11 Uniquely Sweet Treats From Around The World

Every corner of the world has it’s unique takes on sweet things. Desserts and candies from countries around the globe sport unique colors, ingredients, and presentations. Far from your ordinary chocolate bar, some of these are made of real flower petals, molded in weird shapes, and contain odd ball ingredients.

With a world of sweets out there, where do you even begin looking for new desserts to try? Well, we’ve done a bit of the leg work for you.

Here are 11 unique sweet treats from around the world that’ll surely inspire you mix up your usual desert staples.


Green Tea Candies and Cakes

It’s little surprise that China and much of East Asia has a love affair with green tea. From drinkin the concoction nightly to adding it to cuisines and treats, green tea candies and cakes are a staple of the region.

Green tea cakes are are vibrant green and make for a perfectly Instagrammable dessert. The tea itself also helps to  balance out the sweetness of the sugary morsels it’s added to. Also, they contain the same polyneos of brewed tea, which makes them healthy right?

Not too keen on travelling across an ocean to savor them? Many Asian markets in the states sell high quality, authentic green tea treats imported from China.

Pistachio Marzipan Candies

Austrians love their pistaciso. So much so that they often star as the star ingredient in their candies. They’re so popular in fact that candie makers in the country designate whole product lines, just to showcase their crackable green nut.

Many of these delectable delights use marzipan to limelight the vibrant color and taste of pistactions. They’re also regularly covered in a blanket of either hard dark or milk chocolate to add texture to the soft, sweet marzipan.

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Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches is loved in Mexico and much of Central America for a reason. Traditionally soaked in a milk and sugar mixture, Tres Leches is always moist, never dry. While they most commonly are made from white vanilla cakes and a like flavored milk bath, chocolate, cinnamon, and tropical flavored varieties can be found.

Tres leches also is one of the healthier sweet things to eat. Because they are often noticed and use less sugar than other cakes, you can have a second slice without feeling guilty. THey also are often garnished with cut fruits to add flavor, texture, and freshness.

Lucky, tres leches cakes and cake mixes can be bought in many megamarts and local grocery stories.

Crystallized Flowers

Another delicacy commonly found in Asia,  crystallized flower petals look almost too good to eat. Made from drying out actual flower petals and then coating them in a sugar-syrup, they’re beautiful way to satiate your sugar tooth. They also make for great cake decorations, as well.

Also, crystallised flower petals don’t have length ingredient lists you should worry about. The only two things that are used to make them are dehydrated flower petals and cane sugar. In Asian countries, cherry blossoms are commonly crystallized and consumed during celebrations.

Thankfully, these drop dead gorgeous treats are can be ordered online year-round.

Hazelnut Filled Candies and Pastries

By now, we’re all aware that chocolate hazelnut spread has taken countries condiment aisle by storm. But just good ol’ fashioned hazelnut spreadings and fillings have been enjoyed by the French for a long, long time. Usually contained in chocolate covered treats, hazelnut fillings can beautiful contrast the sweetness of the chocolate exteriors that contain them.

Hazelnuts are also rich in healthy fats, more so than even peanut butter. Hazelnut filled pastries are also common in France.

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado have grown in popularity in recent years. And with their rise into the mainstream, many American, Mexican, and South American creameries are have started churning out avocado ice creams. Their green hues are a welcomed treat to the otherwise white and browns of vanilla and chocolate ice creams.

Also, these avocado ice creams are usually made with vegan bases. That makes them not only healthy, but free of any animal products. They also contain less sugar than traditional ice creams.

Can’t find any online or while on vacation in Costa Rica? No worries, you can make it at home. Follow this recipe from the Food Network to enjoy this delectable treat, no matter your geographic location.

Waffle Crisps

Common in European countries, waffle crisps are often enjoy as a treat with morning coffee or tea. They come in a wide variety of flavors, including honey, vanilla, and chocolate. If you’re not too keen on making toast, jams can be spread on them to make for an even more delicious anytime treat.

Because they’re so thin and usually less-than three inches in diameter, waffle crisps are perfect for portion control. They also usually come individually packaged.

These airy, delicious morsels are common in the foreign foods section of markets and groceries around the united states. If for some reason you can’t find them locally, authentic ones imported from Europe can be ordered online.


Commonly referred to as a Brazilian nut candy,  Paçoca, is made out of ground peanuts, sugar and salt. Some recipes also add flour, such as corn flour, oats flour or cassava flour. The end product is hard peanut-flavored candy that has a brittle-like consistency.

Paçoca is also commonly consumed during the Festa Junina, which is an annual festival that celebrates the caipira of lifestyle. One of the most beloved candies in Brazil, it’s also usually consumed on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, as well for an everyday snack.

Certain candy manufacturers sell authentic Paçoca online. You may also find the treat at certain farmers markets and specialty candy shops.

Coffee Candies

Hailing from the Netherlands, coffee-flavored hard candies are both beloved by kids and adults alike. Much like an espresso shot, each individual candy contains a high concentration of caffeine.

They’re often used to stay alert and awake during long drives or busy work days.

In fact, they can also be used to make a quick cup of coffee on the go. Simply place two or three in a cup of hot water, and you have a sweet coffee drink.

Coffee candies can be found regularly online and in stores, here in the states and abroad.

Rice Candies

The Japanese love their  rice candies. Usually covered in chocolate, these puffed rice treats tickle the taste buds with poppins. They also can come in such flavors like matcha and orange.

Because they’re so light and airy in texture, rice candies often contain less calories and sugar per serving than more dense candies. Eating them instead of traditional candies can be a healthy, but delicious alternative.

Rice candies are easily found along the asian foods section of grocery stores, as well as online.

Tamarind Roll-ups, Candies, and Pastes

A much loved treat in Mexico, tamarind is a pod-like fruit that contains an edible, sweet pulp. The pulps is commonly used in candies and pastes, making for a sweet and tart treat. Tamarind is also used  in pastes and jellies that can be spread on toast and added to baked goods.

Also, tamarind has been well studied and proven to be a healthy food. It can reduce inflammation in the body, improve heart health, and aid in digestion. It’s truly a sweet treat you can feel good about eating from time to time.

Tamarind flavored roll-ups, pastes, and candies can be found in many Mexican Food isles inside grocery stories, as well as online.

Diversify Your Pantry

Next time you’re craving something sweet, try to get your hands on these above mentioned sugary morsels. Some of these might just become your next favorite sweet treats.

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