45 of the Best Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes for 2020

Finding your favorite snacks can be hard and expensive.  Not to mention, most of the snacks you find in local grocery stores are old, boring, and not very health-conscious.

The solution to this problem is simple: get your snacks by mail on a regular basis, customized exactly how you want them.

Best Snack Subscription Boxes

In this article, you’ll find the absolute best snack subscription boxes that make snacking simple, delicious, and exciting.

Best Snack Subscription Boxes

Stop settling for the same old snacks your grocery store has to offer.  Here is the list of the best snack subscription boxes that are guaranteed to suit your fancy:



Price:  $19.99 per month

About the box: Healthiest snack boxes make the best snack boxes.  Every month, UrthBox brings you a box full of healthy snacks and beverages with an emphasis on non-GMO, natural, and organic foods.  Each month’s delivery box is a surprise, making your snack box delivery something to look forward to.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending tons of money for tiny snacks.  Every snack from UrthBox is full-sized and comes from brands with trusted reputations.

The Keto Box

the keto box

Price: $40.00 per month.

About the Box: Trying to lose weight while being surrounded with unhealthy snack options can be extremely challenging.  With the Keto Box, you can remove every unhealthy food in your pantry and replace them with snacks that support your weight loss. 

Each month you’ll receive 8 to 11 new Keto snacks in the mail, along with a free 28 day meal plan and exclusive coupons.



Price: Starting price of $24.90

About the Box: Perfect for those who love staying in shape and working out, FitSnack monthly snack subscription box that will keep you healthy, motivated, and inspired.  Each month you’ll receive the healthiest snack selection from the best brands worldwide, along with fitness tools to supercharge your workouts and nutrition tips to keep you motivated and on track.

Not only do you receive special goodies when your box finds its way to your door, but also kids in need.  With every purchase, healthy snacks get donated to kids in need.

VeganCuts Snack Box

vegan cuts

Price:  $21.55 per box

About the Box: It can be hard to differentiate between what’s vegan and what’s not, especially since so many ingredients in what seems to be a simple food can be very unknown.  When you buy snacks from a source trusted to give you purely vegan products, you can’t go wrong.  VeganCuts is one of the best snack box subscriptions for vegans, ready to fill your pantry with snacks you -- and the environment -- will love.

Every month, VeganCuts sends you 10 or more snacks and beverages, from vegan cookies and chips to sodas and teas.



Price: $9.95 per month

About the Box: Ditch the same old snacks you’ve been stocking your shelves with for months.  MunchPak sends you the newest and most popular snacks from all over the world to bring you a new tasteful experience. 

If you’re a picky eater, you can customize your MunchPak by specifying what tastes you like and which ones you don’t.  Don’t worry though -- even when personalized, each box is still just as exciting, surprising, and diverse as the others.

From spicy to sweet, candy to chips, and gummy to sour, your box will include a wide variety of new handpicked snack selections every month.

Snack Smart, Do Good Club

snack smart do good club

Price: $7.99 per month

About the Box: When you subscribe to the Snack Smart, Do Good club from Love with Food, you’ll receive a selection of curated healthy snacks that gives back to those in need.  Each purchase you make is a contribution to fighting child hunger.

Every month you’ll receive a box full of healthy, organic, and all-natural snacks made with real ingredients and free of added chemicals.  If you’re gluten-free, this snack of the month club has a variety of options for you, too.



Price: $14.95 per month

About the Box: No matter what your health goals are, subscribing to NatureBox will help you achieve them.  Choose from a selection of gluten free, protein, fiber, Paleo, Keto, vegan, sugar free, non-GMO, low fat and sodium, and low-calorie snack options.

Simply tell NatureBox which types of snacks you’re interested in and they’ll ship them to your door.  If you’re trying to make your diet easier, discovering delicious and healthy snacks is a surefire way to keep you on track.



Price:  $23.50 per month

About the Box: If you love Japanese food, then Bokksu is the best monthly snack box for you.  Discover new tastes of Japan with every delivery, as each box contains 10-14 tasty new Japanese snacks for you to explore.

Not only will you be introduced to new snacks, but also teas and culture.  Each box comes with perfectly paired teas and a Tasting Guide that explains the culture, stories, and flavors behind every snack you receive.



Price: $14.99 per month

About the Box: Your snacks can stay healthy and delicious, even on the busy days.  Graze is a snack delivery service perfect for the home, office, and anywhere you go.

