21 Best Pet Subscription Boxes (Toys, Treats, & Fun Delivered Monthly)

Are you one of those people who can’t help but pull out their wallet at the pet store? You love to spoil your furry, feathered and slithery friends, and it’s hard to pass up colorful pet toys or tasty treats. Plus, you have to buy the basics. The average American spends about $130 on his or her pet every month.

You can save money, avoid that extravagant trip to the store and get plenty of goodies to give your little darling by purchasing subscription boxes for pets. The best pet subscription boxes are targeted to a specific animal. (What good are puppy toys if you have a hutch full of rabbits?) Whether you have a horse, bird, fish, rabbit or gerbil, you can pamper it with products like snacks, toys and hygiene products at deeply discounted prices.

best pet subscription boxes

Best Pet Subscription Boxes

Don’t hassle with searching for one-of-a-kind items or shelling out lots of hard-earned money for unique items for your pet. Instead, support small businesses and check out these best pet subscription boxes with a regular delivery of loads of surprises.

Dog Subscription Boxes

Sometimes, dogs are like kids; they prefer the snacks that other dogs have to the ones that you offer. With all of the stuff that you get in a dog subscription box, your pet will never be jealous of other canines’ treats and toys again.


The BarkBox staff is made up of crazy dog people who can vouch for the quality of their products. They curate themed boxes, which cater to your sense of humor and your dog’s instincts. You might get a retro Throwbark Thursday or Japanese-style Bento and Blossoms box. Even if your pup doesn’t recognize how adorable each theme is, he’ll love getting to toss around a couple of new toys and chomp on yummy goodies.

At a minimum, you’ll get two toys, two treats and a dog chew in each box. All of the edible goodies are all-natural and free of wheat, corn and soy. This company wants to make the world a better place for dogs and gives to charities that support canines.

Pet Treater

pet treater delivery

Pet Treater sends out monthly boxes for dogs or cats. Choose the type of pet, and then indicate the size of your pooch. The cat box is the same size whether your feline looks more like Garfield or Felix the Cat.

Do you have a dog and a cat? You can get one box for both. Pet Treater offers combination boxes.

Items range from edible goodies to toys. You might also get accessories geared toward pet care, like leashes or brushes, or products that humans love, like water bottles and backpacks. The snacks are never sourced from China; they’re usually made in the U.S. or Canada. The company also donates one item to a pet shelter for every box that’s shipped out.

Bullymake Box

bullymake box delivery

Have you ever come home to find that your rug, furniture or even curtains have been chewed up? If your dog likes to gnaw on everything in sight and decimates regular toys within seconds, you need to step things up a notch.

Tell Bullymake about your pet’s weight, allergies and toy preferences, and you’ll get a customized box every 30 days that’s loaded with the toughest dog toys even for heavy chewers. You get five or six items that may include a treat dispenser, a textured chew, a unique tug toy or something to eat. If you don’t want edibles, you can choose a toy-only box to get four toys and no snacks each month. The toys are designed to last at least one month.

The company guarantees that you and Fido will love the products. If you don’t, they’ll send you something different for free.


Not much makes a dog owner happier than a joyful pup, and nothing makes pups more delighted than an indulgence. PupJoy is all about making this happen.

You can choose from a PupJoy or Power Chewer box. You can customize each package by answering questions about whether: you want treats, chews, or toys; you prefer all-natural, organic, grain-free or protein sensitive snacks; your dog likes plush or other toys; you want a box that contains five or ten toys. You can also gear each box to the size of your dog and select a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery.

You’ll save about 50 percent of the retail price for each item. Plus, PupJoy makes humans happy with their loyalty program. Purchases and renewals earn you cash back, you get credits for referring friends, and subscribers get free shipping on single items that they purchase through the online boutique.


pooch perks box contents

If you’re a stickler about what you buy for your four-legged friend, you might want to try PoochPerks. The boxes contain at least three snacks and two or three toys. You can also customize what you get by choosing a pet toy box as well as treat-only and sample boxes.

