The 39 Best Subscription Boxes for Women in 2020

All women are different. Which is why it can be tough to find a subscription box suited to the lady in your life (even if that lady is you!). 

From food and snacks to beauty products and makeup, there is a box out there to suit every taste, even if you’re fitness-focused or a fan of high fashion.

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

And you (or your gift recipient) are the reason why we've come up with this extensive list of the best subscription boxes for women

At every price point and interest level, there’s a box that’s sure to delight women of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s wine, sweets, clothes, or makeup that’s her vice, there’s something for her here!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Women

Here is our list of the best subscription boxes for women: 

PopSugar Must Have

popsugar must have

Price: $75.00 per quarter

About the box: An all-around lifestyle box for ladies, PopSugar’s Must Have box contains the magazine’s editors’ favorite picks. Each box is worth over $300 and includes a range of hand-selected items, plus add-ons as you desire.

Both new and notable brands come in this box, and it’s a quarterly surprise that only includes full-size products. Past boxes span fun and indulgent items like a spa robe, wine glasses, luxe skin creams, scented candles, watches, and more.



Price: $49.99 per quarter

About the box: FabFitFun promises products “for a life well lived” in their quarterly box, and we agree with that evaluation. Products span everything from beauty creams and makeup to household and lifestyle helps.

FabFitFun is one of the top subscription boxes for women that spans not just beauty items, but useful and quirky products you can use all around the house (and outside, too). And, every item is full-sized and premium, and you can expect anywhere from eight to ten pieces in each shipment.

Le Tote

le tote

Price: $69.00 per month

About the box: For fashion-minded ladies, Le Tote offers a unique service: rental clothing and accessories. You can browse styles on your own, or take the advice of Le Tote’s recommendations, and then wear the items as much as you want.

Whether you decide to ship the clothing and accessories back (via a pre-paid envelope), you can try out styles you may not be able to find in stores. Plus, if you want to keep an item, you’ll pay up to 50 percent off retail costs.



Price: $10.00 per month

About the box: Ipsy is a self-proclaimed “glam bag” with a selection of beauty and makeup products. Each cute subscription box comes with five beauty products, keeping in mind your beauty preferences, and you can also earn cash back for shopping the brands they include.

First, you’ll fill out a custom beauty profile, detailing your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and beauty and makeup preferences. With the beauty quiz, Ipsy customizes your bag to suit your beauty needs, making for a fun range of products in each monthly box.



Price: $49.95 per quarter

About the box: Causebox is an ethically-minded subscription box for women which concentrates on sourcing exclusive and luxe socially-conscious products. When it comes to cute subscription boxes with a purpose, CauseBox gets lots of votes: the artwork on the box is by exclusive artists, and all the products are handmade.

Plus, each item in your Causebox is made with love (some exclusive to the subscription box) and serves a higher purpose of bettering the world in some way. Causebox also collaborates with other companies to help empower women worldwide, including pursuits like creating jobs and more.



Price: $13.00 per month

About the box: With personalized makeup, hair, skincare, and fragrance samples, Birchbox is a small-scale sampling of everything beauty. The process is simple: you’ll fill out a beauty preference profile, then you’ll receive a custom box of both prestige and niche brands.

You can also purchase full-size versions of the samples you love, and they ship for free. Birchbox also has a loyalty points system, so you can use your rewards to shop online. And for ladies who prefer to hand-pick their products, you can also choose one of your samples each month (starting with your second month).



Price: $21.00 per month

About the box: “Rocks” are a girl’s best friend, so it follows that RocksBox would curate a package of jewelry for ladies to suit that need! Each RocksBox includes your favorite style of jewelry, hand-selected by a personal stylist, and functions as a rental.

You can wear the items, keep what you want, and send the rest back. Subscribers receive a monthly membership credit of $21 toward purchases (the cost of the subscription). If you love jewelry but have a hard time choosing pieces or need some style guidance, RocksBox makes it fun and straightforward, sending three pieces at a time for you to try out.


singles swag

Price: $24.99 per month

About the box: For women who are single (or those who aren’t!), SinglesSwag is an exclusive subscription that showers you with the gifts no one else is giving you. Each month, boxes include a range of organic beauty products, jewelry and accessories, delicious treats, and other surprises.

Plans start at a Petite size with three to four full-sized products, while the SinglesSwag box features six to seven full-size items. Past boxes have showcased sweet treats, skincare products, books, cute socks, and more—cute and indulgent products for any woman.

Visit SinglesSwag

Box of Style

box of style

Price: $99.99 per quarter

About the box: One of the most luxe gift boxes for women, Rachel Zoe styles each Box of Style herself. Every package contains a minimum of $400 worth of luxury fashion and beauty products, making this an ideal gift box for the pampered lady in your life (even if that’s you).

