16 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes (Fishing, Hiking, & Camping Gear)

Whether you’re fishing for the day or going all-out on an outdoor trip, there’s nothing better than having some of the latest and greatest gear with you to make your adventure even more enjoyable. We have put together a list of the best outdoor subscription boxes for anyone who wants to get the most out of being in nature!

Discovering supplies and apparel for your favorite pastime has never been easier or more fun. Outdoor subscription boxes typically contain items related to fishing, camping, hiking, and survival. They’re a great way to learn from industry experts, connect with other enthusiasts, and learn new skills. 

These types of monthly subscriptions often provide steep discounts in comparison with retail costs, which can potentially make your favorite hobby more affordable than ever.

best outdoor subscription box

Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes

Here are our top subscription box suggestions for anyone who loves cool hiking gear, recreational and backpacking supplies, fishing equipment, and fun surprises!


cairn obsidian spring 2018

A monthly adventure box that originated with a pair of college buddies turned naturalists; Cairn gives subscribers great deals on active lifestyle products. The subscription includes everything from emergency staples to adventurous apparel and equipment. 

Overall, this outdoor lifestyle and camping subscription box focuses on adrenaline-packed experiences that are kind to the earth. Some products are organic, and both food and skin care items concentrate on wholesome yet effective ingredients. After all, those who enjoy the outdoors also like tasty snacks and rejuvenating skin care.

Subscriptions are monthly, with the first box shipping within a couple of weeks of your order. After that, shipments arrive mid-month. However, there are also semi-annual and annual options, along with the upgraded Obsidian box, a quarterly-only offering with exclusive products.

While the monthly goodies are a priority, Cairn also offers subscribers rewards points and entry into monthly giveaways for big-ticket items.

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battlbox contents

BattlBox is a unique outdoorsman box that combines survivalist, tactical, and bug-out equipment in themed packages. The monthly subscriptions range from Basic to Pro Plus offerings, with each tier including lower-tier items plus adding extras.

You’ll receive between four and seven survival tools, equipment, and manuals, but the enjoyment doesn’t stop with your monthly delivery. BattlBox also hosts monthly giveaways for additional products and equipment, runs a podcast for members, and works with military veteran programs.

A highlight of the BattlBox is the KOTM (Knife of the Month) promotion, which is only part of the Pro Plus package. Subscribers receive a new tactical knife each month along with an assortment of products like tactical belts, backpacks, tents, watches, and hiking essentials.

Regardless of what subscription option you choose, deliveries are monthly and arrive around the 15th of each month. 

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Alpha Outpost

alpha outpost siesta box

Alpha Outpost is a cross between a monthly camping box and an outdoor box with items like utensils, camp equipment, paracords, flashlights, and food items. It’s the best outdoor subscription box for adventurers who enjoy a variety of physical pursuits.

Along with monthly unboxing videos, the company also offers training and history videos on topics that will help you become a more self-reliant outdoorsman.

Six or more items come in each box, but Alpha Outpost also runs monthly raffles for a rifle. And, with your first box, you can select from an array of boxes so you can try out products that fit you best.

A cost-effective highlight is opting to become an Alpha Outpost member- then, your first box is only $5. Plus, you’ll have access to past boxes at exclusive prices. Members also receive 10 percent discounts and other monthly perks.

Boxes ship on the 4th of every month and subscriptions are monthly or annual at one tier only.

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Mystery Tackle Box

Whatever level of fishing you enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Mystery Tackle Box. Their fishing tackle subscription boxes are available in four package options, plus you choose a preferred fish species, so your deliveries are more customized.

Boxes arrive monthly and contain a variety of fishing tackle, hooks, and tutorials to help you hone your fishing game. There’s even a Beginner’s Series box option if you’re new to fishing.

For reference, one sample box contained an information booklet, fishing tutorial, shallow-diving crankbait, rubber worms, a steel jighead, a spoon and spinner combo, and a shad bait.

While the tips and tricks are most helpful for novices, this fishing box subscription gets it right with diverse goods that come from premium brands. Plus, subscribers can earn discounts at Karl’s Bait & Tackle, which helps you get even more unique, quality gear.

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scoutbox items
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If you’re not just an outdoorsman but also a scout, then SCOUTbox might be the right fit. This box’s unique angle makes it a cross between a hiking box and an outdoor gear subscription box. 

