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Amora Coffee is a monthly coffee subscription box. Each delivery contains four half-pound bags of premium coffee in your desired flavors and blends. Members can expect to save up to 25% compared to retail plus the ease of having your coffee delivered straight to your door. All boxes are shipped about two weeks after the order is originally placed.


Pricing & What’s Included 

This box for fans of fresh premium coffee offers a single subscription package that can be purchased for $67.75 per month.

You’ll be automatically billed for your month-to-month subscription at the beginning of each month. 

The $67.75 monthly price includes 4 half-pound bags of coffee plus the shipping costs.

You can cancel your subscription box at any time.

Monthly Subscription: 

Starting at $67.75 per month, you’ll be sent 4 half-pound bags of coffee of your preferred flavor and blend each month. 

Blends that you can select from include:

  • Delicate Blend (1/4 intensity)
  • Elegante Blend (2/4 intensity)
  • Vigorosi Blend (3/4 intensity)
  • Intenso Blend (4/4 intensity)

You can also select from a variety of flavors that include:

  • French Vanilla
  • Caramel Vanilla
  • Hazelnut Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Truffle

You can select one blend/flavor to receive each month or select a variety of different blends/flavors to receive. 

Each bag of coffee you receive in your monthly subscription box is created with a unique 9-stage roasting process rather than the traditional 3-stage process. 

Blends and flavors that you don’t like can be returned for a substitute (or full refund) within 30 days, giving you the ability to find the blends and flavors you like most without wasting money. 

Contact the company directly to receive more or less coffee with each monthly order.

A special free offer is available for $1 for your first monthly box (plus shipping costs).

Other Options: 

Amora Coffee doesn’t currently have any special offers for gift subscriptions for the coffee fans in your life. 

Individual items can be purchased separately at full price. The online store allows you to shop from their full selection of blends and flavors. 

You can buy half-pound bags in ground, whole bean, regular, and decaf variations.

Amora Coffee Review 

There are currently very few legitimate reviews for this monthly subscription box available online.

The company currently has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. This rating is based on 30 customer reviews and 52 customer complaints. 

It appears that most online reviews are positive overall. Several reviewers glowingly note that the actual quality of the coffee available is superb. Rave reviews of the quality range cover each blend as well as each flavor offered. 

The overall customer satisfaction for this monthly coffee box is also high in regards to the subscription service itself. Most customers claim that shipments were received quickly, on-time, and consistently over the course of their subscription. 

Negative reviews are also important for us to note so that you can identify any problems.

The majority of customer complaints relate to the company’s advertising efforts. In particular, negative reviews are unhappy with the “free” offer.

Many customers claim that they weren’t aware that they were required to pay for shipping ($7.95) on the “free” coffee offer. 

A good portion of these same reviewers go on to state that they weren’t aware that signing up for the “free” offer automatically signed them up for a recurring monthly membership. 

The company responds to these false advertising claims on the Better Business Bureau with the following statement: 

“The details of the offer are in the membership agreement, as well as the Term & Conditions that the customer must check that they have read and agree to the terms of the offer before the order can process."

Check back soon for new updates to this review section.

When Does It Ship? 

Your first box will ship within two weeks after you sign up for your membership.  

Each new monthly order is shipped at the beginning of each month. Each order takes about two weeks to ship and should arrive at roughly the same time each month. 

You’ll be automatically charged for each month’s order when it ships. You can request to receive orders less often (say every other month) by contacting customer support. 

Shipping is currently only available in the United States.

Shipping costs $7.95 per order.

No tracking numbers are available with shipment of your monthly coffee box.

Customer Service Information

There are three main ways to contact customer service: 

You can also contact the company via live chat through their Facebook page during normal business hours. 

More customer support information is available on the FAQs page of their website.

How Do I Cancel? 

You can cancel your monthly coffee subscription box at any time.

The best way to cancel is to contact customer support directly via phone support (1-855-642-6672) or email support.

A customer service agent will assist you in canceling your account. You can also suspend your account if you simply prefer to take a break from the monthly coffee box for a few months. 

Remember to cancel your subscription before a new order is billed at the beginning of a new month.

Company History 

Amora Coffee was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2011.

It’s grown from a local coffee roastery to a monthly coffee subscription box that serves customers from around the United States. 

The founders realized that most coffee subscription boxes were utilizing coffee from third-party roasters – and often this coffee was months old! 

The company decided to put an end to this practice by selling their own fresh-roasted coffee by mail, each bag roasted fresh on a monthly basis. 

The coffee from Amora Coffee was created by fifth-generation Master Roasters utilizing a unique 3-step roasting process rather than the traditional 9-step roasting process to create coffee with a superior flavor that is still fresh when it arrives on your doorstep.

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