The 44 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2020

Are you a male who finds yourself short on time? Do you like receiving new products each month to update what you currently own? 

If so, you may want to look into men’s subscription services.

Subscription boxes have become much more popular over the past couple of years. The best subscription boxes for men are now available for everything from clothing to coffee.

Monthly box subscriptions for men often prove to be convenient and exciting. However, because of how popular they’ve become, you may find it challenging to select your first man box.

Best Subscription Boxes For Men

Below, you’ll see a list of the 44 best subscription boxes for men, allowing you to more accurately decide which is best for you personality.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Men

No matter if you’re interested in golf or fine meats, we’re confident that you’ll find satisfaction when choosing one of the following male subscription boxes. The following 44 companies offer the best subscription boxes for men that you should consider subscribing to this month.

Menlo House

menlo club

Price:  $60.00 per month

Menlo House is an online subsidiary of Five Four Group. At Menlo House, men can purchase individual clothing items and browse relevant content. If you’re in search of men’s subscription box to upgrade your wardrobe, you’ll want to check out the ones from Menlo House.

 The company sends an average of two clothing items per month, and you’ll never receive the same article of clothing twice. You’ll receive free shipping on all orders, the ability to pause or cancel at any time, and access to members-only content, such as style guides. Popular brands include Grand AC, Five Four, and New Republic.


sprezza box

Price:  $28.00 per month

SprezzaBox is another subscription box for men designed to upgrade their wardrobe. The company is based in New York City and primarily focus on providing quality fashion accessories at a low price. The company says that they routinely update their partners so that you constantly receive new products.

Each month, you’ll receive a tie, socks, and other accessories. Other accessories include sunglasses, cigar cutters, tie clips, collar stays, and toiletries like eye cream. Each box retails at more than $100, which means members receive savings of more than 70 percent. You can choose from either monthly recurring or prepaid memberships. 



Price:  $15.00 every two months

The founders of Harry’s created the company so that they could stand out from other shaving companies. The company employed more than 600 artisans, engineers, and designers to provide men with the best shave possible. They seek to do so at a price significantly more affordable than other razors on the market today.

When selecting their first box, subscribers will first select which color razor handle they prefer, which adds a one-time $8 cost to the order. Then, you can choose how many blades you wish to include in the order and whether you’d like to receive foaming shave gels in their box.

Cairn Box


Price:  $29.95 per month

If you’re someone who believes in the power of nature and spending time outdoors, you’ll want to check out Cairn. The company’s founders strongly believe that being outside is good for the soul and that purchasing new gear for your next outdoor adventure is part of the excitement.

The Cairn Box is one of the best subscription boxes for men interested in the outdoors. Subscribers can choose between payments collected every month, every quarter, every six months, and every year. In your box, you’ll not only receive camping gear, but you’ll also receive apparel, food and energy products, skin care products, and tools to help in case of emergency.

Birchbox Grooming

birchbox grooming

Price:  $10.00 per month

Birchbox provides one of the best men’s grooming boxes available today. Although the company’s founders initially created the company for women, they quickly expanded into providing men with quality skincare products.

The ​Birchbox Grooming ships every month, although members can elect to pay monthly, every six months, or every year. You’ll receive a slight discount when ordering annually. Each box contains five grooming samples to meet all of your needs. Products can range from hair styling products to beard supplies. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Lucky Tackle Box

lucky tackle box

Price:  $16.99 per month

If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ll want to check out the Lucky Tackle Box. The founders of Lucky Tackle created the company with the sole purpose of providing subscription boxes. Subscribers do not have the option of purchasing individual items.

The Lucky Tackle guys monthly box comes in either Regular, XL, or Tournament. You choose your box based on the type of fish they are looking to catch. For instance, the company offers its Regular box for the Bass, Crappie, Trout, Panfish, and Ice Fishing.

Craft Beer Club

craft beer club

Price:  $42.00 per month

The owners of the Craft Beer Club sought to create men’s subscription boxes that provided guys with access to better beers than the watered-down options they are accustomed to drinking. The company partners with craft brewers to provide beers with unique flavors.

Each box comes with 12 beers that are 12 ounces each. Subscribers receive four different styles of beer, with two beers from each craft. They’ll also receive three other “random” beers in each order. The company also includes three bonus gifts with each order. You can elect for beer delivery monthly, every-other-month, or every three months.

Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club

Price:  $4.00 per month

If Harry’s is not the shaving company for you, you may want to check out the Dollar Shave Club. The founders of Dollar Shave club were also fed up with the cost of overpriced razors and sought to provide more affordable options to subscribers.  