While Rachel hand-selects each of the five style finds every month, you can also add your preferences for color and size for select items. Plus, you’ll be able to access members-only sales and special pricing on super stylish pieces.

Allure Beauty Box

allure beauty box

Price: $10.00 per month

About the box: Allure’s beauty experts have curated this full- and deluxe-size product box, cramming it full of products they test plus a mini-mag with tips, shortcuts, and step-by-step instructions for your goodies.

The Allure Beauty Box comes with a reusable pouch for your makeup goods, and every item passes across the desk of one of Allure’s beauty editors. With that kind of vetting, you know you’re getting luxe goods, but the price is just right.

Emma & Chloe

emma and chloe

Price: $35.00 per month

About the box: For fans of designer jewelry, it can be difficult to find a box that truly delivers. But Emma & Chloe features designer jewelry from France, meaning you’ll receive luxury-level items for a low subscription price.

Each item is a surprise, but you’re able to customize your preferences for gold versus silver, pierced ears or not, and more. And regardless, each piece is worth at least $50 and often more—up to $200 per jewelry item, making this an affordable way to get the luxe jewelry you crave.



Price: $21.00 per month

About the box: Each BoxyCharm box contains four or five full-size beauty products that total a value of over $100. An upgraded BoxyLuxe option is also available (with a value exceeding $250), but even the basic BoxyCharm box promises to deliver.

Well-known brands (as well as expertly curated newcomers) make up the products in your box and can range from lip color to eyeshadow palettes to makeup tools and beauty creams. As one of the most well-known women’s subscription boxes, BoxyCharm has a reputation for introducing subscribers to their new favorite beauty products and tools.

Play! By Sephora

sephora play

Price: $10.00 per month

About the box: Sephora has a great reputation for quality beauty products—and plenty of them! So it’s not surprising that Play! By Sephora is one of the most popular sample boxes for women. The idea with this box is that you can try out high-quality Sephora brands for a low price, then find the full-size products you love in Sephora’s stores (or online).

Play! By Sephora includes five trial-size samples ranging from makeup to skincare to hair care, and each box also promises to include a monthly bonus item. You also receive bonus credits toward future boxes and even more samples, making this subscription ideal for ladies who love to shop at Sephora.

Dermstore BeautyFIX


Price: $24.95 per box

About the box: Each BeautyFIX box by Dermstore contains over $100 in healthy skin and hair care products plus cosmetics. Every box centers around a theme, and items range between sample- and full-size offerings.

With over hundreds of products, Dermstore curates the most popular and luxe products for subscribers, but you can also shop for larger sizes of those same items in their store. And with the ability to purchase past boxes, you can see what’s in them before committing to buy.

Yoga Club

yoga club

Price: $79.00 per box

About the box: For women who have major fitness goals (or enjoy comfy athleisure looks), Yoga Club has luxe studio looks that are unique to your style. You’ll give your “workout stylist” your preferences (and feedback after the first box), and they’ll hand-select pieces for you from a premium brand.

Every box includes a three-piece fitness outfit from well-known brands, and with information about your size, style, workout habits, and more, you know the looks will match your look. Yoga Club might be the best box for you if you love working out but dislike shopping for gear!



Price: $43.00 per month

About the box: GlobeIn is an ethically sourced box of goods from all over the world. Each piece is either handmade or ethically sourced, and all products fit with a select theme for each box. You can customize your shipment and select add-ons, too, making this a great box for those who dislike surprises.

Each box contains four to five handmade items from artists around the world, but the boxes have a value of over $70. And, every “box” comes with a cute container that’s also ethically made. If you can’t travel the world yourself to find these fun and luxe handmade products, GlobeIn is the next best thing.



Price: $25.00 per month

About the box: While it can be challenging to find products uniquely suited to your skin tone and lifestyle, Cocotique has offerings specific to women of color. Each package includes self-care essentials with five to eight full-size and deluxe sample products. With both beauty and lifestyle items, this is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for women of color.

Products span everything from hydrating body products to coconut oil-infused hair care for natural hair. And unlike other boxes which target women in general, this one is specific to ladies with natural hair and darker skin.

Trunk Club

trunk club

Price: $25.00

About the box: While it’s not an entire trunk full of clothes, Trunk Club does deliver high fashion options to your doorstep each month. Each subscriber has her own expert stylist, and with your style preferences, the stylist curates looks just for you. Alternatively, you can visit a Clubhouse in-store (Trunk Club is a Nordstrom product) for live fashion advice.

The highlight of Trunk Club is you can review (and reject) clothing items before the trunk ships. Then, after the trunk arrives, you have five days to decide whether to keep the six to ten items inside. Your styling fee is a credit toward a purchase, but Nordstrom cardholders have the fee waived.

