Best Subscription Boxes: Our Top Picks for 2020

Are you looking for the best subscription boxes to help you find cool new stuff that you'll love?

We've put together an exhaustive list of the most popular subscription services below.

If treating yourself to a nice surprise each month sounds like fun to you, we're sure you'll find an option that matches your personal tastes. 

Subscription boxes make a fantastic gift as well. If it's hard to shop for that special someone in your life, subscriptions are a no-brainer!

best subscription boxes

Our list of the top monthly subscriptions has something for everyone. Click on an item from the menu below to learn more! 

51 Best Subscription Boxes That We Love

Here is a list of the best subscription boxes in 2020: 

Petit Vour

petit vour

Price: $18.00 per month

What’s Included: Your Petit Vour box contains four high-quality beauty products of a $45 to $60 value.

Why It’s Awesome: Petit Vour is arguably the best subscription box if you want vegan and cruelty-free beauty products every month. The products inside the box are luxury-curated and plant-based. You can look great with beautiful makeup, body, skincare, and hair care products while feeling good about your beauty products at the same time. You can also create your Petit Vour profile, so your beauty products match your skincare and makeup preference.

Mystery Tackle Box

mystery tackle box

Price: $16.99 per month

What’s Included: Each month your Mystery Tackle Box will contain a collection of surprise lures and tackle for the species of fish that you specify. Every mystery box boasts around a $25 value.

Why It’s Awesome: If you love to go fishing, then the Mystery Tackle Box is easily one of the most remarkable and cool monthly subscriptions on this entire list. Each month you get lures and tackle so you can dominate your favorite fishing spot. Your local trout, catfish, panfish, and bass won't stand a chance when you break out the limited-edition fishing goodies crammed inside every box!



Price: $21.00 per month

What’s Included: Each delivery contains five high-quality beauty products worth a value of over $60.

Why It’s Awesome: GLOSSYBOX is fantastic for those who love beauty products and want to get an impressive bundle of premium beauty products monthly. If you want the latest beauty trends, tips, treats, and products each month, then this is a super simple way to look fantastic all the time. Inside each box, you might find hand-picked lipsticks, makeup remover, lip polish, restoring mask, and more. If you love beauty products, then GLOSSYBOX is easily one of the best subscription boxes on this list.



Price: $29.95 per month

What’s Included: Every month, Cairn hooks you up with up to $50 of hand-selected outdoor products.

Why It’s Awesome: Are you stuck behind a desk all day, while you secretly desire to get out and explore nature? Or maybe you love the great outdoors and appreciate the subtle beauty of spending time outside. Either way, Cairn box delivers if you love outdoor products and want to spend less time sitting behind a desk, and more time enjoying life as nature intended. The outdoor products may include items such as high-quality socks, gloves, gear, food, skincare, and emergency kits.


bullymake box

Price: $39.00 per month

What’s Included: Each month, you get a custom selection of dog toys made for rough dogs! Every box includes roughly 2 to 3 prizes for your dog, 3 to 4 treats, plus chews and edibles. You can easily customize your order according to your dog's size and preference.

Why It’s Awesome: Are you frustrated because your roughhousing pup keeps ripping dog toys to shreds? Then you'll cherish the Bullymake Box! If your dogs are fantastic, then you can give them the best subscription box that they'll love. This box is to be the new delight of your lovable dog every month. That's because inside of each power chewer subscription box comes a fantastic selection of high-quality and sturdy dog toys. Each toy is guaranteed to last for at least 14 days, so these toys are as tough as your favorite dog.


Price: $12.99 per bottle

What’s Included: Each month, you get a selection of 4 premium bottles of wine.

Why It’s Awesome: Do you want to start drinking wine, but all of the choices leave you dazed and confused? Then Winc Wine Club is worth considering. Your taste profile helps create the perfect wine curation for you every month. They are  one of the most popular subscription boxes in the world of wine and for a good reason! If you want delicious wine every single month, without any second-guessing, then the Winc Wine Club is hard to pass up.



Price: $65.00 per month.

What’s Included: You can customize each box to include anywhere from 1 - 5 selections of quality menswear pieces. The more items you choose, the more of a discount you get.

Why It’s Awesome: Looking good at work can be one of the hardest parts of keeping a job! If you want to look great without any of the stress or frustration, then Bombfell may be the answer. They are one of the best subscription boxes for the working professional who wants to take "business casual" to the next level. That's the actual value that Bombfell offers. With their clothing subscription box, you get a dedicated stylist to help you look great every month. If you want a polished look for your workplace, then Bombfell is fantastic and worth checking out.