You can choose from various razors, include “The Humble Twin,” with a twin blade, “The 4x,” with four blades, and “The Executive,” with six blades. You don’t have to order every month and can put their delivery on hold at any time. Shipping is always free. You can also add other shower and skin care accessories, making this one of the best box subscriptions for guys.

Under Armour Box

under armour box

Price:  Flexible

You are likely well-aware of Under Armour, one of the leaders in the athletic apparel industry. The company seeks to make access to its clothing more accessible thanks to its men’s sample box. Each month, subscribers receive five to six items. They try on the clothes and choose which ones they’d like to keep, returning the others.

Under Armour only charges you for what you wish to retain.  

Stitch Fix

stitch fix

Price:  $20.00 Styling Fee, Flexible After That

According to Stitch Fix’s website, the company’s mission is to “change the way people find clothes they love by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned style experts.” Stitch Fix will send monthly boxes for men based on their personalized style needs.

Subscribers control how much they wish to spend in each clothing category. Members then pay a $20 styling fee, although the company immediately turns this into a credit. Stylists will then send a monthly box based on your preferences. Clothing items range between $20 and $600.

You choose what you wish to keep and return the rest. If you retain all five things, you’ll receive a 25 percent discount.

Bespoke Post

bespoke post

Price:  $45.00 per month

Bespoke Post believes in developing the modern man. Upon visiting the Bespoke Post website, customers take a quiz to indicate their likes and dislikes. Then, if members elect to purchase the Bespoke Post Box, they’ll receive products based around their hobbies and interests.

At the beginning of the month, the company will send an email detailing what’s inside the box. You then have five days to alter the contents. You will receive the box by mid-month. Shipping is free, and customers can pause deliveries at any time.

You can also switch the type of products they wish to receive so that they can enjoy multiple interests.



Price:  $20.00 per month

If you love quality spirits, you’ll want to check out Flaviar. Flaviar indicates that there are more than 15,000 different spirits available, but a mere one percent is available. The company designed a box that allowed you to sample other products beyond the run-of-the-mill Jack Daniel’s.

Each month, customers receive a small sample of a high-quality spirit in their Flaviar Box. If subscribers enjoy the sample, they could purchase bottles from the website directly. The company offers free shipping on its monthly shipments. Currently, those interested in Flaviar subscriptions for men must sign up to join a waitlist.

Grill Masters Club

grill masters club

Price:  $27.95 per month

The Grill Masters Club seeks to bring back the lost art of grilling by providing members with access to top-shelf barbeque products in its monthly subscriptions for men. The company also provides discount codes, recipes, and cooking tips to help encourage subscribers to grill. Lastly, subscribers will gain access to exclusive content in the Grill Masters Club community.

You can choose to pay for one month, three months, six months, or one year of deliveries. The cheapest option is when placing an annual order. The boxes not only ship to the United States but Canada as well. Members can cancel at any time.



Price:  $29.99 per month

The founders of Battlbox believe the proper tools and training can go a long way toward protecting you in a survival situation. That’s why they seek to provide high-quality survival, EDC, and other outdoor gear to their customers.

Members choose their Battlbox based on their level of experience. The company offers subscription boxes for guys of all abilities, ranging from Basic to Pro Plus. You will receive a new box each month, designed to help in any survival situation. You can change or cancel their subscription any time.



Price:  $20 Personal Styling Fee, Flexible After That

Bombfell is another company that creates monthly subscription boxes for men interested in upgrading their wardrobe. The company allows you to take a quiz to determine your tastes and proper fits. They enable members to view what’s in their Bombfell Box seven days before shipping. 

After trying on the clothes, you can return the ones you don’t like. The more clothes you keep, however, the better discount you’ll receive. For instance, Bombell offers a ten percent discount if you keep two of the five items, a 15 percent discount if you hold onto three pieces, and a 20 percent discount if you retain more than four things.



Price:  $19.99 per month

Urthbox’s creators believe that everyone should have access to healthy new snacks. They understand how frustrating it can be to find new snacks that taste good, which is why they seek to deliver products each month that are safe, natural, and healthy. When ordering an Urthbox, customers will receive food, snacks, and beverages.

Members can choose from numerous box options, including Class, Vegan, Diet, and Gluten-Free. They can also choose from various sizes, ranging from “Mini,” which provides six snacks, to “Large,” which provides 25 snacks. The larger the order, the more you save. You can also save when ordering a six-month supply of snacks.

