BattlBox Review: Tactical, Survival, and Bug-Out Gear Monthly Subscription Box


BattlBox is a monthly subscription service that includes tactical and survival gear. They offer four separate packages that include between four and seven hand-selected survival tools, manuals, supplies, tactical equipment and, gear. While box values vary, you can expect to save up to 60% compared to retail costs. All boxes ship between the 4th and 9th of each month and will arrive around the 15th.


How It Works

This tactical and survivalist gear subscription includes products that might help you survive a disaster or just daily life. Common items you’ll find include emergency supplies, outdoor gear, camp equipment, bushcraft, EDC Gear, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Watches, Tents, Knives and more.

Each box has a “mission” number and a theme, such as “Repair Anything,” “Day Hike,” “Backpacking,” and “Jungle Survival.” However, all new subscribers will receive Mission 34, the “Bug Out Bag and Best Of” tactical collection.

After the initial welcome box, included items vary from month to month. The company plans missions well in advance, but it doesn’t drop any hints as to what will be in each month’s package. They do provide spoilers for each mission after it ships out, complete with detailed value information per box.

To sign up, you’ll need to click on the type of box you want:

  • Basic
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Pro Plus

Before you can add the “item” to your cart, you’ll need to read through the terms and conditions. For example, the company only allows visitors ages 18 and up to purchase subscriptions. Once you have the item you want in your “cart,” you’ll create a profile and check out. Then, your box will arrive within the next month.  

What Makes BattlBox Unique?

As the company explains, this isn’t your girl’s subscription box (no offense, ladies!). Every shipment contains items that are useful for outdoor living and tactical survival needs. But rather than subscription boxes alone, the company also holds monthly giveaways, operates a “Man Stuff” podcast, and promotes programs to aid military veterans.

What We Like

  • Four pricing and package tiers
  • check
    Subscribers can skip a shipment
  • check
    Past missions are available for purchase
  • check
    Support of Veteran and American Made Products

What Could Be Better

  • S&H is extra
  • check
    No multi-month subscription options
  • check
    KOTM not available with all subscriptions

Pricing & What’s Included

The BattlBox subscription service offers four subscription packages; Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. Each has its own features, costs, and benefits. Here’s more about what’s included per package.


  • Costs $24.99 per month plus S&H
  • check
    Includes four to seven items


  • Costs $49.99 per month plus S&H
  • check
    Includes six to ten items
  • check
    Two to three items are a higher value such as tactical pens, fire pistons, EDC Gear,  and more


  • Costs $99.99 per month plus S&H
  • check
    Includes seven to 11 items
  • check
    One or two items are a higher values such as concealed carry holsters, watches, and tactical belts

Pro Plus

  • Costs $149.99 per month plus S&H
  • check
    Contains all the items of the smaller boxes plus a Knife of the Month; an exclusive offering that is not available on its own

BattlBox Reviews

Overall, the company has earned a Trustpilot rating of “Excellent,” which is attributed to over 900 consumer reviews. Subscribers appreciate the quality and value of the boxes, as well as the range of applications the items cover. From survival and tactical needs to camping and outdoor excursions, most products have a dual purpose.

Customers also appreciate the passion of the company, including the energy they invest in creating videos, podcasts, and other materials for subscribers to consult and enjoy. Many positive reviews further reflect the company’s attention to customer needs and proactive responses to issues. The fact that the company actively uses Veteran and Made in the USA products is another perk that many subscribers comment on in their positive reviews. However, it’s unclear whether all items are produced by Veterans or made in the USA, according to some reviews.

The few negative reviews of the company centered around customers’ complaints about boxes not meeting their expectations. For some consumers, the tiered package options may prove confusing, especially if customers are seeking a specific product or hoping to receive the KOTM (Knife of the Month) when it’s not part of any package below the Pro Plus subscription. Paying extra for shipping is also a common negative point, considering that most companies include shipping with at least their higher-priced package options.

The above video includes a review of "Mission 41" which has been coined the "Freedom Box."

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about this subscription company.

How Long Is My Subscription?

The company offers four types of month-to-month subscription boxes. Currently, there is no option for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month renewal; only monthly billing exists.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Orders ship between the 4th and 9th of each month, as long as those dates do not fall on a holiday. If there is a holiday between those dates, the company will begin shipping on the next postal work day. Boxes should arrive no later than the 15th of the month.

New subscribers can expect their first shipment by the 15th if they subscribe before 11:59 PM EST on the 3rd of the month. If you sign up after that date and time, you’ll have to wait for your shipment until the following month.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

First, log into your subscriber account. Click on the orange button that says “EDIT/VIEW.” In the pop-up window that comes up, click on “Cancel Subscription.” Then follow the prompts to finalize the cancellation process. Since subscriptions are monthly only, you will not receive any future shipments unless you re-subscribe.

Do They Ship Internationally?

Currently, the company only ships to addresses within the United States and Canada. This includes United States military addresses. Any additional duties and taxes are the responsibility of the subscriber.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

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You can reach the company via email at

Company History

BattlBox is the brainchild of founder Daniel Dabbs, who serves as the company’s current CEO. He created the company in 2015, after attending Georgia State College & University and earning a degree in Art and Strategic Marketing. Daniel also headed Varsity Ink, Inc. between 2008 and 2016 in Statesboro, Georgia.

Daniel originally designed the company around his own interests and needs, the company explains. Rather than settling for subpar subscription boxes, Daniel hoped to create something that he would buy for himself. After Daniel came up with the concept, he enlisted John and Patrick to help scale the company’s goals, develop product ideas, and manage day-to-day operations.

After one notable subscriber began producing YouTube video reviews of his boxes, Daniel and the team hired him in an official capacity. They credit a willingness to reach out to the community as the root of the “magic” they’ve created within the organization. That sense of community also encouraged their efforts toward sourcing products that are made in the USA, as well as products designed by Veterans.

With an uncle who passed away in Vietnam, Daniel has an intimate connection with the United States military and felt driven to do something to give back. To fulfill this desire, the company developed the Just One Veteran project, which Daniel discusses in the video below.

Is It Worth It?

We would have to say that BattlBox is definitely worth the money based on the information the company has provided, available reviews, and general public perception. The high-quality discounted products in addition to the great story make this a solid purchase for any outdoorsman. 

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