Graze makes sure the snacks you receive are healthy and wholesome while also being your favorites.  When you create your account, you get to pick your preference and tell Graze which kinds of snacks you like.  When you order your box, they simply tailor it according to your liking and deliver it to your door.

Plus, you’ll never get bored with the snacks you receive.  Graze is always looking for the newest, healthiest, and freshest snacks so you’re always refreshed and satisfied.

Japan Crate

japan crate

Price:  $22.50 per month

About the Box: Do you love Japanese food and culture? If so, then Japan Crate is the best treats subscription box for you.

Every month you’ll receive 10 new snacks and items deliciously delivered straight to your door -- it’s like the best of Japan packed into a box.  In your crate, you’ll find exclusive Japanese candies in large amounts, so you can enjoy your new Japanese snacks throughout the entire month.

Each box you receive is a surprise delivered straight to your door, making unboxing your new treats something extra special to look forward to.  Plus, something new is included every month, so you’ll never get bored with your shipments.

Candy Club

candy club

Price: $25.49 per month

About the Box: If you’re a candy lover, then this subscription box is perfect for you.  Whether you want a little or a lot, the Candy Club is ready to deliver 6 new tasty sweets to your door.  Simply choose your box, make your candy profile, and enjoy the snacks delivered to you.

To ensure you fall in love with every candy jar you receive, Candy Club allows you to replace the candies you don’t like with new ones, free of charge.

Snack Crate

snack crate

Price: $24.70 per month

About the Box: What makes Snack Crate unique? Subscribing to this subscription box is completely risk-free, as your first box is a starter crate for just $1. 

Each month is a new theme featuring a new country, so you’ll experience tastes from around the world on a regular basis.  If you’ve ever gotten tired of what your pantry shelves have to offer, then Snack Crate is the best snack box subscription to fix it.

The starter box comes with 5-6 full-sized snacks (half a pound) and ships for free.  Boxes that come after include 10-12 full-sized snacks (one pound) and free priority shipping.


insta candy

Price:  $24.99 per month

About the Box: Everyone loves a sweet treat.  Whether it’s sweet, sour, or chocolate candies you crave, InstaCandy has them all.  Each box includes candies that are both unique and familiar and ships for free in the United States.

Every month you’ll receive a box full of sweets, sours, and chocolates.  A few highlighted items from past boxes include Utah truffles, sour fruit balls, butterfly gummies, Japanese candy, tropical mambas, abba zabba, and much more.



Price:  $16.00 per box

About the Box: Taste and explore new authentic Japanese treats each month with a subscription to Snakku. Whether you want to receive a few snacks with each box or a lot, Snakku allows you to customize your box and shipments just the way you like.

In each tasting box comes 5-7 snacks curated by experts and perfect for the season, along with a high-quality snack description card. 

In other monthly subscription boxes comes an astounding 20-25 snacks that have come straight from local snack makers in Japan and have been around for centuries.  Additionally, each box is wrapped in washi furoshiki that can easily be reused.



Price:  $22.50 per month

About the Box: TokyoTreat doesn’t just include candy and sweets.  Every box you receive is filled with popular Japanese snacks that have come straight out of Japan and onto your doorstep.  Inside each box treats such as anime snacks, drinks, dagashi, kinosei snacks, and even DIY kits.  It’s like unwrapping a new part of Japan every month.

You’re guaranteed only the best Japanese snacks, as TokyoTreat only includes the best, most loved, and most delicious options.  You’ll never leave a snacking session feeling unsatisfied.

Taste Trunk

taste trunk

Price:  $180.00 per trunk

About the Box: Are you looking for the perfect gift basket? With Taste Trunk, you can choose from subscription boxes that feature gourmet, sweets, and BBQ snacks for whatever your recipient is hungry for.

Each box includes 4-5 items that have been chosen from all-time favorite brands.  Every food complements each other perfectly while also giving a great variety.

Finally, top off your perfect gift with a greeting card and customized special message to be delivered along with the box.

Bear Naked Custom

bear naked

Price: $12.99

About the Box: Perfect for granola lovers, Bear Naked allows you to create your own granola using over 50 different ingredients inspired by chefs.  Simply blend them together with their special IBM Chef Watson and then voila, you’ve created your dream granola.

The process of making your own granola has never been so simple.  Choose from their 3 granola options, select your favorite ingredients to perfectly match the taste, and finally customize your selections to get your very own granola delivered straight to your door.