Price: $49.99 per week.

What’s Included:  Each week, you get four deliciously prepared meals. If your appetite is more significant, then Freshly can accommodate larger orders.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to eat healthy, while still having delicious chef-cooked meals, then Freshly is one of the coolest subscription boxes on this list. Imagine if you could dine on delicious meals every single week without any of the stress or frustration!  All Freshly menu items are true to their name and are gluten-free, all-natural, packed with healthy protein, and don't contain refined sugars.



Price: $29.99 per month

What’s Included: Every month, you get a survival box crammed with hand-selected items, survival-tools, manuals, outdoor gear, and emergency supplies.

Why It’s Awesome: Let's face it, these days, our planet isn't exactly safe and stable! That's why having an ongoing supply of survival gear and manuals can make your life safer, even if by a bit. If you're addicted to excellent safety and survival gear, then you might love the BattlBox. They can help you prepare for almost anything!



Price: $10.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each month, the box contains high-quality feminine care products including compact plastic applicator tampons and cleansing wipes.

Why It’s Awesome:  If you want to get quality feminine care products without the annoyance of going to the store, then you'll welcome the LOLA box. All LOLA tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, so you can feel good that the ingredients are natural. This specialty feminine care kit ships discreetly and affordably to your home every month, or at an interval that you wish.


Price: $22.00 per month

What’s Included: At least two new toys, bags of treats, and a fresh chew toy.

Why It’s Awesome: BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs. Each monthly delivery includes a themed collection of toys and treats that your pup is sure to love gnawing on in their ample spare time. Recent themes include "The Knights of the Hound Table" and "Throwbark Thursday." Loyal members love to share their dog's reactions on #BarkBoxDay, which has resulted in a fun community! If you're ever not satisfied, the BarkBox team will make it right with no fuss.

Crate Club

crate club

Price: $59.99 per quarter.

What’s Included: You get elite Navy SEAL level gear on your doorstep each quarter (once per season). 

Why It’s Awesome: Do you want awesome survival gear? Then check out Crate Club, one of the best box subscriptions for preppers! Do you have a soft spot for medical kits, survival gear, sharp objects, and tools? If so, then you should check out the Crate Club immediately! If you want to hack your survival and have a ton of surprises every month, then you'll agree that this box rocks. The curators for the Crate Club are special ops verified, and only allow amazing and worthy products in the box!



Price: $10.00 per month.

What’s Included: The Ipsy Glam Bag contains five hand-picked and fantastic beauty products each month.

Why It’s Awesome: Beauty lovers everywhere might love the value crammed inside each Ipsy Glam Bag. Inside each Glam Bag, you'll find items such as eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, and more. The best part about the Ipsy is that it's only $10.00! It is easily one of the more affordable beauty boxes in this list of the best monthly subscription boxes.

Geek Fuel

geek fuel

Price: $57.00 per quarter.

What’s Included: Each Geek Fuel box contains exclusive gear such as collectibles, t-shirts, and apparel.

Why It’s Awesome: Are you a Nintendo, Marvel, video game or Game of Thrones geek? Then you've just found the perfect subscription box that will make you smile! That's because each Geek Fuel box comes with over $100 worth of geeky goodness that you'll adore. If you're a gamer, then you'll love the fact that each Geek Fuel Box also comes with a surprise game on Steam. Comic book fans everywhere, rejoice!



Price: $8.00 per month.

What’s Included: You get a premium, super-soft pair of undies (underwear or socks) every month.

Why It’s Awesome: With MeUndies you can snag wonderfully soft undies each month for a super low cost. Just pick your preferred underwear style, and they'll do the rest. Inside each box, you'll find ridiculously comfortable undies that sport custom and limited prints. If you want to look great in your underwear, while feeling even better, then you'll love every MeUndies box.



Price: $29.99 per month.

What’s Included: Each month, your OwlCrate includes a hand-picked, brand new hard-cover novel for the young reader. You also get bonus surprise goodies.

Why It’s Awesome: OwlCrate contains books written by the best upcoming novelists. Itis the perfect subscription box if you have a young reader in your home who appreciates epic adventures! The remarkable thing about this book subscription box is that each edition has a unique theme that you and your children will love. OwlCrate also includes a bountiful trove of fun bonuses from the author. You'll appreciate the creativity waiting inside every delivery!

