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Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty supply subscription box. Each delivery contains one carefully curated, full-size upscale beauty product and one trial-size product. Members can expect to save approximately 35% compared to retail in addition to other periodic bonus materials. Boxes are shipped out the last or second-to-last day of the month.


Pricing & What’s Included

This box for beauty product enthusiasts can be purchased via quarterly, bi-annual, or annual pre-paid subscription plans.



3 Months

$38.33 / Month

6 Months

$37.50 / Month

12 Months

$35.42 / Month

Subscription Details

The plans start at $38.33 per month, although the payment for each subscription is pre-paid. The company suggests that the products in each monthly box are valued at around $110 in total. Additionally, subscription holders receive an exclusive 15% discount on all of the products offered at the company’s online beauty store.

The company offers a wide range of beauty products in the subscription boxes, including:

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    Eye bag suppressants
  • check
    Skin exfoliators
  • check
    Detoxifying cleansers
  • check
    Skin blemish neutralizers
  • check
    Antioxidant masks
  • check
    Daily skin creams

Additionally, the trial-size sidekick offerings that also ship with the subscription box include:

  • check
    Balm creams
  • check
    Beauty brushes
  • check
  • check
    Artisan soaps
  • check
    Face washes
  • check
    Botanical serums

We appreciate the company's wide range of skin products, as well as its acknowledgment of how proper skin care is nuanced and not a “one-size-fits-all” affair.

We do hope that the company website does a better job of relaying the cost-effectiveness of its long-range subscription boxes. Currently, the site makes a much larger presentation regarding the overall plan cost instead of its monthly breakdown. Some customers may shy away from the long-range options because they may not readily see the long-term savings.

Other Options

In addition to the monthly subscription boxes, you can purchase gift cards for other beauty product enthusiasts in your circle. These cards range from $25 to $495. The company hosts an online beauty store that is available for members and non-members. 

The store allows you to purchase new products created by the carefully curated companies that provide materials for the subscription box. It also enables you to purchase supplemental amounts of current and previously featured subscription box products, directly through the company instead of the manufacturer.

The online store is broken down into various categories, including:

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    Skin, such as cleansers, sun care, and scrubs
  • check
    Body, such as moisturizers, body oils, deodorants, and soaps
  • check
    Hair, such as shampoos & conditioners and styling products
  • check
    Makeup, such as foundation, highlighters, and accessories
  • check
    Hyper-specific products, such as products for men, pregnant women, and targeted skin issues

Beauty Heroes Review

We have scoured the internet for feedback on the company and its subscription boxes, and have not been able to find any thus far. Please check back soon for updates to this section.

When Does it Ship?

According to the Beauty Heroes website, if you sign up for a subscription service before the 20th of the month, your first delivery will be shipped the same or next business day. If your membership is initiated after the 20th, you would receive the following month’s subscription box. 

The monthly subscription boxes usually ship on either the last or the second-to-last day of the month. Domestic packages typically arrive the first week of the month, and international shipments typically arrive the second or the third week of the month.

The company ships anywhere within the United States via the U.S. Postal Service's priority or regular mail. The cost of shipping the subscription boxes is included in the monthly subscription. U.S.-based orders over $75 from the company's online beauty store are free; orders under $75 are charged a flat $5.95 shipping fee.

The company also ships to Canada and several countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia. International shipments to Canada are charged a flat rate of $11.95. International shipments to other countries are charged a flat rate of $18.95.

Customer Service Information

There are two ways to contact customer service:

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    Online: Fill out the company’s online contact form on their contact page

You can also find more customer service information on the FAQ page on the company’s website.

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Beauty Heroes monthly subscription box service, you can easily cancel. 

The cancellation process is as follows:

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    Login to access your “My Account page.”
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    Click the Edit button on the left-hand side of the page, under “Subscriptions.”
  • check
    Cancel your membership.

You must cancel your subscription before the renewal date of the 26th of the month. If you do not, your membership will automatically renew.

Company History

The company was founded by spa director and health beauty expert Jeannine Jarnot in 2013. A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, she was inspired to launch her own curated beauty subscription box business after discovering the prevalence of toxic ingredients used in the spa industry, and how they may have led to issues with her own infertility. She created the company to enable consumers to discover luxury beauty products that are safe and effective – what she refers to as “clean beauty’ – without having to spend a wealth of time navigating through the marketplace.

Today, Jarnot strives to achieve this mission by deploying an inspired curation process. This process has her working direction with various brand founders to carefully curate subscription box-worthy products through a strict selection, testing, and approval process. 

The curation process is one built on a formula that weighs the craft of the product, formula innovation, and level of luxury. Each brand that makes the company’s cut shares Jarnot’s commitment to ethical sourcing, ingredient purity, and industry transparency. 

Jarnot is the author of one e-book, Be Your Own Beauty Hero. She is currently working on a second book. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband and young son. She also gives interviews and lectures throughout the country on the importance of living the “clean beauty” lifestyle.

The following Youtube clip is taken from the Indie Beauty Expo, held in New York City in August 2017. In the clip, Jarnot discusses her journey from working in a spa to the inspirations behind her launching Beauty Heroes to get the concept of clean beauty to the masses.

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