19 Best Sock Subscription Boxes For Everyone

Are you obsessed with fun, stylish socks?

If so, you are likely well aware that your socks can make or break your outfit.

Unfortunately, if you’re like many people, it’s easy to burn through socks quickly. It becomes annoying having to head to your local outlet store to pick up new socks with the same boring patterns each couple of months.

If you find yourself in this situation, it could be in your best interest to try a sock subscription box!

Sock subscription boxes have become significantly more popular over the past few years. When you subscribe to a monthly sock club, a new order of socks will show up at your doorstep each month. It’s super easy.

best sock subscription boxes

Best Sock Subscription Boxes

No matter if you’re searching for a dress socks box or something a bit more flare, we believe you’ll be satisfied when choosing one of these options.

We’ve detailed the 19 best sock subscription boxes available today below:

Sock Panda

Cost: $19 per month

Sock Panda offers one of the best sock services available today. The company seeks to provide members with fun, high-quality socks.

Perhaps more essential is the fact that Sock Panda donates a portion of each sale to those in need, partnering with companies such as:

  • VA Health Care 
  • The Salvation Army
  • United Way
  • Goodwill

Not only does Sock Panda offer a men’s sock club, but they also have options for women, tweens, and children as well.

You can indicate what type of style and how many pairs they wish to receive each month. Examples for men include “Stylish and Suave,” “Daring and Bold,” or “Both.”

You can also elect to prepay for three, six, and 12 months’ worth of deliveries, which could help cut costs.

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Sock Fancy

Cost: $11 per month

Sock Fancy Box  is a sock of the month club that features 70 percent combed cotton, 200-needle socks. You can choose between a mix of crew socks, no-show socks, or a blend of the two.

You can also elect to receive one, two, or six pairs per order. When ordering in bulk, members will receive an additional 14 percent discount. 

Sock Fancy provides free worldwide shipping and allows you to set the delivery for a date in the future when you know you’ll be home.

And, if you're not thrilled with what you received, customers can exchange any pair of socks with which they’re unsatisfied.

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Foot Cardigan

Cost: $12 per month

Foot Cardigan offers a sock subscription box for both men and women. 

The company seeks to make socks fun, partnering with brands such as The Simpsons to produce different socks for its subscribers. 

Members receive a single pair each month, choosing from styles such as Premium, Crew, and No-Show. The monthly cost is cheaper than buying an individual pair of socks, which costs $13. Additionally, subscribers receive benefits such as free shipping. Foot Cardigan makes it easy for you to skip a delivery or cancel their shipment at any time.

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Say It with a Sock

Cost: $11.99 per month

Say it with a Sock is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers fun socks.

Every sock you'll receive from the company features 200-needle combed-cotton. They also provide members with a bit of influence over which style they prefer, allowing them to choose from graphics, patterns, or a mix of the two.

Say it with a Sock is available to men, women, boys, and girls.

You can elect to prepay for six or 12 months of their socks’ subscription. Should they choose to pay for a year, Say it with a Sock will include a free pair of socks with the first order.

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Sock It To Me

sock it to me

Cost: $22 per month

Sock It To Me believes in the power of confidence. They’ve tried to create a sock that screams “Bring it On!” while allowing you to “laugh defiantly at the world’s expectations.”

Customers receive two pairs of socks with each order. Should you elect to prepay for their socks, they cost per month decreases. Shipping is free for those who live in the United States. The company also ships internationally.

In addition to their "socks of the month," Sock It To Me has subscription boxes for other undergarments, such as underwear, as well.

Free global shipping comes with the order, although the cost per box increases by roughly $3.

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Black Socks

black socks box

Cost: $10.50 per delivery

If you’re searching for a quality men’s dress sock subscription, be sure to check out Black Socks. They offer everything from calf socks to business socks.

Surprisingly, you can test their socks before committing to a subscription. 

In addition to their "dress sock" box subscription, the company offers partial subscriptions for products such as underwear, polo shirts, and t-shirts, allowing you to outfit your entire wardrobe.

Black Socks ship for free and renew automatically.

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Sock Club

Cost: $12 per month

Sock Club is a high-quality men’s sock of the month club.

According to their website, the company’s mission is to “provide you with the greatest socks possible at a fair price.”  In order to achieve this, the company partners with American factories to ensure quality.

Customers also have the choice to create custom socks that they can add to their monthly dress sock subscription. You could also purchase subscriptions as a gift for loved ones. The process to do so is more accessible with Sock Club than it is with other companies.

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Southern Scholar

Cost: $13.75 per month

Southern Scholar is another one of our favorite sock of the month clubs.

They seek to provide members with quality dress socks that remain comfortable throughout the day. To achieve this, the company utilizes a Signature Material Blend and 200 Needle Count Knitting Process when producing its socks. Subscribers receive a pair of "Superior Dress Socks" and a "Signature Style Card" with each order.