Wild Alaskan Company

wild alaskan company

Price: $10.99 per 6 oz. package. 

What’s Included: Every month, you get 12 packs of freshly caught seafood. Each package is roughly 6 ounces.

Why It’s Awesome: Wild Alaskan Company is easily one of the best subscription services for fresh seafood. Each month, you get premium fresh wild-caught seafood that's ready for you to cook. You choose from wild salmon, wild whitefish, or a combination box. All of the seafood comes from Alaskan or Pacific waters, so you know for a fact that the supply is sustainable, fresh, and worthy of your plate. Your Wild Alaskan Company shipments arrive with dry ice, so everything is freshly caught, delicious, and ready for the oven, grill or stove top.



Price: $15.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each Birchbox pack comes with deluxe makeup, plus skincare and haircare samples. You also get handy tips on how to make the most out of each box.

Why It’s Awesome: Birchbox is perfect for beauty-lovers everywhere. Do you love trying on makeup, but you don’t have the time to experiment with new themes? The trouble is that beauty takes way too much time. Birchbox makes treating yourself easy and carefree. The company asks you to fill out your beauty preference profile, which helps match the products you receive to your personal tastes.


Price: $35 per week.

What’s Included: Every NomNomNow shipment contains freshly packed meals for your pet. Please remember that contents and price vary according to the size and dietary demands of your pet.

Why It’s Awesome: We know that you love your pets! If you strive to provide a healthy lifestyle for your dogs and cats, then NomNomNow is one of the best monthly boxes for you. Everything starts when you create your online profile for your favorite pet. Then, NomNomNow crafts fresh meals that your pets will love. A leader in veterinary nutrition helps to formulate the recipe, so you can rest assured knowing that your pets dietary needs are handled properly! 


fab fit fun

Price: $49.99 per quarter.

What’s Included: Every season, you get 8 to 10 premium and full-sized products valued at over $200.00.

Why It’s Awesome: The FabFitFun box is perfect if you want to choose the best products from the worlds of fitness, wellness, home, and beauty. If you're looking at different subscription boxes in these categories, then FabFitFun might be a genius way to consolidate your needs. Each quarter, you can customize your box to your liking, or you can let them surprise you. Either way, you'll have a boatload of fun.


Art Snacks

Price: $24.00 per month.

What’s Included: 4 or 5 art supplies with accompanying menu, techniques, and best practices. 

Why It’s Awesome: Art can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies that you ever practice. That’s why the ArtSnacks subscription box is so much fun. You'll find each that subscription box is packed with a ton of fresh art supplies. Each box also includes a description of each product and usage techniques, so you can unleash your artful creativity each time you get a new ArtSnacks delivery.

Bespoke Post

bespoke post

Price: $45.00 per box.

What’s Included: Bespoke is a unique service that offers brand new boxes for men each month. Boxes include refresh kits, shaving kits, even yummy taco kits!

Why It’s Awesome: Bespoke Post is a unique subscription box service that recommends new products for you each month. Bespoke Post is different because of the wide variety of offerings each month. Take a quiz, and then let Bespoke handle all of the heavy lifting! Bespoke suggests a new box every month based upon your taste and profile. If you would prefer a different selection, you can easily change your options whenever you wish.



Price: $68.00 per box.

What’s Included: Every box includes 5 to 6 clothing pieces for your child at a considerable discount.

Why It’s Awesome: If you have children, then you already know that clothes shopping can be like pulling teeth or bending over backwards! That's why the KidBox is one of the top-rated subscription boxes in this entire list. Inside each box, you'll find top premier brands such as STX, Reebok, Levi's, Puma, Guess, Adidas, and more. If your kids hate clothes shopping, then you'll love getting your KidBox in the mail roughly 5-6 boxes a year.

Book of the Month

Price: $14.99 per month.

What’s Included: Each month Book of the Month presents a brand-new collection of 5 books. You pick your favorite from the list, and they ship it on over in one of their famously blue boxes.

Why It’s Awesome: Reading is fun! If you love to relax and curl up on your couch with an old-fashioned book, then the Book of the Month is one of the neatest subscription boxes ever. The wild part is that the company has been around since 1926! If you agree that paper bound books should come back in style, then you're going to love cracking open new reads and early releases from debut authors.



Price: $19.99 per month.

What’s Included: Each month you'll get five feline-friendly and hand-picked goodies that your cat will love.