Simple Loose Leaf

simple loose leaf

Price:  $9.00 per month

Simple Loose Leaf offers quality subscription boxes for men who love tea. The company makes it easy for customers to choose teas that meet their tastes. Contents include Black, Herbal, and Green Teas. 

Each month, you will receive four hand-packed loose-leaf teas, each measuring 40 grams. No matter if you’re interested in receiving traditional teas or trendy teas with bolder flavors, you should be happy when ordering your box. The company also makes it easy for you to explore the tea shop so that you can sample teas before ordering.



Price:  $59.00 per order

Fanchest provides one of the best monthly clubs for men who are sports lovers. The company’s mission is rather straightforward, as they wish to do nothing more than deliver the “perfect gift for sports fans.” The company’s founders believe that sports have the power to build relationships and connect people.

The company makes it easy for men to purchase a box for their favorite team, allowing members to shop by the league. Fanchest also offers free shipping on all of its orders. You can choose from Fanchests for adults, children, or toddlers.



Price:  $50.00 per month

Winc provides men’s monthly subscription boxes for wine connoisseurs. The company believes that everyone deserves to have access to quality wine. They not only allow customers to explore various wines, but they then make these wines accessible, delivering them each month.

The Winc Box ships four wines to you each month based on your tastes and preferences. The cost of the monthly box can vary depending on which wines you select. The cheapest wine available on the website is $13. If you don’t choose four wines, the company will do so for you when it comes time to ship your monthly box.

Gentleman’s Box

gentlemans box

Price:  $29.00 per month

On the company website, Gentleman’s Box says that their goal is to provide men’s monthly gift boxes that are “brilliantly crafted and chosen in essence of the featured gentleman’s legacy.” The company seeks to raise awareness about what it takes to be a distinguished gentleman in today’s society.

The Gentleman’s Box is available in either Regular or Premium options. Inside each custom-made box, subscribers will find a tie, socks, impressive accessory, lifestyle accessory, and grooming accessory. Upon beginning a subscription, you will also receive a one-year subscription to GQ Magazine. You can opt for annual subscriptions as well, still delivered monthly.

Short Par 4

short par 4

Price:  $49.95 per month

If you love to golf, you’re going to want to check out Short Par 4, one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men. The company seeks to deliver high-quality products, regardless of the manufacturer. The company relies on “Style Caddies” to deliver outfits that fit your style as indicated by the quiz you take upon registering.

The average retail cost of a Classic box is $100 - $200, providing customers with incredible value. Inside, members will find up to three curated outfits that they can wear on the course during their next outing. The Tour Experience Box costs $125 per month and provides you with exclusive access to Rickie Fowler merchandise. The company ships all packages on the 15th of each month.

Say It with a Sock

say it with a sock

Price:  $11.99 per month

One of the problems some men have with clothing subscription boxes is that they are overpriced or provide them with clothing they won’t wear. Say it with a Sock seeks to eliminate this problem by providing monthly deliveries of fun socks.

The Fun Sock of the Month Club is an excellent way to spice up your wardrobe without having to break the bank. The socks are combed-cotton, 200-needle products designed to last. Members can cancel their subscription at any time. The company also offers free exchanges on all socks. You can choose between a pair of graphic or patterned socks.

Butcher Box

butcher box

Price:  $129 per month

Mike Salguero created Butcher Box after tasting expensive grass-fed beef for the first time. He discovered that roughly one percent of the beef consumed in the United States is grass-fed, which caused him to develop Butcher Box. Butcher Box seeks to make healthy, grass-fed meat accessible to more people than ever before.

Subscribers begin by choosing the box they like. They can choose from mixes of beef, chicken, and pork. They then opt to receive 24 meals or 48 meals. You can then elect to receive shipments every 30 days or 60 days. You also can include add-ons in their order, such as Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon.

The Tie Bar

the tie bar

Price:  $99.00 for Six Months

The Tie Bar has been in existence for more than a decade but has gained popularity lately thanks to its men subscription boxes. The company’s goal is to help men dress better without requiring them to break the bank.

The Tie Bar Box will arrive at a customer’s doorstep every three months. Each shipment contains three ties. Members can also choose to receive a year’s worth of deliveries as well. When ordering, you indicate whether they’d like skinny ties, neckties, extra-long neckties, or bow ties. The company has recently allowed subscribers to begin ordering socks as well.