This company offers some of the most customizable options for monthly pet subscription boxes. In addition to the various package selections, you can choose monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly shipments. You can also tailor your box to include all-natural or grain-free foods, durable or regular toys or an extra premium toy. The pricing tiers are also more wide-ranging than some of the other best pet subscription boxes.


pawpack subscription box
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The PawPack box is offered by The Gift Box, a company that also sells subscription boxes for moms and cats. The PawPack is specific for dogs, though.

The snacks are always natural and made from nutritious, whole-food ingredients. The toys are durable and selected to withstand the jaws of power chewers.

After you fill out your pet’s profile, you’ll select your pricing options. Then, you’ll receive a box in the mail every month. The company doesn’t tell you what you’re getting, but that just adds to the surprise. They also offer free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee.

Surprise My Pet

surprise my pet monthly box

Although there are plenty of cat-only families out there, we understand that many households have cats and dogs. So does the company that makes this subscription box for pets. When you join their family, you choose whether you have one or more cats or own a dog. You’ll have to select separate plans for cats and dogs.

Surprise My Pet sends out boxes once a month. Each one contains five to seven things designed for your pet’s type. If you have a dog, you’ll get appropriate items for its size. Products include accessories, toys and things to eat.

You’ll save up to 40 percent off retail pricing. But the best part might be that you and your pets join the family. This company is devoted to showing its clients love and maintaining a small-biz feel. They add personal touches to every box, such as hand-written notes or photos of their furry customers. They also donate to charities that are nominated by their subscribers.

Want more options for your favorite dog? Click here to see all of our favorite dog subscription boxes.

Cat Subscription Boxes

Cats are curious, and they’re also known to be finicky. Instead of letting your fancy feline get bored, cater to her whims by ordering playthings and nibbles in a cat subscription box.


catladybox subscription

As much as you resist the label, face it—you’re a cat lady.  If you agree, you may be thrilled by the CatLadyBox, which includes as many fun gifts for you as your cat. The company claims that they’re trying to redefine the way people think of crazy cat ladies, and they do so by offering cat-themed items that are made by small businesses and artists.

You could get cat-themed pillows, t-shirts, art, accessories and other home-décor or apparel items. The basic CatLadyBox contains three gifts just for you. Choose the Crazy CatLadyBox to get those goodies plus two more for your kitty.

The CatLadyBox team makes an effort to scour the marketplace for one-of-a-kind items that you can’t find anywhere else. They send out boxes once a month. This is the best pet subscription box to collect items to give as gifts or just show how much you love your cat.


kitnipbox subscription

Dogs need not subscribe to KitNipBox. This one is for felines only. Boxes are shipped monthly.

The packaging is loaded with wholesome and healthy cat products, including toys and munchies. If your cat is like most KitNipBox customers, it will also love the box, as evidenced by the photos on the company’s website that show kitties snuggling in the cardboard containers that hold everything.

The Happy Cat box contains five items that are ideal for a single pet. If you have a house full of cats or just want to show your fella some extra love, get the Multi-Cat box, which includes seven products.

Items range from hygiene accessories to innovative gadgets and nutritious snacks. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, you can choose a box of toys that doesn’t contain any food. None of the edible items are made in China, and the company strives to select the highest quality merchandise.


whisker box monthly delivery

WhiskerBox is the best monthly pet box that’s curated by the cats themselves. How do they manage that? They test every product on real felines to make sure that they get paws of approval. They call this the “pawpick process.”

Some of the items are handmade, including the adorable cat couture that comes in many of the boxes. Haven’t you always wanted to dress your cat in a trench coat? WhiskerBox thought so.

You’ll get a combination of luxury and essential items, like packages of nibbles and stimulating toys. The food items are as healthy as possible; WhiskerBox strives to source items locally and provide edibles that are all-natural or organic whenever possible.

The toys are designed to help cats hone their natural instincts and give you a chance to bond with them. You know that you love to coddle your fur baby. This box provides you with those specialty items that you can’t find anywhere else. Your cat will get to express his style and rule the roost.