Beauty Heroes

beauty heroes

Price: $37.96 per month

About the box: Natural beauty is in the Beauty Heroes box tagline, and that’s because every beauty brand they feature is clean. Each box values at $90 or more, and you’ll receive one full-size product plus “deluxe sidekicks.”

Other monthly subscriptions for women may include more items, but Beauty Heroes concentrates on high-quality products, so its boxes are smaller. However, that’s part of the appeal: clean beauty brands with less “junk” means you’ll get more value out of every item.

Nadine West


Price: Subscription is free; you pay for shipping and for the clothing you keep

About the box: For fashionistas on a budget, Nadine West might be one of the best monthly boxes for women. The service includes customized outfits (or you can opt for surprises!) with a price tag of $10 to $30 per piece. And, there are no monthly subscription fees.

Each package typically contains a full outfit: four to six items spanning tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and seasonal items like hats or sunglasses, depending on the season. For items you don’t want to keep, shipping them back is easy (and prepaid), and you will see an automatic charge for the items you opt to hold onto.



Price: $59.99 per quarter

About the box: For wine lovers, VineOh!’s monthly subscription boxes for women deliver a welcome treat. Quarterly shipments feature wine, of course, but also surprises for ladies who love their vino. You’ll give your preferences—for whites, reds, or a mix—and then receive two bottles of wine and five to six full-size “rejuvenating” and “delicious” surprises.

Boxes often feature snacks, wine accessories, cups and mugs, and even makeup and spa treats, and subscribers can expect to see over a $120 value per box.

Mostess Box

mostess box

Price: $120.00 per season

About the box: Whether you’re gifting yourself or your hostess, the Mostess Box is full of home-oriented treats for all women. Each package contains six or more full-size goods for the home and hosting, plus recipes and styling tips depending on the season.

Boxes can include anything from place settings to beverage mixers to tableware. A highlight is that you can preview the box before ordering, so whether it’s a gift for yourself or your hostess, you know what to expect.

Color Curate

color curate

Price: $20.95 per month

About the box: Color Curate’s color-focused monthly subscription bag may be the ideal box for you if you’re passionate about colorful products that are also vegan, cruelty-free, and clean. Each box contains four full-sized makeup products with plenty of colors.

Your box also features a luxurious makeup bag to hold your goodies, plus a bonus vegan makeup palette per month. The adorable bags are colorful, but it’s the quality and variety of makeup items that are the main attraction.



Price: $13.00 per bottle

About the box: Monthly box subscriptions for women often focus on lifestyle products and beauty, but this box concentrates on one thing: wine. For ladies who are passionate about their vino, including flavor profiles and curated brands, Winc might be the ideal subscription box.

First, you’ll fill out a flavor quiz to determine what will best tantalize your taste buds. Then, you’ll receive four bottles of wine per month that match your tastes. Winc solicits your feedback, too, so you can get even more customized bottles next time.

Gwynnie Bee

gwynnie bee homepage

Price:  $49.00 per month

About the box: While many traditional clothing subscription boxes leave out a range of sizes, Gwynnie Bee encompasses all sizes from 10 to 32, making it ideal for all sizes and shapes. First, you’ll browse the clothing selection, which includes thousands of items from top designers.

Then, you’ll choose the styles you like to your virtual closet. Every shipment you receive will include your personally chosen items, and you can wear everything, then return what you no longer want to wear. There’s also a purchase option if you just can’t part with a favorite clothing item.v

Stitch Fix

stitch fix women

Price: $20 styling fee per shipment (put toward the purchase of items)

About the box: Another women’s subscription clothing box that accommodates a wide range of sizes, Stitch Fix stocks sizes 0-24W and has petite, plus, and maternity sizing, too. You’ll take their style quiz to hone in on what suits you and then you’ll pay a styling fee for your shipment.

When your items arrive, you can try everything on and send back what you don’t like. The styling fee goes toward any items you keep and return shipping is free with Stitch Fix’s prepaid envelope.

Say it with a Sock

say it with a sock

Price: $11.99 per month

About the box: Some women worry less about high fashion and more about comfort and fun. For those ladies, Say it With a Sock is one of the more fun-loving monthly box subscriptions for women! It’s a sock of the month club that focuses on high-quality materials (combed cotton 200 needle socks) and fun styles.

You can choose from a selection of patterns, graphic styles, or a mix of looks, and then wait to receive your brightly colored and always attention-getting socks. Designing takes place in Los Angeles, California, and all socks are a high-quality cotton and spandex blend for durability and comfort.



Pricing: $11.21 per month

About the box: If fragrance is your passion, then Scentbird might be the best subscription box for you. Choose from over 450 fragrances, both niche and well-known brands, and then you’ll receive a 30-day supply of that scent at a cost far lower than retail.