The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of its socks, offering free returns and exchanges.

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Cost: $15 per quarter

If you’re interested in socks that allow you to express your inner-nerd, you’ll want to check out the subscription services from MrMiSocki. The company believes that “every sock has a story,” and wants to provide you with the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn! 

When ordering, you can choose whether they’d prefer four shipments, eight shipments, or ongoing shipments. Shipping is free in the United States.

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Ozone Socks

Cost: $75 for six months

Ozone has existed since 2000, but it’s only recently that they began providing subscription sock services. The company uses fair-trade cotton, angora wool, and 220-count mono-filament nylon to provide incredibly comfortable socks. 

When ordering, subscribers can elect to purchase socks for six months or a year. You will then receive one pair of socks each month. The company does not charge for shipping either. The price of the socks is approximately 50 percent less than what you would pay if purchasing an individual pair from the company’s store.

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Loot Crate Socks

loot crate socks

Cost: $9.99 per month

Those in the gaming industry are familiar with Loot Crate. If you would like to wear a socks representative of your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, or video games, you’ll want to check out the Socks Crate from Loot Crate.

They offer customers two pairs of fun and nerdy socks each month. You can choose from Dress, Crew, and Sublimated styles. The socks have unisex sizing, so ordering should be a breeze for everyone. Loot Crate ships the socks for free.  

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My Society Socks

my society socks

Cost: $19 per month

My Society Socks provides its customers with two pairs of socks each month. However, what potentially sets the company apart is that they match your order, donating two pairs on your behalf each month.

The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with each order. The socks are 70 percent combed cotton, 28 percent nylon, and two percent spandex. My Society Socks ships for free across the world.

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Sock Work

sock work

Cost: $14 per month

United States veterans are the founding force behind Sock Work. The company donates a portion of its earnings each month to veteran charities, choosing a different charity each month. When ordering, members can choose the style of sock they wish to receive and the frequency in which they’d like to receive the socks.

You’ll receive two pairs per month. You can also add other items to their order, such as Athletic socks for an additional $15 or a couple of boxer briefs for $24.

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stance socks

Cost: $19 per month

Stance provides both socks and underwear to men. The company knows that you may not need to order these products every month, which is why they seek to make it easy for you to cancel or skip a shipment. Furthermore, the company stresses personalization in its sock orders.

Stance will attempt to craft an order that fits your style. However, if you are not satisfied with what the company’s come up with for you, you can choose the shipment that you’d prefer. The company provides free shipping on all of its orders.


sox box

Cost: $10 per month

The SOX BOX stresses customization, allowing customers to provide personal preferences. Subscribers can choose from socks ranging from fashion and dress to athletic and basic. The company releases a new style of sock each month, guaranteeing that no two designs are ever alike.

You can pause the subscription at any time, resuming when it’s most convenient. There are no contracts, and you can cancel whenever they’d like. While one pair of socks costs $10 per month, members can order four pairs for $30, providing a significant discount. SOX BOX offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

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bryt socks

Cost: £6 per month

 If you live in the United Kingdom, you may want to check out Bryt for your sock subscription service. The socks feature no-rub seams and use 80 percent combed cotton. The company also stresses sustainability, using 100 percent green packaging in all of its shipments.

Bryt offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with one of your deliveries, let the company know, and they’ll send you a new pair the following month. Customers receive one pair of socks each month and ship worldwide.

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Next Sock

next sock

Cost: $11 per month

Next Sock provides a pair of “epic, random, and awesome” socks to men each month to help them find their “inner crazy sock love.”

Larger subscriptions come along with a slightly discounted rate, which is great if you go through a ton of socks.

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Bamboo Sock of the Month Subscription

bamboo supply co sock of the month
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Cost: $14 per month

The "Sock of the Month" subscription from Bamboo Supply Co provides you with two pairs of socks per month.

The company routinely mixes and matches the socks in its shipments. For instance, you may receive a standard black dress sock along with a pair of designer socks with flare. The socks are 85 percent viscose from bamboo and 15 percent polyester.

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Spiffy Socks

spiffy socks club

Cost: $11.25 per month

Spiffy Socks says that its goal is to create socks that are not only stylish, but hygienic and sustainable as well.

The company uses bamboo fiber in their product, which they say is twice as soft as cotton and comes with natural antibacterial properties.

Subscription boxes ship for free in the United States. Customers receive one pair with each order.

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The days of having to deal with holes in your socks are long gone!

With a sock subscription box, you’ll receive new socks by mail at your doorstep for an affordable price each month.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our review of the best sock subscriptions and hope that you found a monthly sock club to keep your feet happy and comfortable!

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