, hydration tools, paracord, and accessories.

Subscribe to SHTF Survival here.



Cost: $49.95 per month

TacPack works to provide tactical gear at nearly double the value of the cost of your monthly subscription. The company says that they routinely work to strike deals with wholesale suppliers so that you receive an excellent deal when working with them. TacPack tests every product before putting it in your box, ensuring you receive high-quality gear.

The TacPack ships around the 20th of each month. Brands that TacPack routinely includes in its survival packs include CRKT, 5.11 Tactical, and Readyman, among others. You can cancel your subscription at any time if they wish to skip a delivery. Boxes contain a wide array of products, from folding pocket knives to an ointment that you can use in the field.

Subscribe to TacPack Here.

Barrel and Blade

barrel & blade

Cost: $49.99 per month 

Barrel and Blade is one of the best tactical subscription boxes available today. The company says that it only includes products that have been previously field-tested and approved by experts, ensuring you receive high-quality products in every order.

You will not only find tactical products in this box, but they’ll also find survival, preparation, and EDC products as well. Barrel and Blade also includes knives and gun accessories to help ensure a customer’s safety. You can cancel their subscription at any time.

Subscribe to Barrel and Blade here.

Survival Boxes

survival boxes

Cost: $29.99 per month 

On the company website, Survival Boxes says that they seek to assist “every outdoor adventure, disaster, emergency, and SHTF scenario you can dream of.” Not only do subscribers receive survival gear, but they’ll also receive other products like food and water.

Survival Boxes offers eight different boxes from which you can choose. The most basic box is the Survival Box, which contains only gear. The most expensive option is the Gear Only XL, which also includes a premium knife in addition to equipment.

Other boxes offer combinations of food, water, and heirloom survival seeds. You can cancel their subscription at any time.

Subscribe to Survival Boxes here.

Prepper Box

prepper box

Cost: £10.00 per month

If you live in the United Kingdom and are interested in a monthly survival box, you’ll surely want to check out the Prepper Box. The Prepper Box is a subsidiary of Preppers Shop UK. The company seeks to provide high-quality survival kits for survivalists and military members.

The company offers five different box options for which you can choose – Basic, Advanced, Pro, Collector Knife, and Collector Prepper. Each box contains a combination of fire starters, a water purification device, shelter, and a collector’s knife, among other things. Subscribers can expect to receive up to three products per month.

Subscribe to Prepper Box here.



Cost: $50.00 per month

ApocaBox is unique because the company seeks to create a community of readers and survival enthusiasts. The community and members-only content that you receive upon subscribing help set the company apart from other survival subscription boxes.

In each box, subscribers will find survival information, tools, and accessories. They will also see a skills challenge that allows them to use their new gear. Members can also elect to purchase six or 12-month plans.

Subscribe to Apocabox here.

Knife Crate

knife crate

Cost: $25.00 per month

A knife is one of the most practical tools that can carry during a survival situation. Knife Crate makes it easy for you to add high-quality knives to your arsenal. Each order comes with at least one stainless-steel knife each month.

You can also upgrade from the Basic Box to the Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate subscriptions. These boxes contain a few more products, such as brand-name survival hats and tactical watches.

Subscribe to Knife Crate here.

Never Enough Tactical

never enough tactical

Cost: $55.00 per month 

The founders of Never Enough Tactical believe that every American has a right to the 2nd amendment and the ability to protect themselves at any moment. The company includes tactical, survival, and outdoor gear in all of its shipments.

Members can choose from a “Basic Supply Drop” or “Advanced Supply Drop.” You must indicate your shirt and glove sizes when ordering your first box. Never Enough Tactical also provides a HERO’s discount of ten percent to veterans, making this one of the best survival box subscriptions available.

Subscribe to Never Enough Tactical here.


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Cost: $9.99 per month 

The RavenPac from Ravencrest Tactical is an excellent tactical gearbox, as it provides members with a new knife each month. The company hand-selects and tests each blade that they include in the shipments, ensuring you receive a quality product. The company provides everything from folders to daggers in the box. Members can also “trade up” to a Titan Brave OTF Knife after receiving ten RavenPac knives.

Subscribe to RavenPac here.

The Homestead Box

the homestead box

Cost: $24.99 per month

The Homestead Box is unique because the company sources products from local artisans and experts. The company seeks to provide customers with practical, usable products. Not only can these tools help in a survival situation, but they could also assist with DIY projects as well.

There are different boxes from which subscribers can choose. The Vintage Box provides you with the tools necessary for a self-reliance skill. The Classic Box is the same, but with a few more items. The Pioneer Box adds a few more things to the toolkit. You can waive shipping costs if they decide to prepay for six months.

Subscribe to The Homestead Box here.

Primal Outpost Monthly Plan

primal outpost

Cost: $35.00 per month 

Primal Outpost says that they hope to inspire adventurous spirits with its monthly subscription boxes. Each box contains at least five products and has an average retail value of $75. Customers will receive different products each month.

The subscription will renew automatically until a member cancels. Primal Outpost also encourages subscribers to use their new gear and will send free stuff if customers post about their adventures with their new equipment online. You can purchase either a three-month plan or a year plan.

Subscribe to Primal Outpost here.

The Mountain Range

mountain hunter - the mountain range
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Cost: $41.00 per month

The Mountain Range says that they design their boxes for backcountry enthusiasts. The company seeks to make their products useful for people of all abilities, including those heading into the field for the first time. The company includes gear from quality brands such as Sitka, MSR, and Sawyer. You will receive up to five items per month in their box.

Subscribe to The Mountain Range here.

The Bladesman Club

The Bladesman Club
Insert Image

Cost: $27.95 per month 

The Bladesman Club is another excellent tactical box choice for those who love knives. Although the company tends to include mostly knives in their orders, they aren’t afraid to include the occasional piece of tactical gear as well.

You can choose from three different subscription options – The Bladesman, The Bladesman Professional, and The Bladesman Elite. The differences between the three have to do with the quality of the knife included. The subscription renews each month automatically, although members can cancel at any time.

Subscribe to The Bladesman Club here. 

Green Beret Tactical

green beret tactical

Cost: $10.00 per quarter

Green Beret Tactical seeks to provide affordable gear. Their products are at least 50 percent off the retail market value. A service-disabled veteran packs each box and the company donates ten percent of all of its profits to the Green Beret Foundation. The Green Beret Tactical Box is the most affordable available, as customers receive orders at less than $4 per month.

Subscribe to Green Beret Tactical here.

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, you’ll see that preparation is essential.

When in the field, there’s no time to Google a technique or place an Amazon order for a new product. All that’s available at your disposal are the items that you’re carrying with you and the knowledge you’ve already obtained. Tactical subscription boxes are a convenient way to ensure you have what you need to stay safe during an emergency. 

We’re glad you took the time to read through our article of the 16 best tactical subscription boxes available today. We hope that our thorough list allows you to find a box that best suits your tactical and survival needs!

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