You can keep a running list of all your favorite scents, pick new ones to try, or just stick with the same month after month. You can also select additional scents rather than one per month. And, your first order comes with a carrying case for your Scentbird bottle.

Pura Vida Bracelets

pura vida bracelets

Price: $14.95 per month

About the box: For high-fashion (and fun) bracelets hand-curated by Instagram influencers and fashion stylists, you can’t go wrong with a Pura Vida Bracelets subscription. The exclusive designs are only available to club members, and each shipment contains three bracelets that are up to a $50 value.

Pura Vida not only supports over 650 artisans all over the world, but they also donate a large chunk of their proceeds to charity. So for ladies who enjoy jewelry that’s also globally conscious, this might be the ideal subscription for you.



Price:  $9.00 per product

About the box: A box that’s exclusively for women and their diverse needs, My LOLA features subscription packages that are discreet and useful. From basics like vitamins, tampons, pads, and cleansing wipes to sexual health products like lubricant, condoms, and more, LOLA makes it easy to get the products you need without stepping out to the store.

Also, the boxes are customizable: you choose what you need and when (either every four or eight weeks) to suit both your budget and lifestyle. For eco-conscious customers, it’s notable that all the packaging is recyclable, and LOLA products do not contain any GMOs.

Hello Fresh

hello fresh

Price: $6.99 per meal

About the box: While women aren’t the only ones who worry about meal planning and nutrition, we’re featuring Hello Fresh as one of the best subscription boxes for women because it’s inexpensive and accessible.

Each weekly meal kit contains easy-to-follow recipes that are both budget-friendly and convenient. And with meal categories like Global Eats, 20-Min Meal, and Dinner 2 Lunch, meal prep is easier than ever. You can also order add-ons like wine and gifts, making this a one-stop shop for many foodies.

Frank and Oak

frank and oak

Price: $25.00 per styling

About the box: Frank and Oak has clothing subscription options for both men and women, and both options involve a personal stylist to select the best looks for you. First, you’ll answer a few questions about your size and style, then you can preview your monthly box before it ships.

After the box arrives, you have seven days to decide what to keep (or whether to keep anything) and then send the rest back for free. Each box costs a styling fee of $25, which you can use toward purchase of any of the products in your box.



Price: $20.00 per edit

About the box: Wantable’s clothing subscription delivers unique products to women which are custom for each lady’s size and style habits. Each month involves seven personal stylist-selected items, and you have five days to try on everything in it. If you opt to purchase, your styling fee goes toward the balance.

Returns are simple (and prepaid), and each item in the box tends to range from $50 to $100 per piece. Wantable’s box is a high-fashion option for ladies who are passionate about maintaining their wardrobe, but who may not enjoy the retail shopping experience.


the bouqs

Price: $45.00 per bouquet

About the box: Not all women love flowers, to be sure, but for those who do, Bouqs offers freshly cut flowers that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. Subscription plans vary, so you can opt for delivery each month or just once per year, either as a gift to yourself or someone else.

Plus, Bouqs is eco-friendly and sustainable, only cutting the flowers they sell and using environmentally sustainable practices to produce their blooms. You can choose from customization options like the type of flower (Roses, Farmer’s Market, or The Classics), bouquet size (Original, Deluxe, or Grand), and frequency of delivery (between weekly and every two months). You can also stop or pause the subscription at any time.


barbella box

Price: $49.99 per box

About the box: BarBella is a fitness subscription box for women that concentrates on fashionable athletic wear that works for your workouts. Each BarBella box includes four to six premium products (with a value of $80 or more) and features lifestyle picks in addition to clothing.

Boxes can include everything from workout tops and bottoms to healthy snacks and supplements, beauty items like soap and skincare, hydration helps, recovery packs, and more.

Enjoy Leggings

enjoy leggings

Price: $16.65 per month

About the box: What woman doesn’t love leggings, right? For those who do, Enjoy Leggings makes finding comfortable and cute leggings easier than ever. You’ll choose your size (Small through Plus) and then receive one pair of leggings per month for the duration of the subscription.

The print you receive will be a surprise, but Enjoy Leggings promises they won’t be see-through; a team hand-selects and tests each variety of leggings to ensure the best quality.

Although every woman is different, there are a few categories of products that are sure to appeal to them all. Whether it’s beauty, fitness, food, clothing, or even wine, this selection of the best subscription boxes for women will have every woman in your life feeling satisfied, beautiful, and motivated!

We appreciate your reading through our recommendations, and we hope you’ve found the very best box to suit the woman you’re shopping for. Of course, no judgment here if the box is for you—with everything from wine to leggings to healthy food, every woman can benefit from one of these boxes.

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