Price:  $14.95 per month

If you’re a man who appreciates fragrances, you’ll want to check out the subscription box from Scentbird. Scentbird’s founders wanted to make designer fragrances available to everyone at a fraction of the cost. They created the company because they were tired of seeing fragrances go to waste, collecting dust on the back of the dresser.

Scentbird allows you to browse through more than 450 fragrances and choose the ones you want to order. Each month, you’ll receive a 30-day supply of the aroma, shipped free. You can skip or cancel at any time. You can also change the number of bottles you wish to receive.

Taster’s Club

tasters club

Price:  $69.00 per month

The Taster’s Club is the ideal monthly subscription box choice for men who love spirits. The company seeks to provide customers with rare spirits. You’ll choose from 11 different clubs, including things such as Gin, Bourbon, and Vodka.

Each month, you will receive a bottle of their favorite spirit. Also included in the package are notes for how to taste the spirit, the history of the drink, and information about the distillery process.

Book of the Month

book of the month

Price:  $14.99 per month

Book of the Month seeks to bring a resurgence to hard copies of books. Each month, the company picks five new books, emphasizing early releases, debut authors, and unique perspectives. Customers can then choose from one of the five books, which they’ll then find at their doorstep a few days later.

The $14.99 subscription fee provides you with one book. If you wish to add another book to your order, you’ll need to pay an additional $9.99. The company understands how easy it is to fall behind when reading, which is why they allow you to skip any month you’d like, free of charge. Shipping is always free with your Book of the Month subscription.

Loot Crate


Price:  $15.95 per month

If you’re a man who loves entertainment and comics, you’ll want to check out Loot Crate. Loot Crate provides men with DVDs, comic books, memorabilia, and other similar entertainment options. Each shipment has a monthly theme.

Members can choose the length of the plan. Available options include one month, three months, six months, and 12 months. The longer the program, the cheaper the overall cost. You will also need to indicate the shirt size, as apparel typically comes included in the shipment.

Get Basic

get basic man

Price:  $19.99 per month

Get Basic is another subscription clothing company. However, instead of focusing on things such as collared shirts and accessories, Get Basic instead chooses to provide customers with undergarments such as t-shirts, socks, and briefs.

Each shipment contains one t-shirt, one pair of socks, and one pair of underwear. The company will continue to bill you each month unless you choose to cancel. You’ll need to provide your shirt size, underwear size, and shoe size before your first order. Shipping comes in the monthly fee.

Watch Gang

watch gang

Price:  $29.99 per month

Watch Gang seeks to provide customers with high-quality watches that meet their interests. Members begin by indicating which type of watch they prefer, with the ability to choose from options like gold and leather bands. You will receive a watch that the company guarantees to be worth five times more than the membership fee. 

Subscribers don’t have a say in which watch they receive in the order. They also must pay a little less than $10 per shipping with each order. You can prepay for three-month, six-month, and 12-month orders as well.

Frank and Oak

frank and oak

Price:  $20.00 Styling Fee, Flexible After That

Frank and Oak is a clothing subscription service focused on sustainability. The company seeks only to use recycled and organic materials in its clothing. The source of your Frank and Oak clothing could be anything from recycled hemp to organic cotton.

The company recently launched a subscription service for men. Customers indicate things such as their height, weight, and body type. Before shipping, you’ll confirm what’s in your box. After receiving the box, you’ll confirm what you want to keep, returning everything else.

The returns are free, and you can cancel your shipment at any time. Products in the box cost from $29 to $149.

Ozone Socks

ozone socks

Price:  $75.00 for six months

If you’re a man interested in a clothing subscription service that focuses on socks, you’ll want to check out Ozone Socks. Ozone Socks has been around for nearly two decades, although only recently have they begun monthly subscription services for men.

The Sock of the Month Club is available for six month and one-year durations. Although you prepay upfront, you receive a pair of socks each month. Shipping is free with each order. The company also provides a free pair of socks with your first order.

Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee

Price:  $13.71 per shipment

If you are a man who prefers not to head to your local Starbucks each morning, you’ll want to check out Driftaway Coffee. Driftaway believes in the importance of a quality cup of coffee and seeks to eliminate the hassle of finding such a product.

Members begin by choosing the size and frequency of each order, as well as the shipping speed. Driftaway requires you to start with a tasting kit, which contains four two-ounce bags of single-origin whole coffee beans. You can skip shipments at any time.

Saloon Box

saloon box

Price:  $54.99 per month

The Saloon Box is another excellent monthly subscription for men who enjoy cocktails. The company’s founders created the brand after they grew tired of searching for cocktail recipes online. They recruited mixologists from across the nation to help deliver quality liquor or recipes.