Horse Subscription Boxes

A serious equestrian knows that taking care of a horse requires a great deal of time and effort. The best pet subscription boxes aren’t limited to dogs and cats; they offer convenient versatility for pleasing both you and your steed.


saddle box horse subscription

You don’t have to leave the stable to grab goodies, accessories and grooming items for your pony. SaddleBox delivers it to you every month. Your first box ships on the same day of your first order. Subsequent boxes are mailed out on the 15th of every month.

There is a lot of variety in each box. You might get gourmet goodies that are made in the U.S. and look delicious enough for humans to eat. You could also get shampoo and other tools to spruce up your horse’s style.

SaddleBox often includes products that are fun for you too. You may find books, equipment and apparel in your package. These pet boxes are the perfect blend of decadence and practicality for horse lovers.

The Stable Box

the stable box equestrian subscription service

It used to be that one of the only products you could get via subscription was a magazine. The Stable Box offers that and more.

The service provides at least five or six full-sized products for horses and riders every month. In addition to these items, you’ll get a current issue of Horse and Rider Magazine. 

The gear that the company offers is mostly what you’d expect. You’ll get goodies for your horse to eat, gear and grooming items. The amusement is in the treasures, such as argyle socks, mugs and horse-themed home décor items. After all, your horse isn’t paying for these boxes; you should get things that make you happy too.

The upside is that each package is worth approximately $100, but you pay about half. The downside is that the company is based in the UK, and the shipping could be costly depending on where you live.

A Horse Box

a horse box delivery

A Horse Box is the original equestrian subscription service, which makes it one of the best pet subscription boxes. Like the other horse boxes, this one contains treats, grooming products and gear.

When you buy the Horse Box, you’ll get four to six products worth up to $100 at a much lower price point every month. If you have more than one horse or want more products, choose the Barn Box to get five to seven full-sized items monthly.

We all know what it’s like to develop a consistent routine. You and your horse know what you like. Shopping for new brands can be daunting because you never know if the products will work for you.

A Horse Box gives you a chance to try out niche equestrian products and newcomers to the scene. It’s a luxury that you don’t always allow yourself. You’ll discover innovative items that are useful, and you’ll get that little jolt of excitement that comes with receiving a gift in the mail every 30 days or so.

Bird Subscription Boxes

Bird people might be as eccentric as cat ladies are crazy. You love treating your feathered friend, and the carefully selected products in these subscription boxes will keep your bird’s cage outfitted and your pet healthy.

Squawk Box

squawk box sample delivery

Think of Squawk Box as a monthly care package. It’s almost as fun to open as cookies from your Grandma, except it won’t add to your waistline. You’ll get four to six products, including toys that are designed for birds, healthy snacks for your pet and accessories.

Every bird is different, and learning what pleases yours can be a process. Paying full price for toys at the store can leave you with an empty wallet. Using a subscription service will leave you with foot toys, chew toys and things to nibble on. Test them out on your birds to find out what they really like.

When you sign up, you’ll select your bird’s size. This will ensure that you get the right products for your pet.


parrot box unboxing

ParrotBox has an online store where you can buy single items. To make things easier for bird parents, the company has rolled out a monthly subscription box that’s chock full of toys, snacks and accessories.

Choose a box for a small or large bird to get the most from your subscription. It will arrive full of playthings to hang in the cage, perches and goodies for your bird to eat. You can get a one-time gift box or a monthly shipment that will surprise you about every 30 days.


chirp joy monthly delivery

Do you have a single bird or a whole flock? ChirpJoy was developed to take care of your needs regardless. You’ll get at least four toys, accessories and nibbles. You can order a monthly subscription, one-time box or single items.

Playtime is almost as important as nutrition for birds. ChirpJoy has created curated collections of accessories that keep your bird’s brain as healthy as its figure. This doesn’t just improve your bird’s intelligence; it enhances its confidence and satisfies its curiosity.

When you go to the store, you probably choose toys that you know your pet will like or that catch your eye. As humans, we rarely go the extra mile to select random products with a variety of colors and textures, which is what your bird really needs. ChirpJoy takes care of this for you.

The company also tries to use natural, renewable materials whenever possible. They’ll stay away from plastics when they can and make sure that everything they send is bird-safe. Even the packaging is designed to give your bird something to explore and shred.

