26 Best Dog Subscription Boxes (Toys & Treats Delivered Monthly)

You know that whine that your dog gives you every time you come home with a new treat or ask her if she wants to go for a ride? That’s the sound of pure, unfettered delight. One of the reasons that we love our dogs is that they give us this unconditional love even when we’re not buying them goodies. That devotion gets even stronger when we show up with a special toy or snack, though.

You can pamper your best (furry) friend on a regular basis without spending big bucks at the pet store or even leaving your house. Dog subscription boxes are typically mailed out monthly and contain all of those things you know that your dog is going to love, but you wouldn’t necessarily know to buy.

The best dog subscription box lets you discover innovative accessories, try new snacks or get healthy meals delivered to your door. Your dog might never be bored again. And as excited as Fido gets about the abundance of surprise goodies, you’ll get a kick out of the resulting doggy kisses that you get month after month.

best dog subscription box

Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog box subscriptions don’t just delight pups and their owners. They also make things more convenient in today’s time-starved culture and will likely save you about 50 percent off the retail price of the items.


Barkbox delivery

BarkBox is a company that’s run by dog people for dog people. The team carefully curates monthly boxes that follow a particular theme. You’ll appreciate the clever pairings, like the Sniffin’ Safari, which includes “wild” stuffed animals, or the New York City box, which comes with a soft pretzel tug toy for heavy chewers. Your dog might not understand the tongue-in-cheek references, but he’ll be thrilled by the new smells and textures.

Each box contains at least two toys, two treats and a chew toy. The snacks are made in North America and all-natural. The toys are durable and made of safe and resilient materials. You’re not going to find many of these items in stores, making you feel extra special when you open the box every month.

BarkBox tailors its packages based on dog size. The staff members are dog owners, and they understand what makes pups and their owners happy.

Bullymake Box

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This is the best dog subscription box for the dog that tears apart those toys that you buy at the pet shop that are labeled “indestructible.” 

The Bullymake Box is dedicated to power chewers. All of the toys included in the subscription are exclusive to Bullymake and sourced for their ability to withstand even the most aggressive chewer. The toys are made in the U.S. and tested on as many heavy chewing breeds as possible.

If you don’t believe these claims, you can try the products for yourself. The company offers a chew-proof guarantee. If your furry friend tears apart a toy within 14 days of receipt, take a picture and send it to Bullymake. They’ll replace it, and they’ll also trade out items if your pup doesn’t like something.

You’ll get a package once a month. Each one contains two or three resilient toys and three or four chews or snacks. You can also purchase the dog toy subscription box, which doesn’t contain edible items.



Many of the dog box subscriptions contain fun extras, but you still have to spend money and time buying everyday food. NomNomNow satisfies that dilemma by sending out nutritious meals for cats or dogs.

It follows a subscription format so that you’ll have a constant supply and don’t have to run to the store when you realize you’re running low. Your deliveries will be based on your pet’s profile and needs.

Each meal is perfectly portioned for your dog and comes in its own pouch. This makes feeding so much easier because all you have to do is open the package and pour it into your dog’s bowl. There’s no guesswork involved, and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re leaving your canine hungry or contributing to her chubbiness.

The foods are cooked in NomNomNow’s facility from recipes that include fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients. The meals are healthy enough for humans to eat, although that might irritate your dog.

If you’re not sure which ingredients are best for your pet, you can get a free nutrition consultation from the company. They’re keen on making you feel like you’re part of their family so that you can get comfortable with their advanced, natural approach to feeding.



The PetBox is another offering from The Gift Box, but it’s available in a mini version. This is ideal for people who want to pamper their pets but aren’t sure that a full-sized subscription is right for them.

You’ll still get a variety of toys and snacks. The boxes are shipped out every month. You will typically end up saving much more than 50 percent off of the retail price. The price for many of the boxes is only 25 percent of the full retail value of the products.

Like the other monthly dog boxes offered by this company, PetBox contains food items that are natural, tasty and made from limited ingredients to help promote wellness and cater to dogs with sensitivities. The toys vary from traditional plush to extra durable. They’ve all been tested by the staff’s own dogs, including Diesel, the Destructive Dane mix.

BarkBox Super Chewer

barkbox super chewer

If you like BarkBox but have a destructive dog, you might need to upgrade to BarkBox Super Chewer

Nothing in this box is puny. Every month, you’ll get two premium chews, two rugged toys and two full-sized bags of nibbles.

The materials used in these toys are designed for powerful jaws. You won’t find flimsy fabric or stuffing. Instead, the products are made with natural rubber, nylon and other durable components. The chews are all-natural, and the snacks are made in North America.

