The 9 Best CBD Subscription Boxes For 2020 (Delivered Monthly)

The benefits of CBD are real—but it can be tough to track down the right products to suit your needs. But with CBD subscription boxes, you can get all the self-care CBD products you need delivered to your home.

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Whether you want to spoil yourself or a gift recipient, you can’t go wrong with a CBD box. From healing CBD-infused personal care products to vape pen supplies, snacks, drinks, and more, you’ll find all-natural solutions that arrive on a convenient schedule.

Read on for recommendations on the best CBD subscription boxes from the cannabis industry for every interest and health and wellness need.

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Here is our list of the best CBD subscription boxes available.

Hemp Crate Co


Price: $44.99 per month

About the Box:

A Hemp Crate Co sampler box is a great way to start exploring CBD products without spending a ton of money. Every crate features a variety of different products that will last you a month, so this is one of the best subscription boxes for regular use.

What You Get:

Hemp Crate Co subscription memberships include different CBD products delivered every month, ranging from oil tinctures and bath bombs to pain rubs, gummies, sleep sprays, and capsules. You’ll get between four and eight items, depending on that month’s offerings and your subscription services level.



Price: $49.99 per month

About the Box:

If you know exactly what you want from your subscription, then HempleBox might be the perfect subscription option for you. Each box includes only the items you select, so there are no surprises when your delivery arrives—making this the best subscription for people who want total control.

What You Get:

You choose what comes in your monthly subscription with HempleBox—and the options include tinctures, edibles, concentrates, vape liquids and pens, creams, capsules, e-liquid, and more. You can also adjust or upgrade your box anytime to make sure you get the products you want each time your box ships.

Le Ć Boutique

Price: $60.00 per month

About the Box:

Le Ć Boutique promises to offer a luxury CBD experience in the comfort of your home. In addition to boxes for humans, the company also offers CBD subscription products for pets. You and your pet can relax and help care for autoimmune disorders together.

What You Get:

Box options range from the pet experience—featuring a pup-friendly healing and pain management elixir—to fitness recovery experience and spa experience options for humans. The human subscription boxes include “healixer” drops, a calming balm, a roller of CBD oil, and an infused lotion.

Green Girl CBD

green girl cbd

Price: $59.00 per month

About the Box:

Green Girl CBD boxes feature beauty products to pamper your body from the inside out. Hemp-derived products from the company’s collection ship monthly to your doorstep.

What You Get:

When you subscribe to the lowest level of box subscription, you’ll get a monthly shipment including CBD products like a vial of oil, CBD gummies, and an infused lip balm. Higher-level subscriptions increase your lip balm and dropper vial counts, and you also get body balm with your order.

CBD Health Box

cbd health box

Price:  $31.99 per month

About the Box:

CBD Health Box offers various subscription options. Starting with their one-month option gives you an introduction to their wellness products and personal care line. From their proprietary blended salves, tinctures, and cannabis oil to products from unique brands, you can expect a range of CBD items to arrive every month.

What You Get:

The CBD Health Box typically includes up to five CBD products, all high-quality. Boxes can feature items like edible gummies, healing creams, water flavorings, tinctures, and themed accessories.

The Chillax Box

the chillax box

Price: $40.00 per month

About the Box:

The Chillax Box from The Remedy is a curated CBD subscription box featuring products that are ideal for those new to CBD. It’s like a discovery club: you get to try new items to support your health and beauty goals with a range of selections from different CBD brands.

What You Get:

The Chillax Box showcases a tonic, hemp extract, capsules, and even a face serum enriched with CBD. If you’re unsure where to start with your inner healing via CBD, this might be the best CBD subscription box service for your needs.

CBDology Subscription


Price: $69.99 per month

About the Box:

CBDology recognizes the benefits of CBD oil, but they also pack their boxes with fun accessories, educational materials, and more. Before receiving your first box, you’ll fill out a survey that allows CBDology to address your specific health condition with targeted CBD products.

What You Get:

Your CBDology shipment typically includes 5-7 products like patches, CBD tinctures, topicals, CBD edibles, vape pens, and themed accessories. From hemp products for your body to cool coffee cups, calendars, and other fun items, the CBDology box has a nice blend of items no matter your interest (and at far below retail price).

Magu Box Club


Price: $89.00 per month

About the Box:

Each member of this lucky box club gets enriched items, including new CBD products that are both fun and healthy. Plus, your subscription box will have original artwork that makes the experience even more engaging, according to their customer service.

What You Get:

This subscription service can include anything from CBD oils and sweets to bath bombs, chapsticks, lotions, and other personal pampering products. Each item is handpicked for inclusion in your box, and you can expect top quality with THC-free products.

Greenwell Pet


Price: $39.00 per month

About the Box:

If your pet needs a little extra love, Greenwell Pet has the solution. For furry friends who have high levels of stress, chronic pain, or unique medical conditions, Greenwell Pet helps offer comfort and relief—making this one of the best subscriptions for pet health/wellness.

What You Get:

Greenwell Pet is one of the best CBD boxes for animals because it includes a range of products like oils, chews, treats, shampoo, and even toys. Your pet won’t realize that each item is healing and healthy—they’ll just be having fun with their subscription boxes.

Whether you want to try CBD products for the first time or have a few favorite items in your collection, there’s a CBD subscription plan out there that’s perfect for you (or your gift recipient).

Ultimately, the best CBD subscription is one you can customize to suit your (or your pet’s) needs and budget. Fortunately, we’ve shared a ton of the best CBD subscription boxes to help you find new products and CBD companies. 

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