Allure Beauty Box Review - Curated Beauty Sample Subscription Box

allure beauty box review

Allure Beauty Box features beauty and makeup products from Allure’s editors, who curate each package. Each box includes full and deluxe beauty products and a mini-magazine. Subscribers can expect to save up to 80 percent off retail prices. Boxes ship by the third week of each month for existing subscribers and within 20 days of sign up for new subscribers.


How It Works

Allure Beauty Box features full-sized or premium products that are curated by editors from the magazine. Each package also includes a mini-mag from the brand, along with a reusable pouch and a new member gift for first-time subscribers.

The mini magazine includes tips, shortcuts, and step-by-step guides for using the enclosed products. New members also receive a gift that has a value of $10 or more.

Past boxes have included products such as full-size Wander Beauty Mile High Mascara, Model Co Pink Eyeshadow trio (full size), Moda Triad Eye Brush, The BrowGal Instant Brow Gel, Mamonde Sheet Mask (full size), Mamonde Oil to Foam Cleanser, and Mally High-Shine Liquid Lipstick (full size).

Offerings vary each month, and some months, subscribers receive brand-new products that aren’t available anywhere else. While some products are full-sized, other products are “deluxe,” which the company notes are smaller-sized items. The deluxe products are good for at least three uses, according to the website, except for items such as single-use sheet face masks.

To subscribe, click on “GET THE BOX” on the homepage of the company’s beauty box website. Then, you’ll click on the type of subscription you want (whether monthly, yearly, or gift) to continue to the next page.

On the following page, you will receive a prompt to enter your account information (to open a new account) and billing address. After filling in the billing information, click “Continue” to fill in shipping and payment information. You will have a chance to review the details before continuing to subscribe.

When you sign up, there is no beauty quiz or customization option, but the company will reach out and request that you choose from specific colors or palettes when the item in question is for particular skin tones. 

What Makes Allure Beauty Box Unique?

Allure Magazine’s monthly beauty box not only features full-size and premium beauty products, but all their recommendations come from experienced beauty editors. The brand has a reputation for everything beauty and fashion, which means subscribers can trust the products and the advice in the included mini-mag.

Not only that, but boxes also include products that are new releases. That means subscribers to this beauty subscription receive brand-new products before they ever hit the shelves. To many consumers, this is a perk that, alone, is worth the $15 per month subscription.

However, both luxury and “indie” brands make an appearance, so you may also find new products from brands you haven’t yet heard of. The editors also include bonus products in some boxes, most of which come from “mass” brands that are already well-known.

What We Like

  • Shipping is free
  • Receive brand-new products that have just launched before anyone else
  • Allure’s team are beauty experts

What Could Be Better

  • No customization options

Pricing & What’s Included

There are two subscription options with this beauty box: either monthly or yearly. You can also purchase a gift subscription that spans between three and 12 months. All subscriptions include the same amount of products, but not all subscribers receive the exact same products.


  • $15 per month


  • $150 per year


  • Starts at $45 per subscription
  • Choose from 3, 6, or 12 month subscription durations

Allure Beauty Box Reviews

Allure Beauty Box reviews on the Consumer Affairs website average two and a half stars out of five. Most reviews are negative and center around shipping and billing problems that customers experienced. 

One Allure Beauty Box review highlighted that a subscriber had tried multiple times to cancel but could not do so through the website. Further, they reported that the company was non-responsive when the customer requested a refund for boxes they never received.

Another Allure Beauty Box review stated that the consumer received a box which contained broken and spilled open products. The customer was dissatisfied with the way Allure handled the issue and decided to cancel their subscription afterward.

More than one Allure Beauty Box review reflected issues getting through to customer service but also getting customer service to undo or update changes to the customers’ accounts. Many reviewers explained that there were changes made to their accounts without their knowledge, such as “new” credit cards added that did not run through or a subscription being canceled.

Some reviewers were also unhappy with the type of products they received, although the company does not specify exactly which items will come in a box, nor do they note what brand the items will be.

Check out this honest unboxing video from YayOrNayNicole:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the beauty subscription.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Customer service can be reached at this email address: 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you will need to email the company for assistance.

Can I Return or Swap Items?

No, the company does not allow for returns or refunds on products in subscription boxes. However, they will send replacements for damaged or missing products if possible.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Orders ship by the third week of each month for existing subscribers. New subscribers can expect their orders to ship within 20 days of ordering. 

Can I Customize My Box?

Customization is not available for these beauty boxes. However, if a product comes in a specific shade, such as a foundation, subscribers will be able to select the best shade for them prior to the box shipping out. However, subscribers must monitor their email so that they can enter their preference before the box ships in any given month.

Company History

Allure Beauty Box is Allure magazine’s first-ever subscription beauty product offering. However, the company has been around since 1991, when the magazine first started. A woman named Linda Wells founded the magazine, but today, Michelle Lee is the Editor-in-Chief.

Before coming onboard with Allure, Michelle worked with companies like Mademoiselle, Us Weekly, CosmoGIRL, In Touch Weekly, and Glamour, among others.  

Michelle Lee took the helm of the magazine in 2015 and is credited with increasing diversity in both the contents of the magazine and regarding its cover subjects. She has since earned an Editor of the year award and earned Allure a Magazine of the Year award, too.  

In a spotlight on the company website, Michelle explains that she plays with many new products that come across her desk. She noted that sometimes, something “magical” happens, and she’ll find something she really loves that feels special.

Michelle says that she hopes subscribers feel the same way about their boxes each month as they open up new and innovative beauty products as a little treat to themselves.

See an unboxing video from Allure’s YouTube channel below for an example of what comes in each monthly delivery. 

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