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Apocabox is a bi-monthly survivalist subscription box that provides customers with gear, information, and guidance on survivalist and tactical topics. Each box contains survival tools, information, gear, and a hands-on outdoors project with an accompanying tutorial video for additional guidance. Each box is $50, though the company does not disclose the total value of the products inside.


How It Works

Outdoors enthusiasts with a passion for survival skills and tactical techniques will appreciate this subscription box. With handcrafted tools, modern innovations, outdoors and tactical projects, and a thriving online community, this subscription box is ideal for preppers, survivalists, and outdoors adventurers who want to prepare for the unexpected. After all, the company motto is “Remember; it’s not IF but WHEN.”

Each box includes survival tools, survival information, artisan-made themed items, survival accessories, and a skills challenge. A box may include a survival gadget, a book or guide, a hand-crafted tool, and a functional outdoors accessory, and a project skills challenge plus a link to a video tutorial.

To sign up, you’ll need to click on “Subscribe.” You will fill out a form with your billing information and choose a normal subscription (which renews every other month) or select a 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. Since boxes ship every other month, a six-month plan includes three deliveries, while a 12-month plan covers six.

What Makes Apocabox Unique?

Though there are plenty of outdoors subscription boxes, this one focuses on developing and honing survival skills. The voice of the founder, survivalist expert and instructor Creek Stewart, comes through with every package. He, along with his team, selects products that come from both artisans and more prominent outdoors brands, every item with a purpose. Plus, he infuses his knowledge into every shipment with guides, videos, tutorials, and an invitation to join an online group where apocalypse-minded survivalists can convene.

What We Like

  • Skill Challenges
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Subscriber Community
  • check
    Expert Advice from Creek Stewart

What Could Be Better

  • International Shipping Too Expensive
  • Past Boxes Not Available
  • Bi-Monthly Is Only Subscription Option

Pricing & What’s Included

Every box comes with a skills challenge to practice, along with the raw materials to complete the project. Often, boxes include links to password-protected training videos and other exclusive content from Creek, the company founder, and chief survivalist.

There is only one subscription option, and that is the bi-monthly box for $50. US-based subscribers will pay $10.95 in shipping, while international customers can expect to pay between $35 and $45 for shipping to Canada and other countries. Billing occurs every other month on the first, and shipments start mid-month. 

Every box will vary as far as content and value, but as an example, one past box followed the theme “Tool & Maintenance,” and included the following items:

  • A tool maintenance desk mat to protect surfaces while maintaining or sharpening tools
  • Double-sided bench strop for straightening and sharpening knives
  • Tube of abrasive diamond paste to use with your strop
  • check
    Multi-function sharpener for maintaining your knife collection
  • check
    Field maintenance bag for packing tool maintenance and repair items
  • Rock-n-roll sharpener for simple rolling-action sharpening
  • Abraham Lincoln patch for inspiration
  • 4-way rasp with four types of grits
  • check
    Dual-ended buffalo bone whistle with two different pitches
  • check
    Kit knife, which you use the tools in the box to shape, fit, and sharpen

While the exact value of each box varies, Creek often includes items that he feels are unique, helpful, or of quality. Also, along with the ready-made items that arrive in the box, you’ll also spend time crafting your own pieces that will become part of your survivalist kit.

The company also offers an online shop where you can buy full size versions of what you find in the box in addition to other outdoor gear. 

Apocabox Reviews

We checked out the BBB, TrustPilot, Google, and other common sources of online reviews and public perception and didn't find any active reviews of this company. 

However, the ever-trusty YouTube came through for us! We will continue to update this section as new reviews come available online. 

But, for now, check out this video review from Dynasty Preppers! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Apocabox.

When Does It Ship?

Shipping occurs every other month, with boxes heading out on the 15th.

Do They Accept International Orders?

The company does accept international orders. However, all orders are processed in US dollars. Also, international shipping costs substantially more than domestic shipping.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via phone or email:

  • (317) 800-5346
  • customerservice@myapocabox.com

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Sign into your account to cancel or email the company at unsubscribe@myapocabox.com.

Company History

Creek Stewart claims that he would have been happy with 500 subscribers to his survivalist boxes, which he launched in 2014. He created the company out of a love of learning new tactical skills and enjoying outdoor experiences, so it didn’t matter if it never grew beyond a few hundred fans.

But as it turns out, Apocabox was way more successful than he ever imagined. Although the company started out as Creek’s “American Dream,” he now employs multiple family members plus a few other employees, including survivalist friends. Before starting the brand, he founded a survival skills training facility, where he’s been teaching for over twenty years. Now, Creek has multiple brands, including:

  • CR///EK which manufactures survival skills training kits
  • Pocket Field Guides that cover specific skills, for example, Bow Drill and Debris Huts
  • check
    Willow Haven Outdoor Survival School in Central Indiana where Creek hosts events and courses
  • check
    Survival Skill of the Month Club with a fully illustrated skill each month, taught by Creek himself
  • check
    Wild Edible Plant of the Month Club, which Creek illustrates and teaches
  • check
    Survivalonthe7th.com, which releases a limited number of one survival product per month
  • check
    DROPSToNE Press, a publisher in the niche outdoor space
  • check
    The ABCs of BOBs, online classes designed to help people build Bug Out Bags

Creek also wrote over 14 survival manuals, hosts The Weather Channel’s survival show SOS How to Survive, and has a passion for handcrafted and utilitarian gear. See the video below for more information about Creek and the company he created.

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