In addition to monthly options, members can also elect to prepay for six-month and one-year cycles, which helps lower the cost. Inside the kits, you’ll find everything you need to make high-quality cocktails, besides simple ingredients. For instance, the boxes tend not to come with ingredients like citrus or egg whites.

Southern Cigar Box

southern cigar co

Price:  $35.95 per month

If you’re a man who enjoys smoking cigars with the guys, you’ll want to consider surprising them with the Crate Joy Southern Cigar Box. Each month, you’ll receive four high-quality cigars complete with an informational card so that you know what you’re smoking.

Shipping is free in the United States. Customers can also prepay for three-month cycles, which helps lower the overall cost.

Coastal Co

coastal co homepage

Price:  $99.00 per box

Do you enjoy the laid back style of men who live in California? Coastal Co seeks to make this style accessible to all men. The company guarantees “Good Vibes” and provides clothing up to 50 percent off the retail price. Additionally, proceeds from each box go to Heal the Bay, a foundation that keeps beaches clean.

Inside the box, you’ll find up to five articles of clothing. The company seeks to tailor your orders to meet your climate and the month in which you’re ordering. Clothing options range from button downs to walk shorts.

Breo Box

breo box

Price:  $159.00 per quarter

Do you love keeping up to date with the latest products and trends? If so, be sure to check out Breo Box, which seeks to bring luxury to the men’s subscription box industry. Customers receive one box every three months. The longer they stay enrolled, the more the price drops.

Each box contains up to eight products focused on lifestyle, tech, and fitness trends. Breo allows you to skip a box or cancel their subscription at any time.

Trunk Club

trunk club

Price:  $25.00 Styling Fee, Flexible After That

The Trunk Club is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so much so that subscribers can earn Nordstrom rewards when placing their monthly order. The Trunk Club pairs you with a personal stylist, allowing you to speak with the individual during the design and planning process. You can review their shipment before ordering. You then try on the clothing in the box, keeping what you like and returning what you don’t.

Robb Vices

robb vices

Price:  $99.95 per month

If you’re searching for a luxurious experience, be sure to check out the monthly box from Robb Vices. The company seeks to provide a better experience than other men’s subscription box services by delivering unique items.

Upon signing up for a monthly membership, customers also gain access to exclusive events and deals. You have multiple options from which to choose when ordering. They can elect for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.

Get Bevel


Price:  $29.95 per month

Another shaving subscription service to consider is Get Bevel. Whereas some shaving subscription services provide access to traditional razors, Get Bevel seeks to provide a luxurious shaving experience. Members can elect for monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing cycles.

You will receive a starter’s kit the first month of the program, as well as a ten percent discount on all a-la-carte orders. Get Bevel ships every order for free.

Outdoor Fellow

outdoor fellow

Price:  $31.50 per month

If you or your wife loves fresh scents indoors, be sure to check out the Outdoor Fellow. The Outdoor Fellow is a candle subscription service geared explicitly toward men. Subscribers can elect to receive a favorite candle of theirs, or they could elect to receive a variety pack delivered every four months.

There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. Fragrance options that you could choose from include Woods, Cedarwood & Lavender, Fireplace & Clove, and Sandalwood & Pine Needle. 

Nest Fragrances

nest fragrances

Price:  $56.00 per quarter

Another excellent candle subscription service for men comes from Nest Fragrances. Nest Fragrances provides subscribers with one classic and one votive candle in each box. When ordering the candle, you can choose between either a three-month subscription or a six-month subscription.

Nest Fragrances also makes it easy for customers to choose a start date, as they can select a period up to three months in advance. Shipping also comes with each order. You can cancel your order at any time.

First Leaf

first leaf

Price:  $79.98 plus 

First Leaf is another company focused on delivering high-quality wines to customers. One of the things that makes First Leaf unique is that after each order, members can rate each wine they tried. The rating system allows First Leaf to produce more accurate wine selections to meet your tastes. First Leaf provides wine straight from the source, cutting out the middleman. You will receive six bottles with each box.

If you are in search of subscription men’s boxes, you’ll find that there are numerous options available. No matter if you’re in search of a men’s mystery box or a monthly gift box for guys, we find that you’ll be satisfied by choosing one of the options listed above.

We appreciate you taking the time to read through our list of the 44 best subscription boxes for men in 2020 and hope you found the information you needed! 

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