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Adore Me offers a subscription box service that delivers underwear products to your door for a “try before you buy” experience. A stylist curates the box to your tastes with the help of a style quiz and the box always contains three different “sets” of clothing. The program offers a flat $10 savings on all sets, and they frequently provide clearance sales and discounts, as well. The Elite style box is shipped at the end of each month.


How It Works

Enrolling in the company’s VIP Elite program is fairly straightforward. When visiting the site, users will be prompted to buy their first lingerie set for a discounted price, which applies as long as they enroll in a subscription program at the time of purchase.

If customers choose not to enroll, they must pay full price for the item. Alternatively, customers can enroll in the VIP Elite program without purchasing a set, but they will miss out on the special introductory price.

The box that customers receive with the Elite subscription comes with a $20 styling fee per month, but this fee can discount any item that the customer decides to keep. Shipping and returns are always free, and they offer a style quiz that will help pin down customers’ unique tastes.

Customers have the option of keeping none or all of the styles sent to them each month, and they are required to notify the company via email on which items they keep within seven days of receipt. Otherwise, customers are charged for all items after eight days.

If the customer does not enroll in a subscription program, prices for the company’s products are comparable to similar high-end lingerie stores.

What Makes Adore Me Unique?

Adore Me’s subscription plans and discounts are unique among lingerie suppliers, offering unprecedented savings on undergarments, swimsuits, pajamas, and activewear (all of which usually run quite expensive).

The subscription also offers sitewide discounts and members-only specials. As long as you plan to keep a set every month, the subscription comes at no additional cost to you. We especially like that about this monthly women’s box.

What We Like

  • All costs are no-risk, refundable, or can be credited to purchases
  • Subscriptions offer attractive discounts and sales
  • Cutting-edge styles sent right to you to try before you buy
  • check
    A wide variety of premium clothing products
  • check
    Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time

What Could Be Better

  • Shipping times for products can vary
  • Discounts are only available to members (not ideal for infrequent shoppers)
  • Australian deliveries incur a $6.95 fee, and Canadian deliveries incur a $5.95 fee

Pricing & What’s Included

Like we mentioned above, the VIP Elite service for this subscription box costs $20 per month for the styling fee. However, the styling fee can be put towards the styles you keep, so if you keep at least one item from the box each month, the subscription is free. If you decide not to keep anything from the box for a given month, you’ll still pay the $20 styling fee.

On average, each of the three sets you receive each month costs between $25 and $60.

Note that a “set” according to the company usually refers to a matching underwear pair, an activewear top and bottom, or a full pajama set.

Adore Me Reviews

Reviews for this clothing box are plentiful online, and the company has fallen in and out of favor with customers during its time in operation.

Most reviews on Trustpilot are quite bad – the average for the site is only one star. There seems to be a consensus from Adore Me reviewers that customer service can be very bad, shipping times can be unreliable, and charges can be unexpected.

According to BBB, experience with customer service from this company seems to be mixed. Some people report excellent experiences with their products and services, while others report truly awful experiences.

Most of the reports of bad experiences come from Trustpilot and the BBB’s website, even though the average rating at BBB is four stars.

Some of the worst sticking points of reviewers on Trustpilot are difficulties with canceling subscriptions, being charged even after waiving the monthly fee, and inaccurate stylist picks in the monthly box.

It is worth noting that according to Bloomberg, Adore Me was sued fordeceptive marketing practices in November of 2017 for a settlement of $1.3 million.

However, while the company earned an “F” rating from the BBB at the time of the lawsuit, they now hold a “B-“ rating, so they may have improved some of their more unpleasant practices since then.

Overall, it would seem that much of the unsatisfied feelings toward the company might be left over from some older business practices, but customers still frequently make complaints about shipping, returns, and cancellations. Complaints on Trustpilot are as recent as one week ago at the time of this writing.

Past members report problems with being charged after canceling their subscription services, or with service cancellations not taking effect when they should. Some customers report having to fight with customer service to have their subscriptions revoked.

However, the products seem to be of decent quality when the customer receives the product they want. Picky customers may not be satisfied with the selections that come with the style box, but more adventurous customers will likely be satisfied with the hand-picked selections.

Check out this recent unboxing video from Holly Laine: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people commonly ask about this lingerie box.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

The company does provide a cancellation link on their website, but it’s buried in the “FAQ” section. To find it, scroll to the FAQ at the bottom of any page, click on your membership type, and there should be a topic for canceling your membership.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Contacting customer service is easy. There is a visible “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the site’s homepage, and you have the option of calling, texting, emailing, or chatting with a representative.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Items for the VIP Elite Box ship at the end of every month.

Does Adore Me Have a Monthly Fee?

This company does charge fees for the subscription box, but the $20 fee can be attributed to the purchases you make. As long as you keep at least one product from the box every month, there are no additional costs.

How Do I Skip a Month?

The company will send you an email before your box ships out every month as a reminder. If you don’t want to receive your box that month, you can choose to skip it under the “My Account” section of the website.

Company History

Adore Me was founded in 2011 by Morgan Hermand-Waiche out of New York. Morgan conceived the idea of opening the business while he was in school for his MBA at Harvard while searching for high-quality, affordable undergarments. He worked at McKinsey & Company for three years before forming Adore Me.

The VIP Elite program is relatively new to the business itself. It was created in November 2017 to address the need for try-before-you-buy services from the brand. The company is also opening retail stores across the US to address this need, of which they plan to open 300 in the next few years.

In 2017, the company formed its own scholarship program. The scholarship is awarded to female students pursuing a business degree that have started or plan to start a business.

Below is a promotional video from the company’s YouTube Channel:

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