Eagle and other scouts will receive monthly shipments of four to nine items that span outdoor gear, accessories, and trail snacks. Plus, every box centers around learning a specific skill, such as knot-tying, and includes items that pair with the theme.

You can expect your hiking subscription box to contain items like a first aid kit, paracord, a compass, freeze-dried foods, and more. Notable brands like Bio Lite and Seattle Sports partner with SCOUTbox and every box is related to a badge that scouts may already be working toward.

For now, the focus is on Eagle and other scouts, but SCOUTbox aims to release a box for girl scouts along with their proprietary ranking program, too. 

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Surf Shop Box

surf shop box apparel

If surfing is your sport, Surf Shop Box is the ideal adventure box subscription for you. Each shipment arrives quarterly and includes a curated selection of apparel for water sports and beach activities. 

For now, Surf Shop Box only ships out men’s styles, but apparel covers everything from button-down shirts to boardshorts, hats, sandals, and more. You can also pin down your style preferences, selecting Classic, Bold & Bright, or Mix of Classic and Bold & Bright.

A crew of workers curates your clothing selection, which can include brands like Billabong, Quicksilver, and Volcom, among others.

While apparel is the focus of this surf box, shipments can also contain extras and accessories. Accent items vary, however, while the clothing items are consistently selected to suit your style preference.

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Hiker Crate

hiker crate contents

In contrast with other outdoor monthly boxes, Hiker Crate zeroes in on products for hikers and backpackers. Every box contains two or three hiking gear items or tools, along with trail-friendly snacks. 

Each backpacking subscription box arrives toward the end of the month and generally includes items from various suppliers. Hiker Crate focuses on partnering with up-and-coming brands on the outdoors scene, but each box is curated by a hiker who wants subscribers to learn about new products and brands without putting in the extra effort.

You can expect contents such as hammocks, water bottles, emergency whistles, clothing, camping knives and tools, and snacks and meals. With so much variation regarding companies and curated items, you can expect something new each month no matter how long you subscribe. 

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Nomadik’s thrill-seeking adventure box subscription engages you with not only gear, tools, and food for your outdoors exploits, but also monthly Adventure Challenges that encourage online and real-world participation.

Your monthly delivery will arrive with three to six items well-suited to adventuring, travel hacks, and adventuring tips, plus branded discounts and an Adventure Challenge.

Past boxes have offered hydration bladders, snacks like Clif bars, utility knives, paracord, multi-use tools, and tons of other cool hiking gear. The signup survey helps Nomadik narrow down your subscription selection, ensuring that you receive items you’ll use and love.

Plus, complete the monthly Adventure Challenge, and you can win up to $100 in free equipment like waterproof speakers and other trail-friendly items. Each box arrives toward the end of the month, sometime after the 24th.

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Lucky Tackle Box

lucky tackle box july 2018

A fishing box subscription that caters to your preferences and prey species, Lucky Tackle Box might become your favorite fly fishing subscription box- or you may prefer trout, catfish, or inshore saltwater. Whatever you fish, this box has you covered- including a “multi-species” option. 

Boxes ship each month around mid-month and the lowest tier option includes five baits, a monthly magazine, stickers and coupons, and other small additional items. Once you subscribe, you can also shop in the online store, which carries fishing gear, accessories, and apparel.

Lucky Tackle Box focuses on specializing your shipment to suit your fishing preferences, a vital commitment of the company toward staying relevant for each subscriber. If you want a customizable box full of gear you can use while fishing locally, Lucky Tackle Box might be the perfect fit. 

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Crate Club

crate club unboxing

For special ops-level tactical gear, Crate Club caters to a unique niche of subscribers. Each monthly box includes tactical products selected by Special Ops vets, which means you can expect only the highest quality and most relevant items.

Among the crate’s contents are survival equipment, field manuals, supplies, and military-style accessories. Items are USA-made, and your box will arrive at the beginning of each month.

Since the owners are US Armed Forces veterans, there’s a commitment to delivering authentic and functional subscriptions that meet the needs of tactical outdoorsmen.

Typical items in Crate Club include:

  • Firearm Accessories
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Knives
  • Utility Belts
  • & more! 

There are four subscription tiers that offer increasing quality and value, although top-tier packages are more expensive. 

And if you need to make changes to your subscription on the go, Crate Club also provides an app that’s available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Barrel & Blade

barrel and blade box contents

Two subscription levels take Barrel & Blade’s outdoor monthly box to the next level- each features hunting, marksmanship, survival, and other tactical equipment and products. Shipments occur monthly right around the 1st. 

