23 Best Book Subscription Boxes

Finding new books that are interesting, unique, and thrilling can be hard.

There’s an overwhelming amount of choices from genres to authors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to waste your hard-earned time and money on titles you’ll never read.

Inexpensive book clubs and subscription services make it easy to discover enthralling books that will keep you entertained for hours!

Best Book Subscription Boxes

Best Book Subscription Boxes

Below, you’ll find the best book subscription boxes to satisfy both casual readers and bibliophiles alike!


uppercase box

Cost: $13.99 per month.

Are you a young adult novel enthusiast?

Uppercase provides passionate readers of the genre with signed, first edition hardcover books delivered straight to their doorstep each month.  

Not only does your box come with a signed first edition, but also the opportunity to read newest releases within just 1-2 months after they’ve come out.

Subscriptions also include exclusive content and videos from the author, 1-2 book related items, an interactive reading experience, handwritten personal notes, and much more.

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Cost: $29.99 per month. 

If you can’t ever get enough of young adult novels, OwlCrate is another spectacular option.  

Their monthly book subscription boxes bring a brand-new young adult book to your door every month, along with 3-5 high-quality book-related items and exclusive gifts from the author.

Each month, a new theme is selected, which influences the goodies and genre your box includes.  

Plus, multiple delivery plans make receiving your books from OwlCrate fit within your schedule and budget.

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BookCase Club

Book Case Club

Cost: $9.99 per month.

What better way to start your month than with a quality book?

Every book box you receive from BookCase Club ships on the 1st of each month, giving you a surprise to look forward to at the end. 

Each box you receive is a surprise, making every shipment especially exciting.

No worries though, you’re guaranteed to love every book you receive; BookCase Club allows you to choose your preferred genres and each box is handpicked by the club’s expert Curators.

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The Wordy Traveler

the wordy traveler

Cost: $49.99 per quarter.

Perfect for travel book lovers, the seasonal travel boxes you’ll receive from The Wordy Traveler takes you on the journeys of explorers, dreamers, and world travelers. 

Plus, your subscription supports charities providing women and girls with educations across the globe. 

Shipped every three months, each book included in your book boxes has been approved, curated, and hand selected by a team of experienced world travelers, so your enjoyment is guaranteed.

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Cost: $16.95 per month.

Delight your little one with monthly books they’ll adore. 

Each book box you receive from Bookroo is designed to foster, nurture, and stimulate their love for reading, as well as inspire them to continue.  Plus, every delivery is specially wrapped to make receiving the books even more exciting for your young reader.

Every book delivered to your house has been curated by the Bookroo Review Process to ensure each book your child reads is one that will empower their passion.  They can expect to receive two or three newly released titles with every delivery.

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Reveal Book Box

reveal book club

Cost:  $12.95 per month.

Expand your bookshelves with a variety of beautiful romance books guaranteed to make you fall in love. 

Not only will you get to read some of the most popular books of the genre ever published, but each one that’s delivered to your door has been signed by the author. 

Plus, enhance your reading with special gifts such as candles and sweet treats.

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My Book Box

my book box

Cost: $36.95 per month.

Are you a picky reader?

If so, then you’ll be impressed by the handpicked books that arrive in your mail from My Book Box.  Every month, they work with publishers to decide the best of all upcoming releases in 6 different genres.

You'll get a surprise gift with each shipment in addition to receiving interesting books. 

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comic boxer

Cost: $17.99 per month.

If you love comic books and trending pop culture, then ComicBoxer is the book subscription box for you. 

When you subscribe to this subscription book box service, you’ll receive five new comics that have been released just within the past month.

The comics you receive can include #1 issues, first appearances, variants, exclusives, and even signed comics.  Additionally, ComicBoxer features huge companies such as DC, Marvel, and Image.

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LitJoy Crate

Cost: $18.99 per month.

Do you love young adult novels?

LitJoy Crate will send you a new YA book that’s been recently released and selected as a LitJoy exclusive edition, along with 2-3 related items to enhance your reading journey.

When you sign up for LitJoy Crate, you get to choose your crate book type, so that you’re ensured to receive books that interest you.  

Afterward, select a plan and start enjoying your monthly arrivals.

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Cost: $15.95 per month.

Joining this monthly book club gives your baby new things to read, grow, and fall in love with every month. 

As for book types, you get to choose between board books, picture books, or both. 

Not only are you giving your little on the gift of reading, but for every box sold, LillyPost donates a book to a child in need.  So far, they’ve donated over 50,000 books.

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The Story Box

the story box

Cost: $14.99 per month.

Are you looking for children’s books your kids will enjoy reading and learn from?

Every book included in The Story Box has been curated by a speech-language pathologist and aim to establish communication and pre-literacy skills in your young ones.