Rabbit Subscription Boxes

Part of the fun of having a rabbit includes keeping the hutch equipped with everything that the bunny needs to satisfy its chewing, playing and privacy needs. Even though rabbits are less demanding than puppies, it’s fun to buy them things just to see how happy they are to nibble at it.

Happy Bunny Club

happy bunny club subscription example

Bunnies need to bond with their owners. What better way is there to encourage that connection than to shower your pet with fun stuff? When you order a Happy Bunny Club box, you’ll get two snacks, two toys and an unexpected gift or two.

But it doesn’t stop there—the packaging is also perfect for your bunny. The cardboard contains non-toxic ink, and your pet can shred it to its heart’s content. Inside the package, everything is tucked into an ample amount of hay.

Although it was developed by rabbit-lovers, this is one of the best pet subscription boxes for small pets. The products have been guaranteed to be safe for rabbits and guinea pigs, in fact. If you have another type of small animal, it’s up to you to determine whether this box is appropriate.

Only products that are free of corn, dairy, egg and seeds are included in this subscription service. The products are hand-packaged, and the company includes a list of ingredients so that you can easily tell if your rabbit isn’t going to like something.

Bunnies That Lunch

bunnies that lunch monthly subscription

Bunnies That Lunch carefully selects toys and snacks that are mailed monthly. It’s easy to join this subscription service because you can choose from three and six-month packages to reduce the cost. You can even pay with PayPal.

Each box is loaded with six to eight products. Open it up with your bunny in your lap to check out the new items every month. Rabbits gnaw through things quickly, and a box will keep you stocked up without having to run to the store to replace your pet’s favorite toys.


binx box for pet rabbits

BinxBox contains toys that will keep your rabbit entertained and provide items to gnaw on as well as supplies for its home. The company guarantees that everything is safe for your bunny because all of the items are well-researched and quality-tested. In other words, they do all the testing so that you can simply play with your bunny when the box arrives.

You’ll get a delivery every two months. Each box contains a pouch of dried fruit or baked goods, a pouch of herbs and three or four accessories, chews or toys. Use the fruit or baked goods as special treats to reward your pet after a long day or during training. The herbs can be sprinkled on hay to add flavor without ramping up the calorie count.

The toys are made from materials that are safe for small pets and designed to keep curious rabbits happy. They may be appropriate for guinea pigs, rodents, chinchillas and tortoises. The company recommends that you research what’s safe if you decide to use the box for a different type of pet.

The multi-purpose packaging includes a non-toxic cardboard box that bunnies can chew on. Of course, they can also use it as a comfy sleeping spot.

Fish & Aquarium Subscription Boxes

Don’t get bored with your aquarium. Enjoy it all over again, learn more about your fish and develop your hobby with a fish and aquarium subscription box.

My Aquarium Box

my aquarium box subscription example
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Get a monthly box that’s packed with aquarium products, such as food, gadgets and décor. When you subscribe, you’ll select the type of aquarium you have. Items are customized to match your needs.

The company also confirms that it uses reputable, quality items. They claim that they wouldn’t include anything that they wouldn’t use for their own fish. It’s nice to know that My Aquarium Box is run by a team that understands fish people.

Gerbil & Hamster Subscription Boxes

Gerbils and hamsters love to explore. Imagine how much fun they’ll have with a mystery box that they get to rummage through every month.

Hamster Mail

hamstermail subscription box

Your hamster or gerbil loves to run on its wheel, but it needs more entertainment than that. If you’ve ever seen your rodent chew on its wheel, it’s bored. Hamster Mail to the rescue.

Every month, you’ll get at least two snacks and two toys mailed to your doorstep. Each box also contains a detailed list of what’s included and a personal message from the Hamster Mail staff.

Rodents’ incisors don’t have roots. They never stop growing. There will always be something included in the Hamster Mail box to keep your pet’s teeth in check. The company also takes care to provide healthy products with no added sugar, unlike many pet store goodies.

If you’re considering purchasing one of the best pet subscription boxes, look for deals for new customers. The company may offer a free trial or coupon that can get you started. Once you start receiving mystery boxes in the mail, you might get hooked.

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