Whether you’re preparing for emergencies or wanting to protect yourself in the wilderness, Barrel & Blade offers “elite” equipment and accessories to meet the need. Products in past boxes range from camo apparel to weaponry, firearm cleaning tools, flashlights, targets, and more.

The higher level (Barrel & Blade offers two) package includes additional exclusive items that may be higher quality as well. You can also opt to purchase past boxes via Barrel & Blade’s online store.

And while the intent is to prepare you for emergencies and survival situations, the products also apply to hunting and other outdoor activities, too.

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Isle Box

isle box contents

When your Isle Box arrives toward the end of the month, you can expect at least one high-value outdoor tool, clothing item, or hiking equipment. For both adventurers and nature enthusiasts, Isle Box delivers useful tools, healthy and easy trail snacks, and cool accessories.

You can choose either a monthly or seasonal subscription, but regardless, the items you receive will correspond with the season your region is currently experiencing. For example, in winter, you can expect cold weather apparel and other products.

Plus, you won’t see repeat items, since Isle Box’s team makes sure to inventory each box and avoid duplicates. Beyond subscription options, you can also buy one-time boxes just to check it out or obtain specific items. 

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Warriors Tackle Supply

warriors tackle supply box contents

With a reputation as the best outdoor subscription box for serious anglers, Warriors Tackle Supply covers every fishing need you could have. Monthly packages include hand-curated tackle, bait, and other fishing accessories. 

You can expect to see both big name brands as well as up and coming companies. Also, Warriors Tackle Supply has their own line of products which they often include in monthly boxes.

Each box is custom according to your fishing preferences, with bait and tackle specific to species like Bass, Redfish, Catfish, Trout, and more. Further, you have two tier options, Standard and XL, which differ in value and the total number of products included.

Since the company tests out their own products, you can feel confident that each subscription box contains only high-quality items they would use themselves.

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tacpack box contents

Another tactical box with a commitment to curating top survivalist and everyday carry equipment, TacPack focuses on firearms, apparel, and tools. 

Typical products in the monthly boxes include gun cleaning kits, tactical knives, clothing, plus stickers and decals. You can expect four to seven premium items, extras like shirts and stickers, and special offers in each box.

Boxes ship mid-month, and once they arrive, you’ll appreciate the no-frills approach to the product. They aim to appeal to experts and survivalists rather than casual hobbyists.

TacPack also gives subscribers additional discounts when they purchase products from specific manufacturers, but you can also buy items from their online store. Past boxes are available on a limited basis, but there aren’t always extras to buy.

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postfly box contents

The ultimate fly fishing subscription box, PostFly focuses solely on flies, tying tools, accessories, and guides that help you make the most out of your next fishing trip. Each order is tailored to your area and season so that you can expect useful items year-round.

Boxes ship each month around the 20th, and you can choose between a one month and 12-month subscription. Along with the fishing supplies, boxes tend to include often unrelated but still welcome accessories.

Along with subscription boxes, PostFly also stocks an online store with flies, fly tying kits, supplies, and more. Monthly subscribers also receive a 10 percent discount to the store. Two subscription tier levels let you customize how much equipment you receive per shipment, too.

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A survivalist subscription box that arrives bi-monthly, Apocabox addresses the unique needs of tactical enthusiasts. Shipments leave Apocabox around the 15th, and each sticks to a theme that involves both ready-made products and DIY projects.

The themed boxes span multiple tools to complete a project, items to use out in the field, and guides to survival skills. Also, you can shop in the online store to purchase full-size versions of items, plus outdoor paraphernalia and other offerings.

But in addition to the monthly box subscriptions, Apocabox also boasts an expert not-so behind-the-scenes- Creek Stewart. He’s the driving force behind the brand, but he’s also a career survivalist who teaches others how to embrace the wilderness and master its challenges.

Your Apocabox subscription covers goods and guides, but it also earns you entry into an exclusive community that offers videos, tutorials, and an online convention of survivalists. It’s a unique take on tactical boxes, especially since every shipment requires that you hone your skills in areas like wood crafting, knife creation, and more.

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Ultimately, the best outdoor subscription box is one that includes products that match your interests but also helps you to find new things as well. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, camping, or survival techniques, you’re bound to get something cool with each delivery! 

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