Plus, every ingredient is 100% Non-GMO Project Verified.

Jerky Snob

jerky snob

Price: $15.00 per month

About the Box: If you’re a jerky lover, you’ll love Jerky Snob.  With each order, you’ll receive 2 bags of jerky (half a pound) on a monthly basis.  Plus, you won’t ever get tired of your jerky deliveries, as each month features a new flavor from a different jerky brand.  In addition, every bag of jerky you receive has no MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or high fructose corn syrup.

The jerky from Jerky Snob is made with only the best quality ingredients, so you end your snacking session satisfied and fulfilled.


try treats

Price:  $13.95 per month

About the Box: Taste and discover the entire world with snacks delivered to you from every continent.  Every month your subscription box includes snacks handpicked by Treats from all over the world.  With each shipment comes 5-10 snacks from a different country, and features treats such as cookies, crackers, chocolates, candies, chips, and more.

Raw Box

raw box

Price: $39.95 per box

About the Box: Finding healthy snacks and products can be hard.  Raw Box features healthy items from all over the world, including superfood snacks, non-toxic beauty products, and home items friendly to the environment.  Free of gluten, wheat, soy, and refined sugar, each snack you receive in your monthly box supports a healthy and plant-based lifestyle so you can be the best version of you at all times.

Not only will you receive healthy snacks and products, but a lot of them.  Each box includes 10-12 products curated by Raw Box from around the globe.

Jackie's Chocolate

jackies chocolate

Price:  $14.95 per month

About the Box: Do you love chocolate? If so, Jackie’s Chocolate has everything you need to satisfy your cravings.  Truffles, bonbons, artisan chocolates -- you name it, you got it.

With each box you receive, you’ll be introduced to new chocolates such as creamy truffles, chewy caramels, and nuts that have been coated in milk, dark, and white chocolate.


snack fever

Price:  $20.00 per month

About the Box: If you’re into Korean culture, then SnackFever has you covered.  Each box you receive introduces you to the best, most popular, most loved, and most delicious Korean snacks you’ll ever find.  Although it’s delivered straight to your door every month, it tastes like you just took a stroll through a South Korean market.

Every box is filled to the top.  With each delivery, you’ll receive 10-13 (or even more) Korean snacks in their full sizes, plus ramen, chocolates, jellies, chips, coffees, candies, and more.

Bon Appetit Box

bon appetit box

Price: $70.00 per month

About the Box: If you love France, then Bon Appetit Box is the best snack subscription box for you.  Every food item included is curated and selected by French gourmet food experts and comes straight from France.  With Bon Appetit Box, you can experience the wonders of France from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Each box includes 7-8 delicious gourmet French foods.

You’re bound to love every box, as you can customize, personalize, and mix and match every order to ensure your French experience is one you’ll never forget.

Sumo Jerky

sumo jerkey

Price:  $13.70 per month

About the Box: Do you love jerky, but not all of the unhealthy preservatives it brings? If so, then SumoJerky is the right option for you.  Every piece of jerky they bring you contains minimal preservatives and less than 5g of sugar, but an artisan taste just as good as any other jerky -- or even better.  

With SumoJerky, you’ll get the opportunity to taste the world’s best jerky, as each month surprise flavors are delivered to your door that have been handpicked by other jerky lovers.

Mystery Chocolate Box

mystery chocolate box

Price: $56.95 per month

About the Box: Perfect for lovers of all things chocolate, the Mystery Chocolate Box sends you 3 surprise and delicious chocolate bars each month, along with a fun game to play.  But you’re not the only one receiving goodies -- when you subscribe to the Mystery Chocolate Box, 2 meals get donated to charity with every order.

Num-Nums Munch Box


Price: $8.99 per month

About the Box: If you have allergies or are on a restrictive diet, then Num-Nums Munch Box is the right choice for you.  Each month, they curate the best allergy conscious snacks that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. 

Boxes include snacks that are safe for people with allergies to dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, gluten, and top 8.  Snacks are also vegan.

K-Snack Box


Price: $17.99 per month

About the Box: With the Regular K-Snack Box, you’ll receive 5-8 new Korean surprises every month, from chips, to candy, to coke.  If that’s not enough for you, the Premium K-Snack Box includes 12-16 unique Korean goodies each month plus a non-edible surprise bonus item.

Subscribing to K-Snack Box requires no commitment.  Receiving your boxes will be something you absolutely enjoy, but if you ever want to stop your monthly deliveries, you can easily do so any time.