Even if no one else understands your dog’s chewing needs, the people behind BarkBox Super Chewer do. If your pup decimates a toy, they’ll send out a new one. You don’t even have to show proof. That’s an incredible benefit when you’ve wasted your hard-earned dollars on other products only to find them in shreds within a few hours.


pupjoy delivery

Unlike some of the other services, which provide the same box for every subscriber, PupJoy lets you tailor your packages based on your needs. You can specify exactly what your needs are so that you don’t end up with items that don’t work for you.

First, you can choose between a regular box and an option for power chewers. Second, your box will vary based on your dog’s size. Third, you can select a small package, which contains five products, or a large one, which has seven. You can even indicate whether your dog prefers plush toys or other types.

Customers can also customize their delivery options. Choose monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipments based on your budget and dog’s needs. Finally, decide whether you want a dog toy subscription box, dog treat subscription box or one that contains both.

This subscription dog box is one of the best for pups with allergies or dietary restrictions. The company can provide all-natural, organic, grain-free and protein-sensitive options as needed.

Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks delivers boxes once a month. They’re based on the size of your dog and contain premium toys, treats and accessories. People with extremely large dogs often hesitate to order a dog subscription box because they’re worried that the items won’t stand up to their animals’ power chewing. The people behind Pooch Perks understand, and the box designed for the largest dogs will also contain the toughest goodies.

This service also allows you to customize the items that come in the box. The Popular Pooch package contains two or three toys and three treats. You can also choose a dog toy box, which has three things to play with and no snacks. The Treats Only box comes with three bags of edible items and a chewy goody.

Minimalist pet owners can order the Sample box, which contains one plush toy and one bag of snacks. Both of these are based on your dog’s size.

All of the food items are made in the U.S. You can customize your order based on your dog’s preferences and allergies. The company also focuses on providing eco-friendly products whenever possible.

The Dapper Dog Box

the dapper dog box

The Dapper Dog Box promises to keep your dog looking debonair while keeping him entertained. Each box is sent monthly and includes two things to play with, two things to eat and a bandana. Your dog may not have any idea how stylish he looks, but you’ll appreciate the themed items, healthy chews and cute playthings.

Plus, the bandanas aren’t your run-of-the-mill country fashion. They’re made of adorable fabric with images that match the monthly theme. The bandanas alone are worth at least $20 each, and the box’s total value averages $60 and costs about half that.

Customers praise the quality of the gifts. The food items are always made in the U.S. and organic or grain, soy and corn free. If you or your dog is not a fan of something, get in touch with the company. They offer a 100-percent guarantee, and they’ll send you something different.


pup box

Some of the best dog subscription boxes personalize the items according to your dog’s size, but most of them don’t have a special category for puppies. That’s why PupBox was created. This puppy subscription service is meant for young dogs.

Because puppies grow so quickly, they go through different stages of development rapidly. PupBox meets them at their current phase. All of the items are designed to help you raise a happy, healthy mutt.

The boxes are sent monthly, and each one includes a bag of treats that can be used during training. They’ll also contain toys, accessories and grooming tools for your canine’s age.

Training and educational materials are also provided every month. This development guide will help you understand the changes that your dog is going through. It will also give you positive-reinforcement training tips from celebrity puppy trainer Andrea Arden.

Having a new dog can be overwhelming. This box entertains your pup and gives you the resources that you need to help your hound become part of the family.

You can use this service even if you have an older dog. The products won’t be age specific, but they’ll be customized to your other needs, such as allergies and coat type.

Pet Treater

pet treater

Pet Treater is designed for dogs and cats, which means that your kitty won’t be left out as you’re treating your pup. You’ll have to order separate boxes for each animal, but getting them at the same website simplifies your life, and Pet Treater is all about streamlining things.

The company aims to include products that are not only enjoyable but also practical. You might get a leash or grooming tools that help you out, while your dog will receive snacks and toys.

Although there aren’t special options for dogs with allergies, none of the food items are manufactured in China. Most of the snacks are made in North America.

After you make your first order, you’ll receive a Welcome Pack right away. After that, your boxes will be shipped monthly.


paw pack

PawPack is the monthly dog box offered by The Gift Box, which also includes subscriptions for moms and other pets. This is one of the top dog subscription boxes for heavy chewers, including puppies and older dogs. All of the toys aren’t designed for power chewers, but most of them are made with tough materials. The company tries to limit its use of plush and stuffing-filled toys.

Each box contains toys, chews and delicious goodies. Food items are all-natural and contain limited, whole-food ingredients to benefit your pet’s health. The items are also tailored to your animal’s size and preferences.

You can earn reward points when you shop with this company. Also, if you feel like you're bombarding your dog with too many new gifts, you can switch to a different box, such as one for coffee or wine lovers, or pause your subscription.



