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ArtSnacks is a monthly subscription box that ships high-quality art supplies right to your door. Deliveries contain unique, limited edition, or cutting-edge art supplies that are meant to inspire. The amount that these art boxes can save you varies depending on the contents of the box, but savings are often low; the purpose is inspiration more than savings. These boxes start shipping on the last business day of each month.


How It Works

The product website is laid out for easy access. After clicking Sign Up Today, you’ll have to choose between US and international plans. Both plans use US dollars, but international plans cost about 30% more on average.

After that, you’ll pick your subscription duration. Plans come in one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month increments, and the plans are recurring. However, they can also be canceled at any time. After that, you simply place your order, and your art supplies box should arrive

It’s worth noting that you can purchase past boxes for a flat rate of $26 each. While these cost more than the subscription, they offer instant gratification, and you’ll know what is in the box ahead of time.

The website’s shop also frequently offers discounts. At the time of this writing, a “spring cleaning” sale is active that offers 40% off shop purchases.

The company also offers gift-card services, which are ideal for sending the artist in your life a subscription. Additionally, subscribers get a discount in the website’s supply shop, where they feature many of the items that are sent out in the monthly box.

What Makes ArtSnacks Unique?

This art supply subscription box is meant for anyone who likes to create! The box also makes an excellent gift for the artist you know, and its purpose is to inspire artists to create something. There’s even an “ArtSnacks Challenge” that challenges users to create a new piece of art with only the supplies included in the box.

This box’s most unique feature is the community that follows it. Customers who use the provided company hashtags to share their artwork with the community are regularly featured on the ArtSnacks website! Additionally, the company has its own online community called Mix where users can show off their artwork and communicate.

What We Like

  • Wide variety of high-quality products
  • Discounted store purchases just for having a subscription
  • Great community aspect
  • check
    Includes some extra goodies in every box, including a snack!
  • check
    Shipping is factored into the cost

What Could Be Better

  • Can’t choose which products you want
  • No significant savings over buying products separately (unless you purchase long-term subscriptions)
  • No skipping option if you want to take a break

Pricing & What’s Included

Subscription plans can be charged monthly, every three months, every six months, or every year. Subscription plans renew automatically, and the yearly plan is the best deal at $20 per box in the US. Shipping is incorporated into the price of all boxes.

Each craft subscription box delivery comes with 4-5 full-sized art supplies and one piece of candy. This is what puts the snacks in ArtSnacks! It also includes a menu that lists and describes the products in the box, as well as a sticker of the company’s logo.

Below you’ll find the pricing info of their craft boxes:

  • Monthly subscription: $24 per month
  • Three-month subscription: $72 per quarter
  • Six-month subscription: $132 every six months (a savings of $22 per year)
  • check
    One-year subscription: $240 per year (a savings of $48 every year)

ArtSnacks Reviews

The average ArtSnacks review is not forthcoming – we’d like to think that this is because no one has any complaints! While they have no presence on TrustPilot, their Facebook page features nearly 70,000 likes and followers each.

The general consensus about the company seems very positive. Issues only arise when boxes are not delivered, boxes are missing a product, or items arrive defective or break quickly. In all cases, the company responds quickly to resolve issues for its customers. Customers report that customer service for this brand is fantastic. When people feel compelled to do so, they generally leave a positive ArtSnacks review.

Here is a new "box breakdown" from the company: 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions that people ask about the company.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Subscription cancellations are handled by emailing the company at The company recommends emailing them for several reasons:

  • If you want to cancel your subscription, but have already been billed for another box
  • If you cancel a 3-month or higher subscription after the first month​​​​

This company sends email notifications when your subscription is seven days from renewing, making it easy to decide whether you want to cancel or renew your subscription. If you want to receive a prorated refund or extra boxes after canceling a subscription longer than one month, you must email support. It will not automatically be applied to your account!

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Support chat is available by clicking on a button on the landing page of the website. You can also email them for help via the same address you’d use to cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can send them a message on Facebook or call them at (626) 623-2054.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

These art subscription boxes start shipping out on the last business day of each month, in batches. Depending on whether your box is one of the first or last to be sent, shipping time can vary.

What Types of Supplies Are Included in the Box?

To date, the company has included many different art supplies in the box, such as the following:

  • Many pencil types, including mechanical pencils, colored pencils, draughting pencils, and wood pencils
  • Different kinds of pens, such as brush pens, artist pens, microperm pens, gel pens, and ink pens
  • Paints of all kinds, such as acrylics, acrylic gouache, paint markers, and watercolors
  • Pastels of all kinds
  • Erasers
  • Different paper types, like craft paper, watercolor paper, and paper pads of different weights
  • Paintbrushes of all shapes and sizes

Can I Choose What’s Inside My Box?

You cannot pick what’s in your subscription boxes. However, if you want to pick and choose, you can order past boxes from the shop instead. These boxes will show what’s inside before you order them.

Company History

ArtSnacks was founded in 2013 by Sarah and Lee Rubenstein, a sister-brother team. The siblings grew up exposed to the arts and now bring that love to other artists through their website. They both love to create, and Sarah has earned a BFA in Graphic Design while Lee holds a BFA in Media Arts.

The idea for the subscription box came around when Sarah Rubenstein was searching for holiday gifts for family. Sarah and Lee noticed that there was not much available in the way of monthly art supply boxes available – the closest they could find was a “craft box” that wasn’t quite the same.

As a result of that, they decided to create their own art supplies box! Sarah and Lee eventually quit their previous jobs to work full-time at the new company. The siblings credit their previous jobs as being the sources for much of the knowledge they used to start their own company.

It’s based in New York, NY, and the company currently consists of a team of four people, including the founders.

You can watch a short video about the company and its mission below.

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