Freedom Japanese Market

freedom japanese market

Price:  $12.99 per month

About the Box: The perfect subscription box for Japanese food lovers, Freedom Japanese Market includes the best, curated, and handpicked snacks in every deliver you receive.  The snacks you find in your box aren’t the same old Japanese goodies you can get at the supermarket -- every box is shipped straight from Japan and even includes limited edition snacks that can only be found in Japan.

Each box is filled to the top with 12 to 16 Japanese snacks in their full sizes.  With this subscription box, you’ll be snacking like you’re in Japan throughout the month until your next surprise delivery.

Universal Yums

universal yums

Price:  $15.00 per month

About the Box: Depending on which box you order, you’ll receive anywhere from 6 to 20 delicious and unique snacks from Universal Yums every month, plus a variety of bonus items.  Not only will you taste the cultures of different countries, but you’ll also learn about them.  Each box includes a fun 8+ page booklet that explains the culture, customs, and foods of the country featured in your box.

Every box is a surprise until the moment you open it, as no one knows what country they’ll receive at their doorstep.  From munchy snacks to sweet candies, you’ll be looking forward to every shipment.

Snacks by Try the World

try the world snacks

Price:  $15.00 per box

About the Box: Do you love foods that are foreign but also all-natural? If so, then Snacks by Try the World is guaranteed to suit your fancy.  Each box features 6 new snacks from 6 different countries around the globe that are not only tasty and unique, but also all-natural and artisanal. 

Unlike many snack boxes, Snacks by Try the World doesn’t focus on only the big producers.  Instead, they hunt for small scale producers who value culinary traditions to ensure you get only the best products with each delivery.

Keto Krate


Price:  $39.99 per month

About the Box: Make dieting easier with a snack subscription box who will make your Keto meal plan a bit tastier.  With each delivery, Keto Krate includes up to 9 delicious diet friendly snacks plus $20 (or more) worth of coupon savings.  And if for some reason you want to stop receiving your monthly crates, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

When you subscribe to Keto Krate, you’ll receive the best, healthiest, and most delicious Keto snacks from around the world that make sticking to your diet easier.

Carnivore Club

carnivore club

Price:  $24.99 per month

About the Box: Do you love meat? If so, you can stock your snack collection with 4-6 premium and delicious meat snacks on a monthly basis.  Whether you like jerky, meat sticks, pepperettes, or biltong, the Carnivore Club has it all.  If you’re tired of the same meat options your local grocery stores give you, then this is the perfect subscription snack box for you.

Every month, Carnivore Club does their best to bring to your pantry high-quality meat snacks that you can’t find down the street.

Something Snacks

something snacks

Price:  $13.00 per month

About the Box: Whether you like to try new and different snacks, or you prefer the ones most familiar and dear to you, Something Snacks creates the perfect variety.  Get familiar and adventurous goodies delivered straight to your door each month that makes snacking both fun and tasty. 

Each box contains 7 new snacks and features goodies that are salty, sweet, foreign, and healthy.  Plus, each month has a new fun theme to keep you enjoying every delivery.


grub box

Price: $24.00 per month

About the Box: If you love experimenting with new foods, then GrubBox allows you to do so with every box they send you.  Each month bring up to 20 exotic and international foods to your pantry that come from all over the world.  Whether you’re feeding just yourself or a group of others, GrubBox provides you with enough full-sized packages that everyone can enjoy.

From candy to chips, every snack you receive will be a new surprise, so you’ll never get tired of your monthly deliveries.

Macarons Subscription Box


Price: $19.90 per month

About the Box: The perfect box for macaron lovers, the Macarons Subscription Box gives subscribers 12 macarons (6 of each flavor) each month that aren’t just delicious, but also gluten and dairy free.  Macarons have never been so tasty yet simple, as the only ingredients are almonds, sugar, egg whites, and food coloring. 

If you know someone who loves macarons, then this box makes the perfect gift.  You can have the box wrapped and a gift note included when checking out your order.


snack nation

Price:  $9.99 per month

About the Box: If you love snacks but aren’t a huge fan of all the unhealthy ingredients inside of them, then SnackNation is the solution to your problem.  Each box has been expertly curated by the team’s Snack Scientists, so you get the best tasting and healthiest snacks available. 

If you would rather create your own box than shop the ones already made, you can easily do so.  SnackNation allows you to select your favorite snacks in order to build your own snack box.