Each PetGiftBox contains about five or six products that are designed to feature as much variety as possible. The treats have few ingredients and are always made in the U.S. The toys may be plush, have no stuffing or be extra durable.

You don’t know what you’re getting until you open the box, adding to the surprise factor. If you want to order something for another pet or a human in your life, you can switch up the box’s theme and buy a different package from the same company.


Insert Video

This may be the best dog subscription box for big-hearted pet lovers. Although many subscription companies give back to animal-based charities, RescueBox has a mission to educate its customers about how they’re helping.

With every purchase that you make, the company donates to shelter pets. This helps provide life-saving supplies, such as food and health care, to animals in need. You’ll learn exactly how much the company contributes based on your purchase.

If that’s not enough, you may also be motivated to subscribe to this service because it provides an abundance of items in each package. You’ll get toys and snacks for Fido, and many boxes contain gifts for you as well.

The edible products are sourced from the U.S. and Canada. Some chewable items come from USDA facilities in South America. None of the food products are made in China.

You can order your box based on the size of your dog. If you have a cat, you’re in luck; this company also sells subscription boxes for felines.

Surprise My Pet

surprise my pet

This service is all about creating a tight-knit family. The team behind Surprise My Pet understands the importance of bonding with your pup. The boxes contain items that allow you to build a connection, whether you’re training your canine or just playing tug-of-war.

Monthly packages include five to seven items valued between $35 and $45. The items’ sizes depend on your dog’s size. Although there isn’t an option for dogs with allergies, you can reach out to the company if your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients. Surprise My Pet commits to adding personal touches, and they’re willing to substitute items if it means protecting your dog’s health.

All of the items are unique. You won’t be able to find them in stores. Your dog might not notice, but you may get a rush of pride knowing that you went above and beyond for man’s best friend.



Hip dogs who are delicate with their toys deserve ShaggySwag. Shaggy deliveries are mailed monthly. The ShaggySwag box contains two toys for light chewers, two bags of snacks and a chew.

The company offers other options for heavy chewers or stylish pups that like to dress up. This makes them one of the best dog subscription box companies for every type of dog owner. It doesn’t matter if your dog is small or large, fashion-forward or happy in his birthday suit; you can adapt the service to your preferences.

If your dog has allergies, you can contact the company directly to swap out certain items. Dogs with extreme sensitivities might prefer the dog toy subscription box, which doesn’t contain food items.

The Farmer’s Dog

the farmers dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a meal subscription service that offers freshly made pet food with human-grade USDA ingredients. The food is held to higher safety standards than most dog food and contains only natural components.

You can customize your dog’s feeding plan to its age and individual needs. Allergies and sensitivities are taken into account.

This food is packaged and shipped as soon as it’s made. It doesn’t contain preservatives that allow it to sit on a shelf for months at a time.

You’ll get enough to satisfy your dog’s personalized meal plan. Each meal comes pre-portioned in a ready-to-serve pouch. No cooking or measuring is required.

Although you could cook dog food yourself, many recipes that are available online don’t contain a complete nutrient profile. The Farmer’s Dog has done the research for you to provide you with complete nutrition for your canine. If you are a die-hard DIYer, you can enroll in the DIY program, which offers nutritionist-formulated recipes and premixed nutrient packs. The DIY program is not intended to feed puppies, though.

Bully Bundles

bully bundles

Some dogs wrinkle their nose at the thought of certain toys or goodies. If your dog scoffs at plastic, ignores rubber and won’t chew on anything but a bully stick, consider looking into Bully Bundles. It’s a bully stick subscription service that keeps you stocked up. No more dealing with a hyper dog who just finished her last stick while you’re trying to watch a quiet movie.

You can choose from 6- or 12-inch sticks in quantities of up to 60 for the small size or 30 for the larger option. Your bundle will be shipped automatically every month. If you end up with a stockpile that’s too large, you can also skip a month.

The quality of these bully sticks is top-notch. They’re all-natural and come from free-range, grass-fed cattle that aren’t exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics. No chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

To reduce the odor as much as possible, Bully Bundles cooks their sticks for longer than some other manufacturers. This cuts down on moisture and makes the chews less stinky.

Surprise Pawty

surprise pawty

You love hanging out with your dog. Surprise Pawty aims to enhance your enjoyment and make even the most mundane tasks, like grooming and picking up poop, more fun. Each box contains innovative products for you to use on or with your dog, goodies for your pup to snack on and toys that keep him entertained and curious.

The boxes are mailed monthly and contain at least $50 worth of premium products. You’ll get five to six items in each package, including durable and interactive toys, natural and organic treats and dog care essentials that streamline your routine. Surprise gifts for humans are often tucked into the packages.