Why It’s Awesome: If you have a cat that loves to get into kitty-trouble, then you have to check out the KitNipBox. The KitNipBox is the perfect way to treat your fantastic feline companion with an awesome surprise every month. Example items inside each box include catnip, adorable toys, tasty treats, and other surprises that you'll have a ton of fun unpacking. If you want to have fun with your cat, then this is easily one of your top subscription boxes.



Price: $14.95 per month.

What’s Included: Each month, you receive a generous supply of your favorite fragrance in a 0.27 oz bottle.

Why It’s Awesome: If you love beauty products and want to focus on fantastic fragrance, then ScentBird is a monthly box subscription worth checking out! You can choose from over 450 designer fragrances, so you can select the exact scent that you love. ScentBird features the largest and most respected brands such as Gucci, Versace, Tom Ford, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, so you know that the products you get each month rock.



Price: $29.99 per month.

What’s Included: Every month you get quality outdoor gear of up to $70.00 in value for just $29.99. Each Nomadik box has up to 7 full-sized items. The exact contents are a surprise!

Why It’s Awesome: When it comes to cool subscription boxes, the Nomadik box is impressive. The Nomadik box is perfect if you love to challenge yourself with outdoor adventures. Each box includes surprise gear, accessories, survival guides, and inspiration so you can fully enjoy the outdoors. You get exciting outdoor challenges and also expert outdoorsman tips to satiate your undying urge to learn.

Candy Club

candy club

Price: $29.99 per month.

What’s Included: The starter box comes with six 6-ounce candy cups.

Why It’s Awesome: If you have a sweet tooth for delicious goodies and treats, then the Candy Club is beyond impressive! Treat your taste buds to a remarkable and taste-tantalizing surprise. Grab a selection of premium-quality and fresh candies from your old-time favorites as well as new and popular varieties. If you have an epic sweet tooth that won't quit, then the Candy Club is calling.



Price: $75.00 per crate.

What’s Included: Every two months, you get a solid handmade crate topped with six delicious treats and hearty snacks.

Why It’s Awesome: Are you a hungry wild man with a real appetite? Do you want a men's food subscription box made in the USA topped with delicious snacks and goodies?  Mantry can satiate your manly hunger without you hiking the woodlands for the best jerky or trekking to Alaska for the tastiest and most delectable syrups. Inside each crate, you'll find amazing snacks so you can discover the food of America.

Gwynnie Bee

Price: $49.00 per month.

What’s Included: Gwynnie Bee lets you choose how much clothing you receive at a time. You also pick from a variety of styles and top brands, so this box is extremely customizable.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to create the ultimate closet with extravagant style for women, then Gwynnie Bee is a fantastic choice. You can explore and choose from top brands without leaving your house or waiting in line. The best part about this subscription box for women is that you can easily decide to keep any item you receive, or you can ship it back for a hassle-free exchange.



Price: $72.00 per quarter.

What’s Included: Each VINEBOX is stylishly stuffed with nine awesome wine samples that you'll love. The sample size is roughly one glass.

Why It’s Awesome: If you love hand-picked wine, and if you want to broaden your palate, then receiving your VINEBOX each quarter might become your new favorite hobby. It is one of the best subscription boxes for wine lovers. Each quarterly release contains exclusive wines that you're sure to relish. Whether you love vintage wines or new and upcoming trends, each delivery is impressive. This wine box is the perfect way to enjoy a wide variety of high-end wines, without conducting endless amounts of research and study.


the bouqs co

Price: $39.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each month you choose 1 of 3 bouquets of and farm-fresh flowers.

Why It’s Awesome: Artisan flowers can be one of the best ways to treat yourself to something beautiful. If you want to brighten your month, every single month, then a collection of fresh-cut flowers can be impressive. Bouqs is perfect for gift ideas, for special occasions, or for keeping your house decorated throughout the year.


Price: $21.00 per month.

What’s Included: Every month you can get three beautiful pieces of jewelry to try at a time.

Why It’s Awesome: Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription box where you can try three pieces at a time. With Rocksbox, you create a wish list so you can choose the jewelry that you want to try the most. Whenever you want more jewelry, you send back one item, or all of the jewelry pieces that you currently have. If you fancy any of the fine jewelry that you sample, then you can decide to buy. If not, then send the piece back whenever you wish and claim your next batch! You also get a prepaid shipping label for hassle-free returns.