Price:  $49.95 per month

About the Box: Do you love beauty, books, and films? The Boxwalla offers subscription boxes for all 3 interests.  You can either choose one, choose all three, or choose one and then change it up the next time.  Every two months, your subscription box will be shipped to your door with wonderful surprises that enrich your favorite hobbies and inspire you to further explore your interests.

Not only will you receive a fabulous box full of wonderful goodies, but also access to discussions with others who are trying the same one.



Price: $22.75 per month

About the Box: Get all things Japan from this best Japanese snack subscription box that you’ll always enjoy.  Zenpop allows you to choose from a variety of snack and Japanese boxes, such as Sweets pack, Ramen & Sweets Mix pack, Ramen pack, or Japanese stationery. 

Every box is filled with the most authentic Japanese items and sent to your home straight from Osaka, Japan.  Whether you want to receive your items every month or just once, Zenpop allows you to either subscribe (which saves you money) or pay per box.

Destination Food Club by Yummy Bazaar


Price: $9.95 per month

About the Box: Whether you’re looking for gourmet food you’re already familiar with or international foods you can’t wait to try, the Destination Food Club by Yummy Bazaar has subscription boxes for all lovers of food.  Choose between their “Full Experience Gourmet” boxes and “World Sampler” boxes to stock your kitchen with goodies you love every month.

With full experience gourmet boxes, you’ll receive 6-8 full-sized and authentic gourmet items.  If you’re having trouble with your subscription or have a question, your order comes with 24 hour support and a 1800 number to call for help.

When you order their “Monthly World Sampler” boxes, you’ll get 5-6 authentic foods from 2-3 different countries, along with the same support system you get with the gourmet edition.

Japan Candy Box


Price:  $19.90 per month

About the Box: If you’ve been wanting to experience Japan, then this subscription box allows you to do so from the comfort of your home.  Every box is carefully curated for the best snacks and candies and includes goodies found exclusively in Japan.

Treat yourself to the best tastes of Tokyo with 10 fun and exclusive foods that will quickly become your favorites.


snack sack

Price: $73.00 per month

About the Box: Choose from the best vegan, non-GMO, organic, fair-trade and gluten free snacks to have them delivered straight to your door every month.  SnackSnack makes healthy eating possible, fun, and delicious, and sticking to your diet has never been easier.

Each box is packed with 12 organic snacks you and everyone you share them with will love, as SnackSnack has high standards for every brand they include in their boxes.

Healthy Surprise

healthy surprise

Price: $42.49 per month

About the Box: No matter what diet you’re on, snacks from Healthy Surprise make healthy eating absolutely delicious, simple, and safe.  Every box is filled with tasty snacks that are natural, gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, corn free, and wheat free.  Plus, every goodie included has been made in the United States.

If you’re on a specific diet such as Paleo, Healthy Surprise has the perfect options for you as well.  To be more specific about which snacks are included in your monthly boxes, subscribe to their Paleo box.

Nourish Snacks

nourish snacks

Price: $19.02 per month

About the Box: Whether you like sweet chocolates, granola, or anything crispy, Nourish Snacks has a variety of snacking solutions for you.  Shop their huge selection of granola bites and popped ancient grain crisps for flavors you love and textures you savor.

Every box is filled with snacks made of purposeful ingredients.  Nourish Snacks values the taste and nutrition of every snack with an equal balance.

Heat Seeker

heat seeker

Price:  $27.95 per month

About the Box: If you love spicy foods, then look no further.  Heat Seeker brings the best out of spicy and delivers it straight to your door.  Choose between their Capsaicin Cookout Box and their Sweet Heat Box to make every delivery something you look forward to.

Whether you want a quick treat or the perfect way to level up the spicy in your cooking, Heat Seeker is the perfect choice.



Price:  $4.99 per serving

About the Box: Healthy eating and cooking can be simple, fast, and easy when you have the best quality ingredients to make the best quality meals.  With GreenBlender, you get to choose from 5-11 recipes that are easy to follow and include clear nutritional and health benefits.

Each ingredient is farm fresh and comes from trustworthy farms so you can know everything you get is purely organic.

Plus, no more having to hunt through the grocery stores for ingredients that seem impossible to find.  GreenBlender sends you rare ingredients such as chia, hempseed, matcha, maqui, lucuma, and much more.

Finding the perfect snacks doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  Ditch the boring ones and replace them with the best snack subscription boxes for you.

Thanks for reading the article all the way through, and we hope you found what you needed!

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