This service really makes good on its party promise by sending a special gift on your pooch’s birthday. The packaging will also be personalized for your pup’s special day.

All of the products are tested for quality issues. If you aren’t pleased with an item, simply send it back for a replacement.

Good Dog In A Box Training Subscription

good dog in a box

One of the biggest challenges a dog owner will face is training his or her companion. Puppy classes are helpful, but it’s often tough to keep up the exercises at home. Plus, sometimes it feels like you have to train the kids and other family members more than the dog. Good Dog In A Box hopes to “improve life with your best friend.”

It’s a dog training system designed for families. Every month, you’ll receive games and activities that are fun for you, your kids and your dog. They promote positive, reward-based training techniques that are easy to implement.

The size of your box will depend on the size of your dog. Each box contains training cards that detail specific training activities to perform with your dog and family.

When you subscribe, you’ll also have access to the online community, which offers webinars, videos and customer service to help you out as you embark on your journey.

Choose from 6-month and 12-month programs as well as a lite or full version. You’ll get additional training tools until your subscription is up.

Wigglebutt Box

wigglebutt box

Wigglebutt Box is perfect for dogs and owners that love trying new things. Each box is mailed monthly and contains three to five toys, snacks, accessories or hygiene items. Those will surprise you every time.

You can also count on receiving the following in each package: a seasonal bandanna, a roll of poop bags and a dog-themed gift just for you. You may get coupons and vendor specials from time to time.

The food items don’t contain corn, soy or wheat. When you sign up, you can indicate your pet’s size and chewing habits so that you receive the most appropriate products.



If you have a food-motivated pooch, you can choose this dog treat subscription service. Choosing from the abundant snack options at the pet store can be daunting. With TreatLuv, you’ll get five to seven full-sized, natural edibles for your canine every month.

The items are high-quality treats that are made in the U.S. You can reach out to the customer service team to find out if they can adapt their boxes to a dog with allergies.



If you always buy the same old thing for your hound, what about branching out with WoofPack? This service sends out toys and goodies in a subscription service.

After choosing your dog’s size, you can select whether you want treats and chews only, in which case you’ll get four to six goodies along with a full-sized bag of snacks. Add toys to your package to receive a full bag of nibbles, up to three other edibles and two or three durable playthings. You’ll save about 50 percent off of retail prices.


get wagging

GetWagging is different than the other dog subscription services. It allows you to give back to the environment and rescue dogs while keeping your own pup looking its best.

After selecting your dog’s size and gender, you’ll get a new collar in the mail every month. At the end of each period, send it back, and you’ll get a new one. The gently-used collar will be donated to dogs in need, who are often outfitted with collars that are made out of hazardous materials.

All GetWagging collars are constructed of American-made nylon. They have quick-release buckles and die-cast metals. You can also add a 5-foot leash to your monthly box.

Bark If You Want Some

bark if you want some

This is not your grandma’s dog box subscription. Like many of the services that we’ve reviewed here, Bark If You Want Some sends monthly boxes of amusing toys and appetizing goodies for your pooch. What makes them different is that they also send out a premium item with every order.

If you’ve had your eye on that doggy raincoat or been putting off purchasing a new bed for Rover, this is your chance. You can even choose the box based on pop-culture heroes to receive themed merchandise and costumes.

Buster Box

buster box

Tails will wag when you receive a monthly package from Buster Box. Each one is carefully curated and contains four to six snacks, chews, toys, grooming items or gadgets. Some months are themed. Products are always rotated so that you won’t get the same thing twice.

This is all about surprises. Neither you nor your hound will know what’s coming, which makes receiving the package even more exciting. If you don’t like something, however, feel free to contact the company so that they can make it right and note it for future orders.



If you’re overwhelmed by the options available to maintain your dog’s happiness and wellness, let VetPetBox choose for you. The company’s tagline is “Pet chewed. Vet approved.” The products are selected by veterinarians for their ability to cater to your dog’s needs. Each box contains educational material about a specific wellness issue.

If you have a finicky pup or one with health issues, you may want to consider this option. You can note that your dog has a specific ailment, such as arthritis or anxiety, to receive appropriate, useful products. VetPetBox even offers kitty and puppy packs for the newest member of your family.

The best dog subscription boxes are meant to delight you and your pooch. Most of them also donate to animal-centered charities, which makes customers even happier to support them. You can treat yourself, your dog or a friend by subscribing to one of these services for yourself or giving it as a gift.

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    So happy we tried out the Super chewers bark box!! My 2 year old GSP absolutely loves when his box comes every month! This big boy can chew right through anything & this is the first box with toys that we have found that he doesn’t destroy within the first 10 minutes of opening the box. Definitely recommend this for a large dog/ pup who loves to play, chew and squeak!!

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