Regardless of which types of books your little one likes best; board books, picture books, or both; The Story Box is on a mission to grow their love for reading while helping them grow.

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My Thrill Club

my thrill club

Cost: $19.99 per month.

Do you love a good thrill?

If so, My Thrill Club will introduce you to your new all-time favorites in the genres of mystery, crime, thriller, espionage, and horror.  

Simply tell them which genre your favorite is, and you’ll receive two hardcover books plus an eBook you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Plus, your box gets shipped just 48 hours after you order them.

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Owl Post Books

owl post books

Cost: $14.99 per month.

Perfect for children ages 0 to 11, Owl Post Books aspires to encourage and inspire future readers.  

Whether you’re buying for your child, a parent-to-be, or a teacher, the monthly books that come in the mail will bring out every child’s imagination inner reader.

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gift lit

Cost: $5.79 per month.

Build your book collection with the help of GiftLit.  

Their selection is full of a wide variety of books that makes choosing the best ones from your favorite genres easy.  Whether you’re looking for the newest releases or the most trending, GiftLit has it all.

Unlike many other book subscription services, GiftLit allows you to personalize the box you receive with the books of your choice.

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Once Upon a Book Club

once upon a book club

Cost:  $34.99 per month.

When signing up, choose between the adult subscription box and the young adult box to get the books you love reading most.  Regardless of which box you choose, each of them includes their own unique features. 

Every month you’ll receive a brand-new book, a 5” x 7” quote print, and 3-5 related wrapped gifts.  The box also includes a special page number, and when you reach that page, it’s time to unwrap your surprise.

Don’t just read on your own, though; bring the book to life through club discussions on Instagram.

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Sol Book Box

sol book box

Cost: $17.50 per month.

Fill your shelves with a literary subscription box that delivers the best Spanish children’s books to your door.  

Reading in another language is one of the best ways a child can learn and enjoy it.  

Plus, each book your child reads comes from a trusted and Spanish-speaking place. Books are imported from all over Latin America, Spain, and the U.S.

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Book of the Month

book of the month

Cost: $16.99 per month.

If you feel lost searching for the best new titles and finding debut authors, then all of your struggles end here. 

Join the Book of the Month club to receive every month’s newest top 5 releases and choose your favorite.

When selecting their top 5 books, the emphasis is placed on fresh perspectives, what’s hot and trending, and rising authors.

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The Bookworm Box

the bookworm box

Cost: $29.99 per month.

Your love for reading will be turned into a good cause with every book you receive from The Bookworm Box.

When you get a book, the profit is donated to charity.  Thus far, over 400 charities have received donations, over $1 million has been given, and over 500 authors have been promoted.

Plus, every book you receive has been autographed, making each read something special.

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fairy loot

Cost: $29.30 per month.

Read limited edition books and exclusive merch with FairyLoot’s fantasy book subscription box.  

Each month, a new subgenre of young adult fantasy is featured, such as Dark Fantasy and Dragons.  

In addition to your new read, you’ll receive 5-6 exciting goodies to enhance the magic of your reading experience.

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The Bookish Box

the bookish box

Cost: $15.00 per month.

Are you female and love a good young adult (or adult) novel?

If so, then this book subscription box is probably the right fit for you.  Every order you receive from The Bookish Box includes a new surprise book, a shirt, and 3-5 home, beauty, or fashion goodies.

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Booksquisite Box Japan

booksquisite box japan

Cost: $39 per month.

If you love Japanese culture, then Booksquisite Box Japan is the best subscription book box for you.  

With each box, you’ll receive one book and 4 or more handpicked items that come straight out of Japan.  

Subscribing to Booksquisite Box Japan is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Japanese culture from afar while expanding your knowledge of it at the same time.

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Target Book Club Picks Subscription

target book club

Cost: $13.59 per month.

The Target Book Club Picks makes finding the perfect book to read simple and easy thanks to their team of bookworms who are ready to send you the best selections. 

Every month a new book is picked and sent to subscribers in the mail, along with a letter from the author and Q&A page and a reader’s guide.

Some even include signatures from the author as well as a tip-in sheet.

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Bookishly’s Coffee and Book Club

bookishly tea and book club

Cost:  £10.00 per month.

Bookishly is a subscription book box that not only sends the best books to read, but also the best coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to sip on while reading them. 

When you receive your subscription box, you’ll be on your way to filling your shelves with beautiful vintage paperbacks and your kitchen with coffee in no time at all. 

It's perfect for when you want to curl up with coffee and a classic literary title. 

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What better way to rekindle your love for reading than with the best book subscription boxes to bring new finds straight to your doorstep regularly? Bring your bookshelves back to life with new reads you’ll fall in love with.

Thanks for reading the whole article, and we sincerely hope you’ve found what you need.

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