Little Passports

little passports

Price: $12.95 per month.

What’s Included: Each Little Passports box is unique and contains engaging educational content to help make learning an excellent experience.

Why It’s Awesome: The greatest gift you can give a child is knowledge. Even more impressive is if you can make learning an enjoyable experience. That's what the Little Passports boxes offer. Box varieties include early explorers, science expeditions, and also kits to help learn more about the US states and even the entire world. If your child loves to learn, then this kids subscription box can be a gift that benefits them for their whole life.

Stitch Fix

stitch fix

Price: $20.00 styling fee per shipment.

What’s Included: Every box includes a hand-selected bundle of shoes, clothing, and accessories that match your style profile.

Why It’s Awesome: Are you frustrated because new clothing never fits the way you want? Then you'll love Stitch Fix! Every month stylists assemble a fantastic collection of clothing for you to try. If you enjoy any of the pieces, you can buy them. If not, send them back. If you love to try on different style clothing and want to try before you buy, then Stitch Fix is one of the coolest monthly boxes to check out.



Price: $9.95 per serving.

What’s Included: Each shipment is tailored to your family size. Whether you serve for 1, or a family of 4, your box contains everything you need to make the number of meals that you want.

Why It’s Awesome: If you love to cook but loathe the planning, then Plated meal delivery is perhaps the best meal kit subscription for you. You can get amazing and delicious meal plans and ingredients that are super easy to use right on your doorstep whenever you wish. When you receive your first box, you'll also discover an ingeniously insulated package so your ingredients can last until midnight.

Menlo Club

Price: $60.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each month Menlo Club ships you a minimum of 2 unique premium pieces of clothing.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to look good on the go, or the job, then the Menlo Club will be a good choice! You'll look and feel great as you unpack and discover high-quality clothing items from brands such as the Five Four and Grand AC. A brief style quiz will help the fashion company find the perfect outfits to match your style. Subscribers also received custom curated content and member-only discounts.

Pop In A Box

pop in a box

Price: $10.99 per month.

What’s Included: Each month you get a brand-new surprise Funko Pop Vinyl figure that you'll love.

Why It’s Awesome: If you're a comic book fan, a video game geek, or if you love big names like Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Game of Thrones then Pop In A Box rocks. Each figure looks fantastic, and you'll love the detail packed into every character. You can customize your Pop In A Box profile so that you only get the figures that you want, and there are enough options to keep your interest going for a while.


hello fresh

Price: $6.99 per serving.

What’s Included: Every week you can get delicious, chef-created meals.

Why It’s Awesome: HelloFresh is a meal kit subscription service that caters to all kinds of tastes; whether you love Tuscan Sausage Spaghetti that will make your mouth water or Asian-style Beef Bulgogi Bowls. You can choose from the classic plan, family plan, or calorie smart plan to match your personal dietary preferences. If you fancy strictly vegetarian meals, then don't fret because HelloFresh will make sticking to your diet easy as pie.


rescue box

Price: $23.45 per month.

What’s Included: Each pet subscription box contains over $40 of value starting at just $23.45. Each box includes surprise-treats, toys, and accessories for your dog or cat.

Why It’s Awesome: If you're an animal lover, then RescueBox is easily one of the best monthly subscription boxes on this entire list. They partners with charitable organizations that work to feed and vaccinate vulnerable animals who need your help! You can spoil your cat or dog with high-quality, hand-selected treats and toys while saving animals. RescueBox is the ultimate win-win and "feel good" subscription box for all pet owners!


Price: $25.99 per month.

What’s Included: Each delivery includes at least seven deliciously healthy snacks.

Why It’s Awesome: If you live a busy life, then you realize how difficult it is to snack healthily! You know full well how easy it is to reach for those overly salty and sugary snacks that don't do your body (or mind) any favors. That's why UrthBox is so helpful. You can snack heartily without any of the stress or guilt! The best part about UrthBox is that you get a surprising mixture of healthy super foods, granola, trail mix, snack bars, juices, dried meats, and other guilt-free snacking treasures.

Try The World

try the world

Price: $19.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each month Try The World brings a delectable batch of 6 different delicious, mouth-watering snacks from all over the world.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to sample delicious and rare treats from different countries, then Try The World is one of the best monthly subscriptions. You'll munch on savory and sweet snacks that you've never tried before, and you'll discover authentic treats of natural ingredients that are guilt-free. You can also grab a selection of gourmet foods from countries spanning across the entire globe if you're looking for something more substantial!



Price: $14.99 per box.

What’s Included: Every other week, you get a box with eight healthy and wholesome snacks.

Why It’s Awesome: If your family packs lunches, or if you love to snack on delicious and nutritious snacks, then Graze is a rewarding lifesaver. Do you know what it's like when you try to eat healthily, but you don't have enough time to research and buy healthy snacks? Then Graze wants to bring scrumptiously tantalizing snacks to your door every other week.

Gentleman’s Box

gentlemans box

Price: $29.00 per month.

What’s Included: You receive men's lifestyle essentials in every box. Each box contains 4 to 6 hand-picked items.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to look and feel good while decking out the best gentlemen's and lifestyle products, then you'll love the Gentleman's Box. You realize how difficult it is to ensure that you look good during work hours or feel at your best during your next meeting. Each month you get swanky gentlemen's gear, grooming necessities, and everything else you need to look and feel at your best.



Price: $60.00 per quarter.

What’s Included: You get a sample spirit tasting box every quarter. You also get exclusive access to live tasting events, the member community, a digital home bar, and exclusive offers.

Why It’s Awesome: Flaviar searches high and low to find quality spirits. The company is all about sharing the finest whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, brandy, and absinthe. If you love rare and unique drinks, then this spirit sample company might be your top choice subscription box in this list. Flaviar has a handful of different membership options and many different selections, so if you love fine spirits, they are worth checking out.



Price: $21.00 per month.

What’s Included: Each box comes with 4 to 5 full-size beauty products plus a bonus gift every single month. The box value is $100 at a minimum.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to impress your friends and colleagues with some new style, then the BoxyCharm box is tough to beat. Each box includes a bunch of premium beauty products. In addition to the full-size beauty products that you get each month, there's also an engaging social media community where you can find beauty tutorials.


catladybox subscription

Price: $34.99 per month.

What’s Included: Every delivery includes 3 to 4 items that cat ladies will love!

Why It’s Awesome: If you're a kooky cat lady, then you've just found one of the best subscription boxes! Each CatLadyBox has a new theme every month to keep things exciting and fresh. Each box may contain surprise gifts such as cat-themed shirts, home décor, art, and more. Popular past products include an adorable umbrella with exclusive design, a fantastic tote from Pantone's spring color, and a cute Cat Butt pillowcase.


Price: $90.00 per shipment.

What’s Included: You get six bottles of wine from a top-notch selection.

Why It’s Awesome: If you love wine, then Firstleaf might be the best thing you've seen all day. There are two points you need to know about this wine subscription box. First, 92% of the wine that they offer has won an award. Second, the company analyzes hundreds of wines and matches them to your profile to ensure that you get the perfect wine for your personal taste. If you want to get into the world of wine, or if you wish to sample more delicious wines, then Firstleaf is worth checking out. 

Blue Apron

blue apron

Price: $7.49 per serving.

What’s Included: The starter box comes with two recipes per week. Each box can feed two people. 

Why It’s Awesome: Blue Apron is easily one of the top-rated meal delivery services for outstanding and gratifying meals. The company provides premium, chef-inspired meals delivered to your home, complete with step-by-step instructions. Recent meals included Orange Beef & Noodles, as well as Hand-Cut Pappardelle! 

Allure Beauty Box

allure beauty box

Price: $15.00 per month.

What’s Included: The Allure Beauty Box offers elegant beauty picks and makeup approved by Allure experts of a $50 to $90 value. The box also includes a mini-bag complete with shortcuts, beauty hacks, and step-by-step tips.

Why It’s Awesome: If you want to dive into the world of beauty without spending a fortune, then The Allure Beauty Box is fantastic. Each box will open a world of pizazz, and you'll also save a boatload of cash each month. If you want to look great without spending hours shopping every week, then the Allure Beauty Box is worth checking out.



Price: $16.95 per month.

What’s Included: Every delivery comes with a mixture of fun and exciting coding projects for kids.

Why It’s Awesome: Teaching your children how to code can be one of the most rewarding gifts that you can give! Bitsbox makes it easy to learn computer programming because each box contains a selection of coding projects ranging from simple to advanced. If your child might love building fun and crazy apps, then Bitsbox could be the coolest gift you ever give.

We hope you found something you like on our list of the best subscription boxes for 2020.

If there was a subscription box that you would like to see added to the list, please let us know in the comments below! 

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